Apple R&D seems stingy in face of massive revenues


Apple raked in the cash last quarter.
Apple R&D spending would have to double to match some of its competitors.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple spent a whopping $12.7 billion on research and development last year. And $51 billion since Tim Cook became CEO. But one analyst says that might not be enough.

The company actually spends less on R&D as a percentage of the money it takes in than many of its competitors. About half as much.

Learn to code on iOS with awesome perks — for a price


This is a great opportunity to add the super marketable skill of coding to your resume.
Lambda School's coding academy sounds almost too good to be true.
Photo: Cult of Mac

A Silicon Valley is offering wannabe coders the opportunity to get a free MacBook and free housing while taking their 30-week iOS coding course.

Of course, there’s a bit of a catch with the offer. Lambda School CEO Austen Allred revealed his school’s amazing offer along with the stipulation that if you do find a job and start earning over $50k a year, you have to pay the school back.

2018 MacBook Pro extends True Tone to external displays


This week brought the first True Tone MacBook Pro.
This week brought the first True Tone MacBook Pro. And that also goes for some external screens, like this Apple Thunderbolt Display.
Photo: Apple

The 2018 MacBook Pro models just released are the first with True Tone, adjusting the display to match ambient lighting. Even better, these new laptops can do the same trick on some external screens.

True Tone can “automatically adapt [the] display to make colors appear consistent in different ambient lighting conditions,” according to Apple.

Give the perfect GIF with GIFwrapped [50 Essential iOS Apps #37]


You'll be amazed at how easy GIFwrapped makes finding the perfect animated GIF.
You'll be amazed at how easy GIFwrapped makes finding the perfect animated GIF.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: GIFwrapped In the ’90s and early 2000, animated GIFs were a staple of web design. Today, they’re still imperative to the web, but for entirely different reasons. With GIFwrapped, you can search a massive database of GIFs, create a personal library of your favorites, and save the ones you find on social media for later.

Check out these hidden tips and tricks for Apple’s Podcasts app


Apple's podcasts app is deeper than you might imagine.
Apple's podcasts app is deeper than you might imagine.
Photo: Incase/Flickr CC

Apple’s Podcasts app is now the equal of any third-party podcast, or “podcatcher,” app for iOS. I recently switched to using it as my default podcasts app, and I’ve found it does pretty much everything you could want it to.

In fact, it seems like some developers inside Apple are doing the same. The app really is well-designed and now offers some surprisingly deep “pro” features. And these pro features are what we’re going to look at today.

New Apple Pay ad miraculously makes payments funny


New ad makes Apple Pay in Messages easy and funny.
Warning messages from your landlord aren't always a joke, but a new ad for Apple Pay in Messages is.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple Pay isn’t just for trips to Starbucks. It can also be used to send or receive money from friends. Or your landlord, as shown in a humerous new ad.

Money can be transferred in a simple text using the Messages app. This works for sending and receiving the cash, after Apple Wallet has been properly set up.

Watch the new advertisement for Apple Pay in Messages now:

Apple Photo Lab serves up free pro tips for iPhone photogs


Apple Photo Lab
Apple Photo Lab will bring pro-level skills to your iPhone photographs.
Photo: Chase Jarvis/YouTube

Apple and photographer Chase Jarvis, who built CreativeLive into one of the world’s top online education platforms, have teamed up to teach pro tips to iPhone photographers who visit their local Apple Store.

Apple Photo Lab, announced by Jarvis in San Francisco Thursday, will roll out in more than 500 Apple Stores across the world.

Prime Day deals 2018: Save big on tech and must-have gear [Live blog]


We search out the best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals so you don't have to.
We search out the best Amazon Prime Day deals so you don't have to.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Amazon Prime Day 2018 isn’t even here yet, but the savings are already coming fast and furious. Cult of Mac will be scouring the online superstore’s sales through the end of the annual event, showcasing the best Prime Day deals for Apple fans. With over 1 million sales promised, this will be the shopping event of the summer, rivaled only by Black Friday and China’s Singles’ Day.