Buggy iOS 13 made Apple rethink how it develops software


Buggy iOS 13 made Apple rethink how it develops software
Apple has learned some lessons from iOS 13.
Photo: Apple

The challenges Apple has experienced with buggy iOS 13 is causing it to rethink the way it builds and tests operating systems, starting with iOS 14.

According to Bloomberg, software boss Craig Federighi recently announced the changes at a “kickoff” meeting. The new approach will make it easier for testers to be able to switch on and off new features. This is so they can better work out how the features independently impact software functionality.

Apple display-maker executive fired for embezzling millions of dollars


Apple display maker exec fired for embezzling millions of dollars
Japan Display makes LCD screens for the iPhone.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

Apple display-maker Japan Display may be struggling — but one of its executives apparently hasn’t been. The firm revealed today that it fired an accounting executive last year for allegedly embezzling $5.3 million over four years.

Japan Display is now cooperating with police in a criminal investigation of the unnamed employee.

Wear your tech on your sleeve with these wearable chargers and headphones [Deals]


WRAP Roundup
These MFi-certified earbuds and Lightning cables are also stylish fashion accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We take our mobile devices everywhere we go, and that means carrying around earbuds and charging cables. So instead of stuffing our bags and pockets with our accessories, why not accessorize with them? These cables and earbuds from WRAPS turn them into stylish bracelets, for the ultimate in functional fashion. Read on for more details:

Today in Apple history: Apple signs damaging deal with Microsoft


Windows used a number of elements of the Mac UI
One of the most damaging deals in Apple history.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

November 21: Today in Apple history: Apple signs Microsoft deal licensing Mac look and feel November 21, 1985: Following Steve Jobs’ departure, Apple comes close to signing its own death warrant by licensing the Macintosh’s look and feel to Microsoft.

The deal, between Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Apple CEO John Sculley, comes hot on the heels of the Windows operating system’s release. The pact gives Microsoft a “non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, nontransferable license to use [parts of the Mac technology] in present and future software programs, and to license them to and through third parties for use in their software programs.”

Oh, boy!

Apple and Intel file antitrust lawsuit against investment firm that stockpiles patents


Apple and Intel file antitrust lawsuit again investment firm that stockpiles patents
Turns out that patents are big business.
Photo: rawpixel.com/Pexels CC

Apple and Intel have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Fortress Investment Group, claiming that the investment management group is stockpiling patents. It then allegedly uses these patents to demand as much as $5.1 billion in lawsuits filed against tech firms.

Both Apple and Intel are accusing the firm of stockpiling patents, despite it not actually making any tech products. They claim this is in violation of United States antitrust laws.