Apple releases iOS 12 beta 7, then quickly withdraws it


iOS 12 features
iOS 12 will bring loads of new features, but not until Apple gets it throughly debugged.
Photo: Apple

The latest early-release version of iOS 12 was made available to developers today — but it disappeared shortly afterward.

This afternoon’s release of iOS 12 beta 7 was met with widespread complaints that it runs slowly. Apple seems to have pulled the OTA version within an hour or so.

iOS 12 beta 7 complaints galore

This afternoon’s launch was quickly followed by posts on social media complaining of performance issues.

“Ok, @Apple: The performance of #iOS12beta7 is INCREDIBLY laggy and bad. I don’t know why! Fix it, please!,” wrote a Twitter user calling himself Even Amandus.

And mathieo wrote “There are 5 seconds lag on launching an app so annoying,” on the same platform.

But not everyone experienced problems. “Seeing reports that #iOS12DevBeta7 has been pulled because of reports of sluggish/non-responsive devices. Not seeing any problems on my iPhone 8 Plus. Interesting,” wrote Twitter user Dox Vulpine.

These are just some examples. Apple has to have received much more negative feedback before pulling the release.

iOS 12 beta 7 only for developers

This latest prerelease version was never made available to the public. It was only for those who have enrolled in the Apple Developer Program and payed a $99 annual feee.

The most recent version of iOS available to the general public is beta 5, which was added to the Apple Beta Software Program last week. Beta 6 could be released to the public in a day or so.

What happened today is a demonstration of why Apple releases new betas to developers at least a week before the general public can try them. Devs might be irritated by sluggish betas, but they are accustomed to such things. In contrast, a typical user who signed up for Apple’s beta program is likely to have a much stronger reaction to the performance of their iPhone or iPad becoming “incredibly laggy and bad.”

At last report, devs who really want to try iOS 12 beta 7 can download it from Apple’s website. As mentioned, the over-the-air download isn’t available.

It’s not known whether a tweaked version of this beta will reappear, or if it will be replaced with iOS 12 beta 8.

This is the second piece of bad news for iOS 12 today. A few hours ago, Apple delayed the introduction of Group FaceTime, a signature feature of this new version, until later this fall.