Leaked iOS 5.1 “Pre-GM” Build Reveals New Camera Slider, Japanese Siri Support



While registered developers have already been testing iOS 5.1 betas for some time, it seems the firmware holds several new features that Apple is yet to release to developers. A leaked “pre-GM” build has reportedly been obtained by a Brazilian iPhone blog, which reveals a new camera slider for the lock screen, and support for the Japanese language within Siri.

BlogdoiPhone claims to have a pre-Gold Master build of iOS 5.1. Gold Master is typically the final beta release before the public software is launched. While there are no major changes lurking within, there are a few subtle updates.

The camera button that appears on the lock screen under iOS 5 when you double-tap the home button is now gone. In its place is a camera slider, which you simply slide up to access the camera app. And you don’t need to tap the home button — the slider is always present.

Additionally, there is said to be support for the Japanese language within Siri on the iPhone 4S, which recent rumors have claimed would soon appear.

Despite months of beta testing, Apple’s iOS 5.1 public release still doesn’t appear to be close. It is believed that the company may be waiting to launch the update alongside its iPad 3, which is expected to appear on March 7.

[via MacRumors]