Lowest price ever: Get a fast, reliable e-bike for $699.97 (with free delivery)


Take over $1000 off this fast, reliable eBike.
Save with a massive 69% discount on this speedy and well-built e-bike.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Electric bikes are having a moment, and Cult of Mac Deals has e-bikes on sale at the lowest price yet for a limited time.

If you want all the fun of a bicycle, with on-demand power to push up a hill, don’t miss this deal: Get a popular BirdBike in a variety of styles for just $699.97, with free delivery.

iPhone 15 battery doesn’t wear out as fast as Apple thought


iPhone 15 Battery Health and charge cycles
iOS 17.4 will bring in a new Battery Health screen for iPhone showing the number of charge cycles.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The batteries in the iPhone 15 series are even better than Apple realized. It takes twice as many charge cycles to wear one out than previously thought, greatly expanding the time before the battery needs to be replaced.

We already knew Apple’s latest goes a long time without needing a recharge. And now we know the battery itself is good for years of heavy use while remaining healthy.

Just the sound of a touchscreen swipe can give away your fingerprint


Fingerprint biometic security
It's not like your fingerprint is being read off the screen. It's recreated from sound and friction.
Photo: Pixabay@Pexels

New research suggests attackers can use the sound of a user’s finger swiping on a touchscreen to recreate their fingerprint pattern, according to a report Tuesday. And that biometric security risk could lead to trouble, of course.

All it takes is casual swiping in popular apps while a device microphone is on.

Great. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, biometic-security-wise.

Apple Music Replay 24 debuts with fun new feature


Apple Music Replay 24 with new monthly archive
"See, I told you I loved that album. Here it is with 1 minute of listening in May, 2021!"
Photo: Apple

Tuesday is the first day Apple Music users can see their Apple Music Replay 24 favorites so far for the new year — but that’s not all. There’s a fresh new feature to help you obsess over past listening.

Apple Music Replay now gives you monthly stats, including month-by-month lists of your top artists, albums and songs going back to through your history with Replay. So now you have even more proof of your listening habits (good or bad).

Yes, you can get genuine Beats Studio Pro headphones for just $180


Don't buy knockoffs! Get real Beats headphones for under $180.
These $179.99 noise-canceling Beats headphones are the real deal.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you buy enough stuff on the internet, you cultivate a healthy skepticism when deals sound too good to be true. That’s especially true when it comes to name-brand tech — like, for instance, when you see Beats headphones on sale.

Audio gear from Beats (a company Apple acquired for $3 billion a decade ago) has been popular for so long that third-party sellers have made a cottage industry out of Beats knockoffs.

But there’s nothing like the real thing, and Cult of Mac Deals has authentic Beats Studio Pro headphones for just $179.99. That price is almost half off the MSRP of $349, and it’s possible because these Beats headphones, released in 2023, are “new open box” inventory.

Apple chipmaker moving ahead toward 2nm processors in 2025


TSMC looks ahead to super-speedy 2nm processors
2nm processors made by TSMC will be faster while using less power than today's 5nm iPhone and Mac chips.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Getting 2nm processors into Mac and iPhone is reportedly proceeding as scheduled, and TSMC will begin making these in 2025.

The on-schedule progress report comes as very good news. Especially considering that the Taiwanese chipmaker ran into significant delays developing the 3nm processors currently in use.

Clock ticks on killer iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods refurb deals


Deals on Apple refurbished gear - iPhone 13 Pro
On the deals list: iPhone 13 Pro (and various minis!)
Photo: Apple

Amazon bargain site Woot! is quietly offering some fantastic refurbished Apple gear deals, including iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods.

Woot refers to its deals lineup as “basically an Apple soup.” It’s your chance to slurp up bargains (if you don’t need the newest gadgets).

The sale ends Monday, February 26, at 10 p.m. PT.

Get Mifa’s cool tactical Apple Watch band in orange or green


Now you can pick from five colors, including orange and green.
Now you can pick from five colors, including orange and green.
Photo: Mifa

Mifa’s Every-Day-Carry (EDC) Nylon Sports Leather Apple Watch Band is a favorite item in the Cult of Mac Store for its cool, tactical look. And now you can get it in two eye-catching new colors — orange and green.

It doesn’t matter if your Apple Watch is made of aluminum or stainless steel, Mifa’s rugged EDC band can be a great complement to it.

Today in Apple history: iPod mini is ‘world’s smallest music player’


iPod mini launch lineup in 2004: Five small music players in five different colors (silver, gold, pink, blue, and green).
The iPod mini quickly became a big hit for Apple.
Photo: Apple

February 20: Today in Apple history: iPod mini launch shows off 'world's smallest music player' February 20, 2004: Music goes small as the iPod mini launch brings the reimagined digital audio player to Apple stores.

