iPhone App Will Lead to £2000 Worth of Buried Treasure in U.K.



U.K.-based iPhone app developer Candid Innovations Ltd. has buried £2000 worth of gold sovereigns somewhere in the U.K. The secret location of this treasure is hidden inside an iPhone app — all you have to do is solve the clues to locate the gold.

The idea was inspired by a similar treasure hunt set up by Kit Williams in 1979. Williams buried a casket containing a jeweled golden hare somewhere in Britain, then published a book called Masquerade which concealed clues to the treasure’s whereabouts in painted illustrations.

Candid Innovations has done a similar thing, but has used an iPhone app to hide its clues as opposed to a book. At present, we have no idea what that iPhone app will be. The company has posted this video to YouTube and is expected to follow it up with details of the application shortly.

Candid Innovations current has two apps in the App Store already: Ultimate Air Guitar, which is pretty self explanatory; and The Grapevine, which allows users to buy and sell items, such as concert tickets, in their local area. Neither of these apps are expected to contain the hidden clues, however.

We’ll keep out eyes peeled for Candid Innovations’ next app and we’ll be sure to let you know when it hits the App Store. Will you be joining the treasure hunt?

[via Pocket-lint]

  • ram2tone

    So I’m guessing that only the locals in the UK have a fighting chance to get to the treasure since most of us can’t afford to get to the UK or it’s a fun game for the wealthy to play. :'(

  • bolehillbilly

    Love the Kit Williams book I’ve got two copies of it and the unnamed sequel.

  • Mr Fruit

    They have revealed the app is called “The Grapevine”

  • Mr Fruit
  • Mr Fruit

    You can now play from anywhere in the world according to their latest blog update: http://www.candidinnovations.c