Why this is the perfect time to buy Apple stock


iMac Pro
When a company has good long-term prospects, the time to buy shares is when others are getting out.
Photo: Apple/Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It hasn’t been a great month to own shares of Apple. But if you’ve been considering getting in, one analyst says now is the time to buy.

Shares of the iPhone-maker have dropped 17 percent in less than two weeks. But this an overreaction to bad news from parts suppliers.

Who needs Apple Pencil when any old stylus will do? [Opinion]


Apple Pencil vs dumb stylus: This old Wacom Bamboo is more than enough
This old Wacom Bamboo stylus is more than enough "pencil" for many people.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

I’ve owned an Apple Pencil since I bought the first iPad Pro a few years ago. There’s nothing to touch it when it comes to drawing and painting on the iPad, but I found I didn’t ever use it for that. I mark up PDFs, make selections when editing photos, and sketch the odd diagram.

This time around, I’m saving my $130 by not buying the Apple Pencil mkII. Why? I don’t need it. Instead, I’m using the cheap, dumb stylus I found in my jam jar of pens and pencils. Let me tell you why.

Level up your Apple Watch game with these striking saffiano leather bands


Casetify's saffiano leather printed bands pack a punch in style and durability.
Casetify's saffiano leather printed bands pack a punch in design and durability.
Photo: Casetify

If you love Apple Watch Series 4’s streamlined body but crave some color and vibrancy to up the fashion ante, look no further than these saffiano leather Apple Watch bands from Casetify.

The Cult of Mac Watch Store partnered with Casetify — big believers in self-expression through tech accessories — for a while now. But this season the company smashed the refresh button and completely revamped its brand and its Apple Watch band designs. Now, dreamers, playmakers and game-changers can fulfill their style needs with Casetify’s artful Apple Watch bands.

Tim Cook wins ‘Courage Against Hate’ award


Tim Cook
Tim Cook has been outspoken about making Apple a 'force for good' in the world.
Photo: Apple

The Anti-Defamation League is awarding Tim Cook with its first ever “Courage Against Hate” award for his work championing causes of unity, diversity, and social progress.

Cook will receive the award in a December 3 ceremony in New York City, as part of ADL’s annual “Never Is Now Summit.” Along with receiving the award, Cook will also deliver the keynote address.

AirPods aren’t the only way to enjoy wireless audio [Deals]


AirPod alternatives
These bluetooth earbuds are an economic alternative to Apple's AirPods.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Cupertino managed to make AirPods synonymous with wireless earbuds, at least among Apple users. But the truth is, AirPods aren’t the only – and certainly aren’t the most affordable – option for wireless personal audio. In fact, you can get just as much enjoyment for a fraction of the price.

Apple Champs-Élysées is a stunning blend of old and new


Apple Store Paris 1
Apple's new Parisian flagship store is a knockout.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s Champs-Élysées retail store opens this Sunday, and from the look of some pictures Apple has released, it may be the most spectacular Apple Store yet.

The store eschews the glass and modernism of the company’s newly built stores for vintage grandeur, mixed with a few high tech flourishes. It is housed in a Haussmann-era apartment building, dating back to the 1800s. Check out some images of the new retail space below.

Today in Apple history: Apple’s last (and greatest) mechanical keyboard


The Apple Extended Keyboard II might be Cupertino's finest keyboard of all time.
This could be the best Apple keyboard ever.
Photo: University of Chicago

November 15: Today in Apple history: Apple Extended Keyboard II is Apple's last (and greatest) mechanical keyboard November 15, 1990: Cupertino wins a design patent for its Apple Extended Keyboard II, arguably the greatest computer keyboard of all time.

Delivering the perfect combination of durability, feel and a pleasing click-clack sound, the Extended Keyboard II will become a mainstay of pro-grade Apple setups during the early 1990s — and perhaps the best-loved keyboard in Apple history. Courtesy of an ADB-to-USB adapter, some people continue to use them today.

Health insurance company lets customers walk off the cost of an Apple Watch


apple watch
You'll have to commit to daily activity to get the most out of the deal, however.
Photo: Apple

Insurance company UnitedHealthcare is offering customers the chance to pick up a free Apple Watch Series 3 in exchange for walking 10,000 steps per day.

The offer is open to people on the company’s “Motion” program, which hands out rewards in exchange for customers committing to daily exercise. Customers can choose any Apple Watch model up to last year’s Series 3 model, asking only that they pay taxes and shipping for the device.

Trick reveals all 102 hidden magnets in the 2018 iPad Pro


iPad Pro 2018 one week review
Magnets are one of the neatest features in the new iPad Pro -- even though you can't see them.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

One of the neatest features of the new 2018-era iPad Pro is something you can’t even see from outside. That’s the fact that it’s studded with 102 small magnets, which allow you to attach the Apple Pencil, stick it to the Smart Keyboard Folio, or even adhere it to your fridge door if you’re feeling brave.

But just how are the magnets distributed inside Apple’s next-gen tablet? Using some special magnet paper, tech vlogger Marques Brownlee found out.