Released with 4GB of storage and in five colors, the diminutive device features a new “click wheel” that integrates control buttons into a solid-state, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. It also showcases Cupertino’s growing fascination with aluminum, which will become a hallmark of Apple design.

Despite its small size, the new music player’s market potential looms large. In fact, the iPod mini soon becomes Apple’s fastest-selling music player yet.

The Ai Pin demo that Humane should have made


Humane's AI Pin projector in action.
Humane's AI Pin projector in action.
Photo: Humane

So far, all the demos of Humane’s supposedly iPhone-killing Ai Pin have been underwhelming.

Humane pitched the small, screenless device — which ships next month — as a successor to smartphones. However, it is garnering almost no buzz at all, no thanks to its lackluster marketing. The Ai Pin’s first introductory video looked especially bad. It proved so head-scratchingly awful, it made you wonder if the company wants the device to bomb, like some kind of high-tech The Producers investor/insurance scam.

But a new video just emerged that actually makes the device look cool. It’s the demo Humane should have made.

Here are all the best apps and games for Vision Pro


Vision Pro Home View Apps
We’ve found all the neatest apps for Apple’s latest device.
Image: Apple

The best Vision Pro apps, games, demos and experiences showcase the AR capabilities of Apple’s headset.

If you own a Vision Pro and don’t know where to start, I put together a list of apps and games to try out first. Alternatively, if you can’t afford a headset (or if you live outside the United States), you can live vicariously through me as I show you all of the most interesting Vision Pro apps I’ve found.

I highly recommend you check out the companion video to this article to see these apps in action. Alternatively, you can continue reading below.

M3 Pro and Max MacBook Pros hit Apple’s refurbished store


M3 MacBook Pro in space black
Buy refurbished and save big on your new M3 Pro/Max MacBook Pro.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s Certified Refurbished store in the US is now selling MacBook Pros with M3 Pro and M3 Max chips. Refurbished models are available in 14-inch and 16-inch displays.

Buying a refurbished unit can help you save up to $300 on the M3 Pro MacBook. On laptops with the M3 Max chip, the savings can be as high as $530.

Beats shoots and scores with headphones in MLS team colors


Beats headphones for eight MLS teams show designs.
Eight teams will receive custom Beats headphones to start, with the 22 other clubs to follow.
Photo: Major League Soccer

Beats and Major League Soccer (MLS) struck a multi-year deal Monday to make the Apple headphones subidiary the official consumer audio products partner of the league. That will include eight custom-branded Beats headphones for MLS teams delivered initially. Headphones for the other 22 clubs will follow.

“We are extremely excited to join forces with the MLS, one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sports leagues in the world,” said Chris Thorne, Beats CMO. “Beats will be working closely with the MLS clubs and top players to deliver amazing experiences throughout the upcoming season.”

Flash sale: Babbel’s lifetime language subscription gets even more affordable


Learn new languages with Babbel language app.
Get a lifetime Babbel sub at its lowest price yet and learn up to 14 languages.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Ever feel like your weekly Screen Time report shows you spend a little too much time on social media and entertainment? If so, you might want to invest in an app that can improve your cognition and open up opportunities for traveling — or even working — abroad. The Babbel language app makes it easy to learn multiple languages, and it’s available at a deep discount now.

In this flash sale, which ends tonight, you can get a lifetime subscription to the Babbel language app (all languages) for just $149.97. That’s a huge discount off the regular price of $599.

Classic iPod reborn as cheap open-source project


iPod alternative: Tangara portable music player
The chunky little Tangara is like your old iPod, except you can totally mess with it.
Photo: Cool Tech Zone

Tangara, a new portable music player that sports serious iPod Classic vibes, totally eclipsed its initial crowd-funding goal as of Monday. So the open-source iPod alternative could become a reality.

Complete with a touchwheel, the nostalgia-provoking player from startup Cool Tech Zone differs from Apple’s famous iPods in major ways. Mainly, its open hardware and open-source software make it easy to access, customize, repair and upgrade.

Foundation season 3 is ready to restart production in March


'Foundation' Season 2
'Foundation' stars Jared Harris and Lee Pace, and is based on groundbreaking sci-fi novels by Isaac Asimov.
Image: Apple TV+

Foundation season three production reportedly will resume in early March, after problems with the Apple TV+ sci-fi epic were ironed out.

Production for the popular series was put on hold in February due to cost-cutting efforts.

