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AirPods uncomfortable? Try these open-ear headphones for just $25.


Score better audio for only $25 with these open-ear bone conduction headphones.
Enjoy a comfortable listening experience that some people prefer to traditional earbuds.
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If you don’t like jamming AirPods or other earbuds into your ears, you should consider bone-conduction headphones. They offer clear audio and a comfortable listening experience that some people prefer to regular earbuds.

Want to find out for yourself? Ahead of Black Friday, we’ve got Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones on sale for only $24.97 (regularly $79). These alternative headphones could significantly improve your or a loved one’s audio experience.

Get 60% off top-rated JBL earbuds for Father’s Day


Get more than half off these top-rated JBL Bluetooth headphones for Father's Day.
Elevate dad's audio this Father's Day with these top-rated noise-cancelling headphones, $59.97.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A headphone upgrade is a welcome gift for Father’s Day. The JBL Live Free NC+ true wireless in-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds are ideal for an immersive experience — and right now you can grab them with more than half off during our Father’s Day Sale.

Usually $149, they’re on sale now for just $59.97 — the best price you’ll find for them on the web.

This $99 iPad mini bundle makes a perfect Father’s Day gift


Celebrate Father's Day with this iPad Mini 2 and earbuds bundle.
Give Dad an iPad Mini 2 and earbuds with this refurbished bundle.
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If Dad’s still streaming on a laptop, it’s time for an upgrade. This iPad mini 2 bundle with headphones and more is the perfect collection for Father’s Day with everything he needs. And if you order by June 5, it’ll arrive in time for the day itself. The sale itself lasts through June 11.

How to clean your gross, waxy AirPods


Cleaning your AirPods is easy, and you probably have the tools to do it already.
Cleaning your AirPods is easy, and you probably have the tools to do it already.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Today we’re going to see how to clean AirPods, AirPods Pro or any other earbuds, using tools you probably already have. It’s essential to keep your AirPods clean to keep them working properly. Plus, it’s easy for them to get gross.

For instance, the other day on the metro, I pulled out my AirPods and dropped one on the floor. The earbud bounced over dried and dirty beer stains, and who knows what other filth and bacteria that had been traipsed in on a million passengers’ shoes (and the odd hippies’ bare feet). I gave up on listening to anything on the trip home, and slipped the rescued AirPod back into its case.

It’s not only hippie toe jam that we have to worry about, either. Because we’re always pushing AirPods deep into moist holes in our heads, they crust up with earwax and whatever bacteria we have living in our earholes. Happily, cleaning and disinfecting AirPods is not only easy. It’s just about as satisfying as digging a deep-seated booger out of your nose, or picking an almost-healed scab.

These award-winning translation earbuds make an incredible Mother’s Day gift


A woman wearing Mymanu Clik S translation earbuds.
Your mom will love these amazing translation earbuds.
Photo: Mymanu

What if you could speak to anyone, anywhere, regardless of language barriers? For the mom who loves to travel (or just chat with everybody), we’ve found the ultimate gift: the Mymanu Clik S translation earbuds.

Like magic, these comfortable earbuds will translate conversations in an astounding 37 languages, taking travel experiences to a whole new level. Even better, you can grab these earbuds at a special price of only $109.97 (regularly $157). While this sale lasts until May 14, you’ll have to order by May 3 to ensure Mom receives them in time for Mother’s Day. 

These $99 earbuds translate 37 languages in real time


Communicate With Over 2 Billion People in 37+ Languages!
There's still time to get a pair of translation earbuds by the holidays. (Plus, they're 55% off.)
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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being able to understand the local language can make your trips more enjoyable. And you don’t necessarily have to learn it, either.

You can carry a bit of fluency in your pocket with an award-winning pair of Mymanu Clik S smart translation earbuds. They can help you communicate in up to 37 languages. Order for $99 (regularly $220) by December 8 to ensure your earbuds arrive in time for the holidays.

This clever new desk mat charges your iPhone and AirPods


The desk mat's charging panel is a convenient place to top off your smartphone and earbuds charging case.
The desk mat's charging panel is a convenient place to top off your smartphone and earbuds charging case.
Photo: Journey

You may not consider the humble desk mat a necessity in your computer setup. But what if you could charge your smartphone and earbuds charging case just by placing them on your desk? You can with the new Alti Wireless Charging Desk Mat. Accessories maker Journey unveiled it Thursday.

“This charging mat is our all-in-one solution to keeping your desk clutter-free while simultaneously charging your devices. We promise that it will soon become your favorite desk companion,” the company said.

Shatter language barriers with these iOS-compatible translation earbuds


Talk to almost anyone with these iOS compatible translation earbuds.
Get a live translation on your iPhone and in your ears with these futuristic earbuds.
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Planning on traveling soon? If you’re going international, you might want to bring along something that will make communicating in another language easier. No, we don’t mean a dictionary, and we certainly don’t mean Google Translate.

Mymanu Clik S are award-winning translation earbuds. Pop them in your ears, and they will feed you a live translation of a conversation in a variety of languages. And right now, these futuristic earbuds cost less than ordinary AirPods. You can snag a pair for just $99 (regularly $220) with code CLIK.

Listen to these AirPods Pro alternatives and try to hear a difference


These JBL Earbuds are a great AirPods alternative.
Finally, a viable AirPods Pro alternative. JBL's Live Free NC+ earbuds are on sale during Deal Days.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Wireless earbud technology improves year by year, even as prices get lower and standards justifiably get higher. If you’re looking for an affordable AirPods Pro alternative, these JBL Live Free NC+ wireless earbuds may be just the thing.

Especially now, because they’re on sale for just $65.99 (regularly $149) during our Deal Days Sale. No coupon is needed, but this sales ends Thursday.

Belkin’s new ANC earbuds with Find My support challenge AirPods Pro


Belkin SoundForm Immerse noise cancelling earbuds
SoundForm Immerse earbuds are Belkin’s top-of-the-line audio solution.
Photo: Belkin

The just-launched Belkin SoundForm Immerse Bluetooth earbuds offer more than just great sound. They have active noise cancellation, and also work with Apple’s Find My network so they can be located with an iPhone.

They offer many of the same features as Apple’s AirPods Pro but at a lower cost.