Dr. Brain plunges deeper into conspiracy and sci-fi [Apple TV+ recap]


Dr. Brain recap: The truth is getting closer, and weirder, in this South Korean sci-fi show.
The truth is getting closer, and weirder, in this brain-melting South Korean sci-fi show.
Photo: Apple TV+

Dr. Brain, Apple TV+’s new series from visionary genre specialist Kim Jee-Woon, drives headlong toward answers, both disappointing and cathartic, in the second-to-last episode of the exciting first season.

Can brain-syncing scientist Sewon stop the far-reaching forces at work to destroy him before they succeed? Can Hong redeem himself after causing so much chaos and hurt? Apple TV+’s first South Korean series is poised for a strong close.

Last chance to get top-rated language app Babbel for just $179


This best-selling language app, Babbel is 60% off.
Get a lifetime sub to all 14 languages in this astonishingly effective educational app.
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With full-blown winter right around the corner, you might find yourself daydreaming about warmer weather and white sand beaches — or even considering a longer stay in a different city in a new country. You can chat up the locals with ease with this Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages).

It’s one of the best-selling language learning apps out there, earning 4.6 out of 5 stars on the App Store from almost 300,0000 reviewers. And it’s on sale for $179 — but only for one more day.

Time travel and weed take Dickinson to interesting new places [Apple TV+ recap]


Dickinson recap: High times lead to laughs this week.
High times lead to laughs this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

Emily and Lavinia visit the future in this very special episode of Dickinson, Apple TV+s alt-history romp about the great poet. They head to 1955 while Austin gets desperate, Betty gets lonely, Henry gets creative, and Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson get high.

It’s a wild episode this week, rootless and maybe a little too cute, but that’s not unusual for Dickinson.


At CDKeylord.com, not only can you get great deals on software activation keys, you can get a free upgrade to Windows 11.
At CDKeylord.com, not only can you get great deals on software activation keys, you can get a free upgrade to Windows 11.
Photo: CDKeylord.com

Today in Apple history: World’s first iPad-only newspaper folds


The Daily iPad newspaper was a great, but ultimately failed, experiment.
News Corp's experiment with an iPad "newspaper" came to an ugly end.
Photo: The Daily

December 3: Today in Apple history: iPad-only newspaper The Daily closes December 3, 2012: News Corp pulls the plug on The Daily, the world’s first iPad-only newspaper, less than two years after launching the publication.

While the writing has been on the wall for some time, the closure is a blow for those who view the iPad as the savior of the traditional publishing industry.

Award-winning, Viking-themed platformer Oddmar+ makes the jump to Apple Arcade


Oddmar from Senri & Mobge
Oddmar+ is one of a pair of classic App Store games joining the extensive collection on Apple Arcade
Photo: Senri & Mobge

Oddmar won the Apple Design Award in 2018, and the Viking-themed platformer is now available on Apple Arcade. Friday’s other addition is Dandara: Trials of Fear, also a platformer.

Both games have been in the App Store for years, but have now joined hundreds of other titles in Apple’s gaming subscription service.

Swagger builds up to the big game [Apple TV+ recap]


Swagger recap: Jace (played by Isaiah Hill) flies high as his team faces challenges.
Jace (played by Isaiah Hill) flies high as his team faces challenges.
Photo: Apple TV+

This week’s Swagger finds Jace, Ike, Jenna and Crystal at crossroads. The Apple TV+ basketball drama is all business this episode, showing us what the raised profile of their activism has done for the kids on Swagger, good and ill.

Jenna feels like coach Ike is letting her son down — and takes some drastic measures to try and take him off the pedestal on which Jace has placed him. But at what cost?

Bulky but brilliant iPhone case stops people flicking through your nudes


iPhone Swiper Stopper case
A smart and simple fix.
Photo: Unnecessary Inventions

Don’t you just hate it when you show someone a photo on your iPhone and they rudely assume it’s okay to start flicking through your gallery? This bulky but brilliant iPhone case was designed to prevent that from happening.

The 3D-printed accessory features a detachable screen cover that blocks touch input, so you don’t have to worry about other people accidentally stumbling across your nudes — and then having to work through that trauma.