iPhone set to reach record shipments as new models enter production

iPhone 6s is on the way.

iPhone 6s is on the way.

Apple will ship 50 million iPhone units in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to a new report published today which claims that companies in the iPhone 6s supply chain have started delivering finished components to Foxconn and Pegatron for final assembly.

If accurate, this means that the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus will hit combined shipments of 230-240 million units in 2015 — up from the 192 million units Apple shipped last year.

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Latest Siri prank has more idiots calling emergency services


Hey Siri, what shenanigans are you pulling now?

Siri has become an accessory to even more bullcrap from the Internet as pranksters have found another way to trick Apple’s digital assistant into contacting emergency services. And it’s only slightly less dumb than you think.

The prank claims that “something funny” will happen if you say “112” to your iPhone. North American users probably don’t know that 112 is the European equivalent to the 911 emergency number, and Siri will respond to the request by placing a call to your local switchboard.

Snohomish County, Washington’s Sheriff has taken to Twitter to put an end to the madness.

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Swiss custom Apple Watch offers Edition style at (relatively) low price

Golden Dreams Apple Watch

Golden Dreams will take your standard Apple Watch to new levels of class.

If you like the look of the high-end Apple Watch Edition, but the $10,000+ price point makes your heart and wallet hurt, a Swiss company might have a nice alternative for you.

Golden Dreams of Geneva specializes in classing up iPhones, cases, and bags, and it’s turned its monocle-rimmed gaze to Apple’s new smartwatch. The company can take a standard version of the wearable and make it fancy at a fraction of the cost of its more precious sibling.

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Innovation isn’t dead; people are just slow to catch it

Humans react to innovative things like the Apple Watch fairly predictably.

Humans react to innovative things like the Apple Watch fairly predictably.

If you’re one of the people out there who haven’t taken the plunge on an Apple Watch, you’re not alone. While Apple’s latest wearable has gotten a ton of press and sold really well, a lot of the rank and file out there might think it’s a toy, or only for rich folks.

In fact, says journalist Morgan Housel over at Time, most people throughout history have pretty predictable responses to new things.

He has a list of reactions to new innovative inventions, each of which are reactions we’ve all heard (or had) when the Apple Watch (or the iPad, or the iPhone) was launched.

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Apple’s P2P payment patent has a focus on security

Touch ID patent

Touch ID could be a big part of Apple’s supposed personal payment plan.

In a few years, “Sorry, I don’t have any cash on me” may no longer be a good enough excuse to give that chronically money-strapped friend when they come around asking to borrow a few bucks.

That’s because a newly released Apple patent suggests that the iPhone maker may be getting into the person-to-person payment game in future versions of its hardware.

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Kate Winslet says upcoming Steve Jobs biopic ‘like Hamlet’

Kate Winslet, middle, praised the portrayal of Steve Jobs by Michael Fassbender (right).

Kate Winslet, middle, praised the portrayal of Steve Jobs by Michael Fassbender (right).

Actress and one of the stars in the upcoming biopic aptly named Steve Jobs Kate Winslet, dished about some details of the movie. It seems she’s pretty enthusiastic about it, proudly boasting about how the film was made. She also had kind things to say about co-star Michael Fassbender, who plays Steve Jobs in the movie.

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Apple Music could put a serious hurt on your iPhone battery

Apple Music

Please, please, please let my charge last all day.

We’ve had a couple days to check out Apple Music, Apple’s song-streaming platform that launched Tuesday. It comes loaded with 30 million songs that you can listen to on demand with a quick search or a request to Siri.

But all that choice and tech power may come at a price, as some users are reporting that the new Music app is killing their iPhone’s battery life.

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Cord-protecting Juiceboxx will save you a trip to the Apple Store

juiceboxx-mac-accessory-cord-no-fray - 1

Juiceboxx is a $20 accessory tha protects your Mac charger from fraying.

My MacBook Air’s charging cord was basically destroyed after only about two years of owning it. I just kept putting black electrical tape around it but that only seemed to make it worse. I finally waved the white flag, went to the Apple Store and bought a new charger for a whopping $79. If you’ve been through this before, listen up, because Juiceboxx will help you out.

Juiceboxx is a plastic case that wraps around your MacBook’s power adapter and forces the cord to point straight forward at the base. That way when you need to wrap it up and go, the cord isn’t dealing with the stress of being bent and twisted. More importantly, your cord won’t fray as it tends to do, leaving you with more money in your pocket and one less trip to the Apple Store.

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Plex hackers steal your data and passwords, not credit card details


Plex, the popular media streaming service that makes it easy to access your entire video, music, and photo catalogs from pretty much anywhere, has been hacked.

A server breach this week allowed hackers to gain access to user data — including email addresses, private messages, and forum passwords — but Plex assures us our credit card details are safe.

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Jimmy Kimmel mocks Apple in ‘Just Give Us Your Money’ ad

Jimmy Kimmel Live Apple

Apple has a bold new program, according to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Apple has no shortage of products and gadgets to show off lately. The company recently released the Apple Watch, its music streaming platform came out this week, and we’re closing in on the reveal of the next iPhone.

But late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has a line on another daring product from Apple, and he revealed it in a bit on his show on Tuesday. It involves customers just giving Apple money for no real reason.

You can check out the full gag in the video below.

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