Gold iPhone 5S For Chinese Market? It Wouldn’t Be Very Popular [Chart]



If you believe recent scuttlebutt, one of the reasons Apple is looking to release a gold iPhone 5S later this year is because gold is a color that sells really well in China. Is that supposition even remotely true though? If it is, it should be quantifiable.

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt went looking for data to see if Chinese buyers really do like gold. Data’s actually pretty slim, but if the cars Chinese consumers buy are any concern, not only is gold not their favorite color… it’s only slightly more popular than puke green.

DeWitt located a chart released by Dupont in 2011 that shows the most popular cars by color:

Judging by this chart, Chinese consumers show a slight preference for yellow/gold cars compared with the rest of the world (2% vs. 1%), but don’t favor them as much as Russians (4%) or, for that matter, North Americans (3%).

In fact, Apple would be better off releasing a silver iPhone in China than a gold one. But the gold iPhone isn’t about China: it’s about the Western world’s ridiculous obsession with gold bling. Consider me still slightly mystified that Apple’s catering to that.

Source: Fortune

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    I don’t think car color preference has any relationship with phone color preference. My wife has a pink iPhone case, but she would never buy a pink car.

  • rafaelrpires

    It’s ridiculous to compare these… Have you ever thought that a shiny golden car would be just a huge cheesy embarrassment, while a really small and thin phone would be quite the opposite?

  • rogifan

    What a stupid article. Why would anyone compare car colors to the color of a phone.

  • aardman

    Maybe look at purchases of gold jewelry and accessories instead of gold cars? Or just walk into a jewelry or gift shop in Chinatown and get an idea from there.

  • Thesixler

    Beyond everything already mentioned, cars/vehicles often have very practical business purposes for being white and black and businesses (who use black cars and white cars for things) have a lot more car purchasing power than consumers, whereas color of phone is almost entirely up to personal taste.

  • Adrayven

    Cars do not equal items on one’s person. I’d never have a gold car, but wear a gold neckless.. duh..

    This shows absolutely nothing.. worse, it’s miss information based on a completely different product market.

  • rwmcgrann

    Why would you waste time writing an article like this…the Govern’r should hit you with a whipping stick for this one.