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How to turn your $399 Apple Watch gold


When life gives you an ugly Apple Watch, paint that shit gold. Photo: Casey Neistat
Photo: Casey Neistat


Lusting after the gold Apple Watch Edition but don’t have the funds for Jony Ive’s $17,000 timepiece? You could take out a second mortgage on the house, or sell a kidney. Or you could do what artist Casey Neistat did and manually turn an Apple Watch Sport into a golden beauty.

Neistat only had $399, so he decided to preorder the black Sport model and then carefully painted it gold. Sure, his method might void your warrant, and it doesn’t look perfect, but it’s better than spending your kid’s college savings just to be as fly as Drake.

You can do it too, just follow the steps in the video below:

Apple Watch Edition buyers get double the hands-on time in stores


Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Starting April 10th you’ll finally be able to go into an Apple Store and try on Jony Ive’s first wearable, as long as you have an appointment. Those shopping for the regular Apple Watch and Sport models will get up-to 15 minutes of hands-on time at the Apple Store, but if you’re looking at the Apple Watch Edition, you’ll get to play with it twice as long.

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This year’s iPad Air will reportedly come in gold



The Rumor: Apple will reveal a gold iPad Air 2 alongside the iPhone 6.

The Verdict: No way. Gold iPads are probably in the cards, but Apple always waits until October to reveal its new tablets, and next week's event is going to be jam packed as is with iOS 8, iPhone 6, mobile payments, and the iWatch. Save some more goodies for later Apple.

2014 will be the year the iPad turns golden, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

After introducing gold as a color option in the iPhone lineup with the 5s last year, the second-gen iPad Air will reportedly also be offered in gold.

Apple delivers its 18-karat gold Watch in a jewelry box charger


Picture: Apple
Picture: Apple

Apple started introducing gold variants of its devices with the “champagne” iPhone 5s in 2013. Given the unexpected popularity of that device, it was only natural that Apple would keep the color scheme going for future devices — which now includes the Apple Watch, as unveiled yesterday.

While Tim Cook didn’t dwell on too many details regarding the individual Apple Watch models during his keynote, technology journalist David Pogue does have some additional information about the 18-karat gold Edition variant of the Apple Watch, which he claims will come in a “gorgeous jewelry box” that doubles as a charger.