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Bug Uncovered In Safari On iOS 5.1 That Can Spoof Your Address Bar



Apple’s iOS Safari browser has been the source of many vulnerabilities in the past, and a new discovery reveals a scary bug in the latest version of iOS. When browsing the web on iOS 5.1, there’s the potential that you could run into some address bar spoofing.

What does that mean exactly? Basically, a site URL could be displayed in the address bar that doesn’t actually match the webpage you’re visiting.

iOS 5.1 Strings Might Confirm iPhone LTE, But Probably Just Refer To Existing HSPA+ Support


Is it 4G or is it LTE?

Now that Apple’s brought LTE to the iPad, it seems a certainty it’ll come to the next iPhone in October as well. Lurking deep in the iOS 5.1 plist files, though, may be proof that Apple’s already building support for LTE into their mobile operating system. Or it might just be more confusion over what 4G actually means: LTE or HSPA+.

iOS 5.1 Jailbroken On The iPad 2, Should Mean Early Jailbreak For New iPad [Jailbreak]


Cydia 1.1.5 installed on an iPad 2 running iOS 5.1

Apple released iOS 5.1 to the public on March 7th, and jailbreakers with A4-based iOS devices like the iPhone 4 were able to perform a tethered jailbreak shortly after the firmware hit. Those who wanted to keep their full, untethered jailbreak (including iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners) have had to stay on iOS 5.0.1 until a new jailbreak is announced for 5.1.

There have been whispers on Twitter that certain hackers are finding exploits for a iOS 5.1 jailbreak, and the infamous hacker known as “i0n1c” has already jailbroken his way into 5.1 on the iPad 2.

Only 50% Of iPhone 4S Owners Say iOS 5.1 Has Improved Their Battery Life


Even under iOS 5.1 the iPhone 4S struggles to stay awake.

On Monday, we asked iPhone 4S readers how Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 software has impacted their battery life. The new handset is notoriously poor at staying alive for a whole day, but those pesky bugs affecting its battery life were, according to Apple, quashed in the recent software update.

Nearly 6,000 readers voted in our poll, and here are the results.

iPhoto501Fix Promises To Fix iPhoto Bugs Under iOS 5.0.1 [Jailbreak]


iPhoto501Fix promises to eliminate iPhoto crashes under iOS 5.0.1

If you’ve got a jailbroken iOS device that you can’t upgrade to iOS 5.1, then you may have installed Apple’s new iPhoto app unofficially. The problem with this is, the app only supports the iOS 5.1 firmware, and you’re likely to run into some compatibility issues that cause iPhoto to crash and freeze every so often.

But thanks to a new tweak called iPhoto501Fix, you can quash those bugs and enjoy a seamless (almost) iPhoto experience.

Has iOS 5.1 Improved Your iPhone 4S Battery Life? [Poll]



During its iPad event last week, Apple released its latest iOS 5.1 firmware. In addition to several new features, like Japanese support for Siri and a new camera slider for the home screen, the update promises to “address bugs affecting battery life.” But does it work?

iPhone 4S users have been suffering from poor battery life most on Apple’s latest handset, so if you’re an iPhone 4S owner, tell us how iOS 5.1 has affected your battery life by casting your vote in our poll.

iOS 5.1 Adds Unannounced Security And Management Features



Apple included a list of new features in the release notes for iOS 5.1, which became available on Wednesday alongside the announcement of the new iPad. It seems that Apple included some unannounced features as well – some of which enable more iOS device security and management when paired with a mobile device management (MDM) suite or with Apple’s new Apple Configurator tool for iOS.

The new management features seem to be primarily related to Siri on the iPhone 4S and they include the ability to prevent any use of Siri while an iPhone 4S is locked as well as the ability to filter out profanity. Additionally, as noted by the Intrepidus Group, a security consulting firm, is the ability to block location services on any iOS device.

Your iPhone Camera Is Even Closer To Hand With New iOS 5.1 Swipe Access



There’s a nice refinement to the iOS lock screen in the 5.1 update released today: now, your iPhone’s camera lurks just beneath the lock screen, and you can jump straight into it with an upward swipe.

Previously, it was possible to toggle a button that appeared in the same position, and took you to the camera when tapped. In iOS 5.1, that button becomes a handle for swiping, and seems to be permanently in place.

UPDATE: Experimenting with this today, I discovered that if you swipe up to show the camera from the lock screen, you can swipe down again from the top of the screen to put the camera away and lock the phone again. The downwards swipe won’t show Notification Center.