Developers Say iOS 5.1 Will Not Fix Audio Issues On Your iPhone 4S



A large proportion of iPhone 4S adopters have been hit by an issue on the new device that randomly mutes their audio when they make a call. Their recipient appears to pickup — or the call goes to voicemail — but they do not hear anything.

If you’re one of these users and you’re hoping for a fix in Apple’s upcoming iOS 5.1 software update, then you may be disappointed. According to developers already testing the release, it does not address this particular issue.

The problem has been reported by many iPhone 4S users throughout a 109-page thread on Apple’s Support Communities website, with many already referring to the issue as “Audiogate.” I’ve actually been experiencing the same problem on my own device in recent weeks, which is due to be replaced by my carrier here in the U.K. today.

I probably wouldn’t have requested a replacement if I’d have known this was a widespread problem affecting many iPhone 4S users. I assumed before I called Vodafone to report the issue that it was rare, and they instantly declared it a hardware issue and said I would need a new device.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has not issued an official statement acknowledging the issue, and more importantly, the company is yet to fix it. Even in beta releases of its iOS 5.1 update — which is currently being tested by developers — the issue remains.

AppAdvice reports that iPhone 4 users with the same problem have discovered a full restore will help, while those with the latest device have had little success using this method.

Let’s hope the issue is addressed before iOS 5.1 goes public.

Have you had audio problems with your iPhone 4S?

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23 responses to “Developers Say iOS 5.1 Will Not Fix Audio Issues On Your iPhone 4S”

  1. Bas Hartman says:

    beste katheters

  2. Jeff Perillo says:

    Mine did this all the time when I first got it, recently it hasn’t happened…..

  3. esizzle says:

    what about fixing my battery issues?????  is there any talk of this anymore?  i called Apple and the guy I spoke with said that they are officially handling that issue as settled…if i still have a problem then i should make genius bar appointment and possibly replace my hardware.  anyone know anything different?

  4. ddevito says:

    And yet iSheep say Android phones are riddled with bugs. Pathetic. I thought the iPhone 4s was the best iPhone ever made? What a joke. No less Apple disappoints with the 4s they riddle it with battery life issues and bugs. Way to go Apple.

    Three months without Steve Jobs and their products are already going down the toilet. Can’t wait to see two iPads and an Apple TV that won’t have content to go with it.

    2012 = the year Apple’s mighty empire starts to crumble.

  5. Russ Anderson says:

    It’s just a phone man… no need to get your panties in a twist.

  6. esizzle says:


  7. ddevito says:

    Apple says: You’re using it wrong.

    Wanna know why you’re battery issues: it’s called iCloud. It’s a feature. iSheep wanted multitasking and cloud services. You got it!

  8. assb10yr5 says:

    It is the same 10 people who had complained about the antennae when iPhone 4 came out. Get real.

  9. ddevito says:


  10. assb10yr5 says:

    Were you born a moron or did you cultivate it over the years.

  11. ddevito says:

    10 people? Please. It was huge bug and Apple got caught with their tail between their legs, then proceeded to tell people they were holding it wrong.

  12. ddevito says:

    did you Google that comeback?

  13. arcade30 says:

    I’ve never had an issue with my 4s. It’s odd that some people have it and some don’t. My battery lasts forever as well and I use iCloud alot.

  14. JohnyMyko says:

    ddevito, If you don’t like Apple, then just leave this blog and go to some website about Android or something. Staying here, bashing iPhone, just because you don’t like it is completely lame.

  15. ddevito says:

    I’m stating my opinion. I don’t hate Apple. I own an iMac, iPad 2, Apple TV 2 and an iPod Touch. For a company that prides itself on quality with its noses in the air they sure do have a lot of bugs in their pride and joy iPhone 4s.

  16. Finlay MacArthur says:

    I’ll agree with you about the iPhone 4s. Bug ridden piece of crap.

  17. Barton Lynch says:

    I haven’t haad problems like tat. The only bug I’ve experienced is that audio is really loud right after using Siri.

  18. Gatti956 says:

    well considering I never complained about antennaegate on my iPhone 4, but have this problem with eveyr 5th phone call I make on my iPhone 4S your statement is completely wrong.

  19. cph_pv says:

    I have the same problem with my Iphone 4S – random muting of outbound calls. Extremely annoying!

    A full restore to the latest build of IOS 5.01 has not remedied the problem, neither has resetting of network settings.

    Also, my iPhone 4S suffers from the widespread Airplay-problem that has received numerous reports in the Apple forums: When streaming to my Denon media streamer via Airplay, the streaming halts after a few minutes. Streaming to Apple TV works fine, as also reported by many others. It is streaming to third-party Airplay enabled speakers/receivers/etc., that doesn’t work with iPhone 4S for many people. So this may be termed AirplayGate…

  20. ddevito says:

    I do. I probably own more Apple devices then YOU.

  21. ddevito says:

    I see I have an adoring fan. Funny, at least I am (somewhat) contributing to the conversation. I see you, sadly, are not.

  22. ddevito says:

    Yeah you’re right. The US doesn’t mean much to Apple.


  23. ddevito says:

    Like I said, I own both. In fact I own two Android devices and Four Apple devices. I’m also an Apple developer. I like both platforms. It’s very hard not to like OS X and iOS.

    But they’re overhyped. And instead of Apple innovating they feel the need to sue everyone to win. That is a foolish man’s strategy.

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