Turn Your iPhone Into A Sleek, Luxurious Gramophone



The Megaphone is one of the best good-looking accessories for the iPod or iPhone that we’ve ever seen: not only is it one of the few iPhone speaker docks tasteful enough to function as a part of the room decor even when it is not being used to play music, it sounds great too, all thanks to the work of Italian designers Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero.

Each handmade device contains absolutely no wires or batteries to amplify the sound of the iPod or iPhone. It’s all just based upon acoustics and form. And if you don’t think that makes for an interesting enough conversation piece, well, you can always go for just stunning people with your wealth: it even comes in a gold version, where a coat of solid gold is applied to the Megaphone by experts, who later bake the device at 720 degrees Celsius to ensure that the coating sticks and gives the Megaphone a spotless finish.

Each Megaphone is crafted by hand out of ceramic and placed on a thin wooden frame that also plays an important role in sound amplification.

At nearly $800 for the Gold version and $500 for the standard versions (available in a choice of white or black colors), the Megaphone is no joke. As for how good it really is, just check out the following video before you head on to the en&is shop to purchase one. Although, if you really have the cash and the space, then you’d be better off waiting up for the release of the iNuke Boom.