Today in Apple history: Photoshop debuts as a Mac exclusive


Adobe Systems' Photoshop launch changed the game for image editing.
Photoshop changed the game for image editing.
Photo: Adobe Systems

February 19 Today in Apple history: Photoshop debuts as a Mac exclusive February 19, 1990: Adobe ships the first commercial version of its soon-to-be-iconic Photoshop photo editing software. The Photoshop launch, exclusively on the Macintosh, gives users new powerful tools for tweaking digital photographs.

The groundbreaking software debuts for Mac System 6.0.3. Priced at $895, Photoshop will quickly become the standard editing tool for graphics professionals. Whether they work for advertising agencies, news organizations — or, frankly, anywhere else — Photoshop users take advantage of the program’s digital darkroom tools to seamlessly manipulate images.

Photography will never be the same.

Don’t sleep on perfect ambient lighting [Setups]


Philips Hue ambient lighting with Play Gradient Light Strip in setup
It's amazing what an atmospheric effect a light strip can have on a setup.
Photo: Philips Hue

As we’ve seen so often in our endless tour of computer setups on social media, ambient lighting matters. Sure, you want proper lighting so you can see what you’re doing, but extra-mile work like setting Philips Hue ambient lighting — as in today’s Mac Studio setup — can make a big difference cosmetically and in more practical ways.

Skip iPad Pro and get M1 iPad Air at this crazy low price


Gift Guide: Best upgrade: iPad Air
With a massive $149 off, you can't miss out on this iPad Air deal.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Note: This deal appears to be sold out on Amazon (which may be temporary; items often get restocked), but is available at the same price at Best Buy.

There’s no better tablet than the M1 iPad Air for most users. It uses the same M1 chip as Apple’s previous-generation iPad Pro and Macs to deliver excellent price-to-performance. Amazon is taking a stellar $149 off the tablet, making it an even better deal.

With the discount, you can get the M1 iPad Air for only $449. At this price point, you cannot find a better option than Apple’s offering.

This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn a commission when you use our links to buy items.

This pocket-size charger juices up Apple Watch anywhere [Review] ★★★★


qCharge 2.0 review★★★★
qCharge 2.0 is a combination Apple Watch charger and battery ready to go where you go.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

qCharge 2.0 from Citius Systems is a power bank with built-in charger especially for Apple Watch. With one of these, you can replenish the device almost anywhere, no wall socket needed.

I tested it out with my own Watch. Here’s why I like it.

Mac apps to speed your work, and games to make you forget all that [Awesome Apps]


An iMac exploding with awesome apps.
Awesome Mac apps of the week.
Photo: Midjourney/Cult of Mac
Awesome Apps

In this week’s Awesome Apps roundup, you’ll find apps for managing files, using AI to boost your writing, and turning an iPad into a creative input device for a Mac.

And if all that productivity wears you out, we’ve got other options. You can relax with a charmingly peaceful Apple Arcade game with a delightful Japanese theme. Or you can blast enemy spaceships in an arcade-style game that’s great on iPhone — but even better on Vision Pro.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to download.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free


Apple is worth more than the entire US energy sector combined
This was a significant moment in Apple's turnaround.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

February 18: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free February 18, 2004: Steve Jobs sends an internal memo to Apple employees revealing that the company is, for the first time in years, totally debt-free.

“Today is a historic day of sorts for our company,” he writes. This marks a big turnaround from the bad old days of the 1990s, when Apple carried more than $1 billion in debt — and faced the danger of bankruptcy.

Vision Pro gives a first look at computers of 2034


Apple Vision Pro Enterprise apps
Stop thinking of Vision Pro as a clunky thing you strap to your face. Instead, consider visionOS as a window into the future of computers.
Screenshot: Apple

Vision Pro is years ahead of its time. Apple’s AR headset lets us see today what using an average computer a decade in the future will be like.

In 2034, being surrounded by physical screens will seem charmingly obsolete. Virtual displays of any size generated by an AR headset from Apple (or its rivals) will take the place of displays connected to our computers, phones, watches, etc. And that’s only the start.

You can experience the coming revolution now because Vision Pro is another example of Apple giving us a glimpse of the future.

Woah! Is this the new iPhone 16 Pro camera?


A mockup illustrates the latest iPhone 16 Pro camera rumor with a camera module that looks like a tricorne hat.
This mockup illustrates a radical redesign purportedly coming to the iPhone 16 Pro's camera module.
Image: Majin Bu

The latest iPhone 16 Pro camera rumor comes with an image that shows a radically redesigned lens module. It looks like a fidget spinner, or an 18th-century tricorn hat seen from above, and would represent a striking departure from Apple’s current design language.

If the iPhone 16 Pro actually looks like this, it would instantly put to bed perennial complaints that the new iPhone looks just like the old one.