Major Retailers See Dwindling Apple TV Stock Ahead Of Imminent Refresh


The Apple TV expands its reach in Asia.
The Apple TV expands its reach in Asia.

Following earlier reports that Apple is constraining retail supplies of the current Apple TV ahead of an imminent refresh, more evidence has surfaced that Apple is ramping up to launch a new set-top box.

Prominent retailers have seen inventory for the current Apple TV dwindle over the last few weeks.

AppleInsider reports:

For three consecutive weeks, the Cupertino-based company has failed to make good on its promissory to restock indirect channel partners with fresh inventory of the existing $99 Apple TV product, say people familiar with matter.

Instead, partners and channel members have seen Apple push back deliveries each consecutive week by one additional week — a practice that almost always foreshadows a formal discontinuation of a product ahead of new models.

Retailers like Amazon and MacConnection are showing limited availability for the second-gen Apple TV. Interestingly, Best Buy’s online store is showing the Apple TV as completely sold out. Apple’s online store is still showing the set-top box as “In Stock.”

The next-gen Apple TV is expected to use the A5X processor and play 1080p video. Rumors suggest that the device will be announced at the iPad 3 announcement next Wednesday.

  • Don Pope

    Darn! I bought one last month. Well, at least they’re cheap.

  • FriarNurgle

    Even with the relatively cheap price, what features would an Apple TV need for you to upgrade?

    I’m pretty pleased with the current Apple TV. Surely it will get some of the new features via a software update. 

  • lowtolerance

    I don’t care that much about 1080p or Siri, as some people have suggested, though I expect both are coming. 

    I’d like to see:* A major UI overhaul.Frontrow is pretty intuitive, but let’s face it — it’s getting pretty dated.* Cheaper video content. $50 bucks for a “season pass”? Kiss my ass.* App support. Apple could revolutionize two markets at once here — home consoles and set top boxes. The pieces of the puzzle are all there, but I’m betting this at least another generation off.

  • joewaylo

    Best Buy stores are also missing the Apple TV. If you type your zip code:
    Add Target to the list
    out of stock online
    Apple TV® – Black (MC572LL/A)
    not sold in stores
    Has Wal-Mart ever sold it? It doesn’t even list Apple TV other than “For Dummies” and other Apple products.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Hulu would be nice, considering this is a device for the TV. Apps would be great too.

    I would love DVR functionality, but that will never happen.

  • rockinrors

    Dude, I bought one last week!

  • SupaMac

    can’t wait to steal the new one outta an apple store… nice little box. perfect for pockets..

  • SupaMac


  • Kyle D. Beeson

    Any word on Safari for Apple TV? 

  • CharliK

    Better 1080p support with some freaking 1080p content in the store. Better sound support. I would love an ATV box that would allow me to route my blu-ray and tivo through it so that I don’t have to bother with changing input channels all the time as well. 

    not to mention that sometimes when streaming off my home server it can be a tad jerky which I suspect is either the processor or it needs more space for caching the stream. The latter is more likely since many of the files on my server are rather large (5-10 GB)

  • CharliK

    I actually don’t see Siri on this. At least not the way that many folks think. I could see Siri being worked into the Apple Remote app so that you could Siri on your phone and the app would then parse over the appropriate commands to the TV. But I don’t see it on the ATV directly

  • CharliK

    Hulu is goof about their contracts so I don’t see it happening. More of the iOS network apps like ABC player might

  • Mike Rathjen

    I have no idea what that means.

    Roku box and some Blu-Ray players hook up to TV and have Hulu, so why not Apple TV box?

  • Rob Alfonso

    How about true streaming like netflix so you dont have to wait to download the freakin movies!