Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs returns to work after liver transplant


Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs underwent a liver transplant earlier in the year.
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Jun22 June 22, 2009: Steve Jobs returns to work at Apple, a couple of months after undergoing a liver transplant as part of his cancer treatment.

Although Jobs has been steadily getting back into work for the past several weeks, the news is made official when a quote from him appears on a June 22 press release about iPhone 3GS sales. An Apple employee also alerts the media after spotting Jobs on campus.

With his return confirmed, everyone wants to know how long Jobs will continue to lead Apple.

New Apple demos help you make the most of Photos’ Memories


Memories on iPhone
Apple wants to sell you on its Memories feature.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted two new “How to” videos online related to the Memories feature on iOS, which lets your Photos app scan through your image library for meaningful people, places and other snaps, and then presenting them in curated collections.

Check the two new spots out below.

Beleaguered Apple GPU maker puts itself up for sale


Imagination has developed chips for almost all of Apple's devices.
Photo: Apple

Imagination Technologies, the British company that has been designing Apple’s mobile GPUs for years, has put itself up for sale.

Earlier this year, Imagination confirmed that Apple would be dropping its graphics chips within two years as part of its “insourcing” program to develop its own chips. Since then, Imagination has lost a massive 70 percent of its value.

iOS 11 beta 2: What’s new? [Video]


iOS 11 beta 2 hero
Lots of polish, and a few new features, in iOS 11 developer beta 2.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple just released iOS 11 beta 2, and as expected it irons out plenty of wrinkles. It’s still not ready for everyday use on a main machine, because there are still plenty of glitches (the Dock and all kinds of multitasking were missing from my iPad Pro until I rebooted, for example). But overall the latest iOS 11 beta is a lot smoother, and a lot faster-feeling compared to the first beta.

Apple wants records labels to take smaller cut of streaming revenues


apple music app
Music streaming has been a life saver for record labels.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Negotiations for new Apple Music deals are currently underway with record labels and this time around Apple wants to come away with a much bigger cut of the revenue after overpaying for the last two years.

The company is likely to get its wish too, according to a new report that reveals the labels are supposedly open to the possibility of taking a smaller share as long as Apple Music is able to continue growing.

New Siri icon in iOS 11 may hint at iPhone 8’s virtual Home button


The iPhone's home button could be going away.
The iPhone's home button could be going away.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple may have left a big clue in iOS 11 that points to huge design changes coming later this year to the iPhone 8.

While doing some testing with the new Do Not Disturb When Driving feature, eagle-eyed Apple observers have spotted a new icon for Siri in iOS 11 that appears to be a perfect replacement for the Home button Apple is supposedly planning to ditch.

Take a look:

Apple seeds second betas for iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and more


The best gesture in iOS 11 isn't just for iPad.
New beta updates are out for iPhone and iPad.
Photo: Apple

Developers received the second batch of beta builds today of the new software Apple unveiled earlier this month during its Worldwide Developers Conference.

Beta build 2 for iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4 got seeded to developers this afternoon, as well as a number of other tools and platforms that are available to download from Apple’s Developer Center.

Virgin Mobile innovates by going iPhone-only


iPhone 7
Virgin is going all-in on the iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In an effort to regain relevancy in the ridiculously competitive mobile network space, Virgin Mobile CEO Richard Branson revealed today that his company is going all-in on iPhone.

Virgin Mobile is set to become the first-ever iPhone-only carrier and to kick things off the company is offering a deal for Apple fans that just might convince them to switch from one of the major networks.

Tim Cook takes a dive in top CEO ranking


Apple's Q2 earnings weren't that impressive.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has a 93% approval rating among employees.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook saw his approval rating among employees dip considerably in 2017, based on a new survey that ranks the world’s top CEOs based on employee reviews.

Cook has consistently placed high in GlassDoors annual CEO rankings usually falling in the top 20 and sometimes cracking into the top 10. But for the first time since Glassdoor started its rankings, the Apple CEO is nowhere to be found in the top 50.

Week’s best Apple deals: Save tons by buying third-party!


Looking for Apple deals? Sometimes it doesn't pay to go straight to the source.
Looking for Apple deals? Sometimes it doesn't pay to go straight to the source.
Photos: Apple, Belkin, Dynex

It’s no secret that Apple is expensive, which is why sometimes it’s a great idea to buy Apple items and Apple-compatible accessories elsewhere. See such deals on Apple Watch bands, cables and hardware in this week’s roundup of the best Apple deals.