Latest Beta Hints At Facebook Integration For iOS 5



Those who are trawling through the source code of Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 beta have discovered references to the company’s upcoming iPad 3, and more interestingly, hints that Facebook integration could be making its way to iOS to accompany Twitter.

With the iPad 3 set to make its debut within the next few months, it’s hardly surprising that the new device is popping up in the iOS 5 software. Its J1AP and J2AP code-names — presumably related to the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the device — have been mentioned within the latest beta, putting to bed any worries you may have had about Apple discounting the device.

But what’s more surprising is that the beta also hints at future Facebook integration. The iOS 5 firmware already features Twitter integration, and Facebook integration has been the subject of rumors for some time — with previous reports claiming the feature was set to make its debut in iOS 4 before being dropped when an agreement could not be reached between Apple and the social network.

It seems, however, the two companies may have settled their differences. In iOS 5.1, users currently have the option to add Facebook profile information to their contact cards, in much the same way you can currently add Twitter usernames.

Whether or not this is indeed Facebook integration or just a way in which you can add handy links to Facebook profiles remains to be seen. Hopefully all will become clear with the release of iOS 5.1.

[via iMore]