Sharpen your iOS coding chops for next to nothing [Deals]


iOS 10 and 9 lesson bundle
Learn to code for iOS 10 and iOS 9 in this comprehensive, massively discounted lesson bundle.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For developers, iOS is as vibrant a platform as ever. There’s plenty of room for new and seasoned developers alike to make their mark, which makes this duo of lessons in iOS 10 and iOS 9 from Mammoth Interactive a valuable resource for coders of any skill level.

It offers nearly 200 hours of top-shelf instruction, and right now you can get the entire iOS coding bundle for just $29 at Cult of Mac Deals.

In the first half, you’ll get 100 hours of hands-on exercises in the basics of iOS programming, covering the platform’s improved AI and Siri functions and the basics of Swift, SpriteKit and SiriKit (as well as its new facial-recognition capabilities and more).

In the second half, you’ll build up to 100 apps for iOS 9, with 90 hours covering Xcode 7, Swift 2 and watchOS 2, offering practical experience building real, working apps.

Buy now: Get the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for $29 — that’s a whopping 98 percent off the usual price.