Win a super-cute SuperMini portable battery pack [Cult of Mac Giveaway]


Zendure SuperMini battery pack giveaway: The SuperMini is smaller than a credit card.
The SuperMini is smaller than a credit card.
Photo: Zendure

Don’t get caught without juice ever again. This week, Cult of Mac is giving away two SuperMini portable battery chargers from Zendure.

The SuperMini is one of the smallest portable chargers available, yet it packs formidable charging power. Smaller than a credit card (but thicker), the SuperMini fits easily into a pocket or bag, but has enough juice to recharge an iPhone 12 Pro three times over. If you want a portable charger that is adorable and can fit anywhere, make sure to enter this giveaway.

Lisey’s Story goes even deeper in unnerving third chapter [Apple TV+ review]


Boo'ya Moon, the dream world of Lisey's Story
Boo'ya Moon, the dream world of Lisey's Story.
Photo: Apple TV+

The wild Apple TV+ adaptation of Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story gets even richer and more imaginative in this week’s episode. Having introduced Lisey, the troubled widow of a famous writer, the miniseries starts drawing out the details of the other people who populate its real and imaginary worlds.

Director Pablo Larraín continues to flex his artistic muscles as he creates a compelling fantasy world. And one character in particular proves delightfully unnerving.


App Store
The App Store might have to become a separate company from Apple.
Photo: James Yarema/Unsplash CC

Save up to 33% on Olpr’s real leather accessories for AirTag


Olpr AirTag accessories
AirTag's missing piece.
Photo: Olpr

Olpr’s awesome new AirTag accessories, all beautifully made from genuine leather, just hit the Cult of Mac Store. And you can bag yours at up to 33% off the usual price for a limited time only.

Prices start at just $25, which gets you a bag charm, luggage tag, or keyring for easily and securely attaching AirTag to precious belongings.

Let there be lighted Zoom calls [Setups]


You, too, can have a clean, well-lighted place for Zoom calls.
You, too, can have a clean, well-lighted place for Zoom calls.
Photo: UGenya806@Reddit

Redditor UGenya806, who works in marketing for San Francisco-based DocuSign in Germany, takes appearances on Zoom calls seriously. After all, their job has always been remote and will remain so, even when others return to offices following the COVID-19 pandemic.

UGenya806’s setup centers on an M1 Mac mini tethered to dual Dell 24-inch 4K monitors and a CalDigit TS3 Thunderbolt 3 Dock. The mini is connected wirelessly to a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad.

A stand-mounted MacBook Air rounds out the mix, but is usually used separately as a standalone machine, not with the peripherals.

M1 iMac hits all-time low after Amazon slashes $50 off base model


M1 iMac
Now just $1,249.
Photo: Apple

The new and ultra-slim M1 iMac just hit a new low after Amazon slashed $50 off the base model. Bag yours today in blue or silver for just $1,249 — down from $1,299 — before the discount disappears.

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Run Windows apps on your Mac with this $25 app bundle featuring Parallels Pro


Parallels Pro
Parallels Pro headlines this award-winning Mac app bundle.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The All-Star Mac Bundle Featuring Parallels Pro is the ultimate curated app collection. In addition to Parallels Pro, which lets you run Windows apps on your Mac, the bundle boasts five award-winning apps that will boost your productivity, secure your data and more.

These apps are trusted by millions of users worldwide to be among the best of the best in their fields. Typically retailing for $876, this bundle of five great Mac apps is on sale now for just $25 with coupon code ALLSTARMAC.

Apple calls on devs to embrace super-speedy 5G connectivity


Killian filed that 5G thing. I’m reading it now. Do you want me to hold it for tomorrow’s newsletter just in case?
"Up your 5G game," Apple says.
Photo: Apple

Apple is encouraging iPhone and iPad app developers to up their 5G game and embrace super-speedy connectivity.

In a new guide titled “Optimize your app for 5G,” Apple says “5G networking can provide even more opportunities to take advantage of high-bandwidth and low-latency connections in your app.”

It also outlines the benefits the technology can bring to things like games, streaming, machine learning, and augmented reality.

Here’s a scoop: Home Before Dark finally finds its stride [Apple TV+ review]


Deric McCabe, Brooklynn Prince and Jibrail Nantambu need to be Home Before Dark
Deric McCabe, Brooklynn Prince and Jibrail Nantambu investigate a new mystery.
Photo: Apple TV+

Home Before Dark, the Apple TV+ show about a cute and cuddly girl reporter, returns for more incongruous drama and more bad parenting. The show got off to something of a generic start in its first season, sandwiched between popular styles and uncertain of its identity.

But in its second season, which debuts today, the show digs a little deeper into the setting and characters. As a result, the creative team produced something close to an essential season.