iOS 5.1 Will Finally Bring Rich Text To Notes App [Rumor]



Apple finally brought the rich text format to its Mail app in iOS 5, but the Cupertino company is yet to introduce it to an app that I think needs it just as much: Notes. According to the screenshot above, however, it’s coming in iOS 5.1.

There are several features that have been left out of the iOS 5.1 developers betas, such as the new lock screen camera slider and Japanese support within Siri that we discovered last week. And it seems rich text formatting for the Notes app is another thing we can add to that list.

iPhone Hellas, which published the screenshot above, claims Apple’s next iOS update will finally bring bulleted lists, links, underlined text, new fonts, and font colors to the Notes app.

And there’s never been a better time, with rich text formatting part of the new Notes app for Mac that will make its debut with OS X Mountain Lion this summer.

Its migration to the Mac, as well as its new features, could suggest Apple has big plans for the Notes app. What has essentially been a very basic text editor since it made its debut on the first iPhone could turn out to become a real rival to services like Evernote in future, though admittedly there’s a long way to go just yet.

The iOS 5.1 update is expected to go public during Apple’s iPad 3 unveiling next month.

[via iMore]

  • FriarNurgle

    I like using notes. Wish there was a way to “lock” or password protect certain notes though. 

  • Liam Hawes

    I would love to see rich-text editing with colour and bullets not only in Notes but Mail too.  However, this screenshot looks like a Note that was created in Mail on a Mac and then synced to an iPhone, that is why the text spacing doesn’t line up with the page lines.

  • zadigre

    I have the iOS 5.1 beta 3… and rich text in Notes is not yet available… 

    but you can already show rich text if you write your Notes on your Mac in Mail…
    I’ve done it a few times… so this is nothing new.

    I think this “feature” is also available in iOS 5.0… but I can not test it right now because the device with iOS 5.0 that I have just died… 

  • Brigham Thorp

     Totally agree. I’d love to have some notes be password protected. The other big request is to have this sync with Exchange over the air. Now you can only do it through iTunes.

  • prof_peabody

    I will only switch back to using Notes if they get rid of the horrible yellow paper and introduce a simple way to keep track of the notes instead of just automatically sorting them by date or name.  

    I find it kind of weird that of all things, a basic iOS Notes application is something one has to go to third parties for.  I’m also astounded that Apple can produce something as subtle and beautiful as the interface for the Reminders app and yet continually re-issue the ugliness that is Notes.  

  • crateish

    I really want to use Notes, but I need web access, so I will continue to use SimpleNote.

  • Alex Hazel

    They don’t sort them by either. They sort them by “last modified”. The last note you edited is the one that appears at the top.

  • ScorpionGeorge

    Exactly what I was thinking! This was made with notes on the Mac.