Apple quietly ditches 256GB iPhone SE after iPhone 13 reveal


All three color options still remain.
Photo: Apple

Apple is still selling the second-generation iPhone SE following the introduction of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro on Tuesday. But its most affordable smartphone is now available with fewer storage options.

Those buying an iPhone SE today can pick from 64GB or 128GB configurations. If you really need more, you’ll have to choose another iPhone.

Make iPhone 13 more affordable by selling your old handset today


Sell your old iPhone
Turn your old iPhone into upgrade cash.
Photo: Jack Sem CC

Apple’s new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will be available to preorder this Friday, and just like their predecessors, they’re not cheap. But there is a quick and easy way you can make your upgrade more affordable.

Sell your old iPhone (and other Apple devices) to Cult of Mac today and we’ll send you a fat stack of cash that you can put toward the newest model. We also have a promo code that will get you an extra $20.

iPhone 13 didn’t get a bump in RAM


The iPhone 13 Pro is as powerful as it is beautiful.
The iPhone 13 has many improvements over its predecessor. RAM isn’t one of them.
Photo: Apple

Apple thinks the RAM in the iPhone 12 series is enough because it reportedly didn’t include any more in the just-launched iPhone 13 models.

But this is another feature that might tempt buyers to pay extra for one of the Pro models — they sport 50% more than the cheaper versions.

Buying iPhone 13? Check out these awesome cases and accessories


iPhone 13 cases
Keep your shiny iPhone 13 looking good.
Photo: Elago

iPhone 13 and 13 Pro aren’t compatible with cases made for the iPhone 12 series. So, if you’re preordering a new model Friday, you’ll need new accessories to go with it. Get yours from the Cult of Mac Store.

We’ve just added a bunch of new iPhone 13 cases and accessories from big brands like Elago and SwitchEasy — with more to come from Casetify, Mujjo, and many others. Find out what’s new and order yours today!