For All Mankind shoots the moon in season 2 finale [Apple TV+ review]


For All Mankind review: In the season 2 finale, the fate of the moon rests on the unlikely shoulders of astronaut Gordo Stevens (Michael Dorman).
In the season 2 finale, the fate of the moon rests on Gordo's unlikely shoulders.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Russians have taken over the moon! The second season of Apple TV+ space soap For All Mankind ends with bloody faces, broken marriages, uncertain futures, and a whole boatload of moon crime.

If you’re wondering if any of it’s handled well, read on. But you know the score by now, don’t you?

PSA: Apple TV+ offers up new For All Mankind episode, Earth Day documentaries galore


The Year Earth Changed 1
How did lockdown change the world for wildlife? David Attenborough will answer all.
Photo: Apple

It’s a busy day for Apple TV+ — with plenty of new material to watch on the Apple streaming video service. In addition to a new episode of For All Mankind, there is a plethora of new nature documentaries, narrated by some big names, and more.

Here’s what Friday, April 16 has in store for subscribers.

For All Mankind fires off a damp squib of a cliffhanger [Apple TV+ review]


For All Mankind review: Things are not going well, either on Earth or in space.
Things are not going well, either on Earth or in space.
Photo: Apple TV+

In this week’s episode, Apple TV+’s alternate-history space show For All Mankind finally gets to the big, violent “what if?” it’s been building to all season. Is it too late to make any of the fireworks they’ve seen saving go off in spectacular enough fashion to save a dreary second season?

The answer … will not shock you.

PSA: For All Mankind nears season 2 finale on Apple TV+


For All Mankind
Season two is nearing its completion.
Photo: Apple TV+

It’s a relatively quiet Friday for Apple TV+, with just one single episode of a new show on Apple’s streaming television service. Fortunately, that show is the entertaining space-age alternative history For All Mankind, now approaching the end of its second season.

Episode 8 of 10 is titled “And Here’s to You.” The preview reads: “Gordo returns to space. Molly faces an unsettling new reality. Aleida confronts her first major hurdle at work.” If you’ve not yet tuned in, this may be your chance, with just a couple of weeks to go until the finale.

Tensions run hot between Soviets and US in For All Mankind [Apple TV+ review]


For All Mankind review: Ellen Wilson (played by Jodi Balfour) makes an unbelievable move this week.
Ellen Wilson (played by Jodi Balfour) makes an unbelievable move this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

Space-race soap opera For All Mankind drops a bomb this week that could ruin the chances of everybody here getting what they want — and definitely destroys whatever character work the writers and actors have done up until now.

The writers realized nothing exciting had happened all season and so just dropped a bunch of character arcs in favor of what’s convenient. I wish I was surprised.

For All Mankind rolls out red carpet for the Russkies [Apple TV+ review]


U.S. astronauts like Danielle Poole (played by Krys Marshall) meet their Soviet counterparts.
U.S. astronauts like Danielle Poole (played by Krys Marshall) prep to meet their Soviet counterparts.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Don’t bother they’re here … Apple TV+’s For All Mankind gears up for its historic moon handshake in typically laidback fashion in this week’s episode.

The commies are here to collaborate on a space mission meant to bring civilizations together. They’re of course mirthless, shifty cads because that’s just how Russians are written in fiction like this.

Until, of course, they get to eat red meat and drink American whiskey. Then they’re all smiles! Glad to know these jokes haven’t changed at all since the Iron Curtain went up.

For All Mankind wonders how to mend a broken heart [Apple TV+ review]


Michael Dorman in For All Mankind
Gordo (Michael Dorman) is getting his groove back at last.
Photo: Apple TV+

The characters in For All Mankind, Apple TV+’s space-race melodrama, all try to find their sea legs … or, uhh, space legs … in this week’s tense episode. Astronaut Ed Baldwin is under the sea. And his wife, Karen, is losing her cool. Meanwhile, Tracy Stevens is on the moon, and her ex Gordo is losing his mind!

Apple TV+ delivers the shivers with Calls debut and Servant season finale


New on Apple TV+ today.
Photo: Apple

Thriller fans should brace for an Apple TV+ binge-a-thon this week. They can watch all nine episodes of creepy new show Calls, which debuted on Apple TV+ Friday,  or take in the first two full seasons of M. Night Shyamalan’s gripping Servant.

The Servant season finale arrived today alongside a new episode of alt-history space race show For All Mankind.