Today in Apple history: First-gen iPad rolls out around the world


Were you a first-gen iPad customer?
Photo: Apple

May 28: Today in Apple history May 28, 2010: Customers across Europe and Asia queue up to buy the iPad when Apple’s new tablet finally rolls out internationally.

The reason for the gap between the iPad’s U.S. launch in early April and its international debut more than a month later? Unexpectedly large demand for the groundbreaking device.

Possible Apple Watch Leather Loop strap shows up online


New Apple Watch straps 1
Are these forthcoming official Apple Watch straps?
Photo: Onewingleft/Reddit

The Apple Watch Leather Loop strap could be getting a redesign for this year’s Apple Watch Series 6. According to images posted to Reddit on Wednesday, the redesigned bands will come in (at least) black, blue, red and brown color options.

Unlike the existing Leather Loop straps, the new ones appear to have an additional accent color that runs down the edge of certain straps. It’s definitely a nice touch, design-wise — although there’s no guarantee that these are legit.

Buy the California home of a former Apple CEO for just … $37.5 million


Former Apple CEO Mike Markkula's Rana Creek Ranch in Carmel Valley is up for sale. What better purchase to show off your Apple fan credentials?
What better purchase to show off your Apple fan credentials?
Photo: Hall and Hall

Want to own the home of a former Apple CEO? Wouldn’t we all? Unfortunately, you’ll need to pony up $37.5 million to do so.

Belonging to Mike Markkula, the angel investor who played a critical role in Apple’s early days, the ranch is the largest single landholding in Central California’s Carmel Valley. Markkula reportedly purchased it in 1982 for $8 million. He’s been trying to sell it since at least 2013 — and has dropped the price substantially during that time.

A video by the listing agency, Hall and Hall, lets you take a look around.

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit makes a run for Apple Arcade


“SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit” debuts Friday on Apple Arcade
It’s up to SpongeBob to run to his friends’ rescue in a title coming soon to Apple Arcade.
Photo: Apple/Nickelodeon

The next game headed for Apple Arcade involves a certain pants-wearing sponge. A short preview video on Wednesday teased the upcoming Apple Arcade release of SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit.

Watch it now:

This roomy desk is great for getting work done [Setups]


Mac Pro Setup
This desk gives Van Der Post plenty of room to work with.
Photo: Brice Van Der Post

A MacBook Pro runs this triathlete’s setup. Brice Van Der Post is always on the go so it makes sense that he uses a laptop to power his rig, instead of being chained down by a desktop.

The highlight of this desk might actually be the desk itself. Since Van Der Post works for a furniture company, his factory custom-built the desk for him. The 70×30-inch unfinished teak top gives him ample space for his work. It is also a great canvas for all of the tech on it.

He has a 34-inch LG UltraWide Curved Monitor, which continues to make frequent appearances in our ‘Setups’ series, and a Logitech MX Master 2S, which is a multitasker’s dream mouse.

Van Der Post also has a pair of KRK studio monitors for audio, while a M-Audio AIR Hub take the speakers to the next level.

Apple keeps throwing money at making Siri smarter


Siri Alexa in voice report
Apple’s latest acquisition aims to give Siri better data to work with.
Photo: Apple

Apple purchased Inductiv, a Canadian company that focused on using artificial intelligence to clean up data. They created HoloClean, which was designed to get useful predictions from “noisy, incomplete, and erroneous data.”

The employees of Inductiv joined the team developing Siri, Apple’s voice-driven AI assistant, according to Bloomberg.

Grab this out-of-this-world SpaceX wallpaper [Wallpaper Wednesday]


"Human Kind" by Tristan Eaton would make a great wallpaper for your iPhone.

Today was supposed to be the day that NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent a manned mission to the International Space Station — the first launch from American soil in nine years, and the first manned rocket launch by a private company.

Instead, due to bad weather, the launch was scrubbed and rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. If it goes off as planned, some striking artwork by Tristan Eaton will accompany astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into space.

The pieces Eaton made are called “Human Kind” and we are highlighting them for Wallpaper Wednesday.