This $15M iPhone With A Black Diamond Home Button Is The Most Hideous Piece Of Bling Ever



If you are an extremely wealthy individual with questionable intelligence, horrible financial acumen and the good taste of a Teletubby, there are any number of horrible bling purveyors who will be happy to take your iPhone and encrust it in so much bling that even R. Kelly would think it was a tacky waste of blood diamonds.

So it’s no surprise that some Hong Kong businessman commissioned a $15 million diamong encrusted iPhone 5, which is, of course, absolutely hideous. The centerpiece? A giant, 26-carat black diamond as the home button.

The Hong Kong businessman, known only as “Joe”, commissioned British “designer” Stuart Hughes, gold plate it, then encrust it in over 600 white diamonds.

The omphalos of the entire “piece,” though, is that 26-carat black diamond. It has apparently been in Joe’s family for generations, which seems like a rather haphazard use of an ancient family treasure. What did he do, glue it on?

Source: CNET