Check Out These Gorgeous New Wallpapers Apple Will Ship With iOS 5.1 [Gallery]



Over at 9to5Mac, Mark Gurman has pulled a nice little early Christmas present out of the new iOS 5.1 beta: four brand new wallpapers that Apple will roll out to customers with the update’s official release.

They’re really beautiful, although my personal favorite is the one with beads of dew on blades of grass. After the jump, we’ve put the iPad versions of the new wallpaper for your perusal, but if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch, head on over to 9to5Mac to grab the higher quality PNGs or their equally well-done resized versions of the same images, perfect for a smaller display. Great work, guys.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Love these. Will be hard to decide between the blades of grass and the water meeting the beach.

  • MacHead84

    There are apps with an endless roll of wallpapers to grab. I dont see why this is so special. Maybe if they were interactive (flick the grass blades around, splash the water) it was be something new but 5 wallpapers is kinda a nonstory

  • Jonathan Ober

    couldn’t we just download these now and put them on the iPad instead of waiting for the update? Personally I like to customize mine with something I find or make myself, that way if my wife and I choose the same one I can easily identify my iPad from hers.

  • iDaBoss


  • Eric Seif

    when is my iphone 4S battery fix coming?

  • Samuel Shallenberger

    Water on the beach is definitely the best, I hate the ripples in the water, way too Microsoft-y for me. The dark ocean picture is standard Apple, and the dew drops on the grass are alright, but I see where some people would choose that as their favorite.

  • MachOSX

    Funny how the iPad in the screen shot isn’t even running iOS 5.

  • David Shanahan

    They’re nice but I hope they’re being added in addition to the existing wallpapers and not replacements. I hate the way Apple get rid of many favourite wallpapers on the Mac and iOS with each new release of the OS. I wouldn’t mind if they added new ones to the existing sets.

  • joewaylo

    They should make it animated GIF instead. Steal Android’s animation.

  • recyclops117

    I hope none of these are the default i realy dont like any of them as much as i like the default ios 5 background. The only one that was OK was the beach for iPad. I didnt like any of the iphone ones it didnt match with the fabric background of multitasking bar, siri, notification center etc.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Apple is known for producing beautiful images for their products, so some people appreciate the latest ones. It’s hard to change from the Snow Leopard/Lion on my iMac background.

  • Kevin Gill

    These are nice backgrounds but they are only in iOS 5.1 for iPad.  No new backgrounds for iOS 5.1 for iPhone.

  • Bizarrefoodie

    You know, I’d never noticed the fabric that you mentioned. I’ll be darned.

  • Andrey Andnm

    Well done apple… well done.. nokia 6500 + samsung android live wallpaper

  • Al

    If you follow the link to the 9to5mac story, someone has provided iPhone versions to download. I just got them and they look great!

  • Al

    Yup. I think it was said on this site a while back that Mr Jobs used to personally approve each one, or even choose them himself or something. I wonder who does it now? Ives maybe?

  • John Sebastian

    whats with all the water? Boring!!!!!