Apple Park campus expands in new flyover footage


Apple Park flyover
The campus Apple deserves.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

Another month, another Apple Park flyover, revealing just just how far Apple’s impressive campus has come along since construction began.

As the October drone video shows, the HQ is now virtually complete, with much of the remaining work being finishing touches for the landscaping. Trees are being moved in, paths are being put into place, a basketball and tennis court is also in progress, while the visitor’s center is now finished. Check out the video below.

Huawei could overtake iPhone market share this year


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is on the rise.
The world's new no. 1 smartphone maker?
Photo: AndroidCentral

According to International Data Corp., Chinese handset maker Huawei could be poised to overtake Apple in the smartphone market this year or next.

In the second quarter of this year, Huawei’s market share was around 11.3 percent with shipments of 38.5 million, compared to Apple’s 12 percent market share with 41 million shipments.

Foxconn has apparently shipped out its first batch of iPhone X orders


iphone x 2
Are you planning to get an iPhone X?
Photo: Apple

Two weeks ahead of the iPhone X shipping, Apple supplier Foxconn has reportedly sent out its first batch of finished handsets to Apple.

According to a new report, Foxconn has sent out 46,500 units from its facilities in Zhengzhou and Shanghai, headed for the Netherlands and United Arab Emirates (UAE), respectively.

Apple’s VP of Diversity walks back recent controversial comments


diversity Apple
Denise Young Smith shared her thoughts with colleagues following the comments.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity Denise Young Smith has apologized for comments she made about Apple’s commitment to inclusiveness.

Speaking at the One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia last week, Smith made a comment defending diversity that’s not about skin color or gender, but rather lived experiences — therefore allowing a group of “12 white blue-eyed blond men” to be considered diverse.

However, despite meaning well with the comment, Young’s response was criticized by some commentators, who felt it undermined the need for greater diversity in tech by suggesting a company could remain overwhelmingly white and male, while still considering itself diverse. Read Denise Young Smith’s response letter to Apple employees below.

Google Opinion Rewards, The Talos Principle, and other awesome apps


Awesome Apps
'Appy weekend everyone!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

These rugged headphones conduct sound through bone [Deals]


These bone-conduction headphones might be the future of personal audio.
These bone-conduction headphones might be the future of personal audio.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There are all sorts of cool headphones out there. Headsets feature Bluetooth, noise-cancellation, with designs that are over-ear, in-ear, wireless, water-poof, and so on. These headphones from FresheTech feature most of those features, plus one you don’t see very often: bone conduction.

Today in Apple history: John Sculley bids Apple a $10 million farewell


Former Apple CEO John Sculley talks at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.
After Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, John Sculley is Apple's most memorable CEO.
Photo: Web Summit/Flickr CC

October 15: Today in Apple history October 15, 1993: John Sculley, the CEO responsible for forcing Steve Jobs out of Apple, is forced to leave the company himself.

Following a terrible quarter for Apple, in which the company posted a 97 percent drop in earnings, Sculley steps down as Apple chairman. He takes $1 million in severance pay, a one-year consulting fee of $750,000, a commitment from Apple to buy his $4 million mansion and $2 million Lear jet, and $2.4 million in stock options. Total take: around $10 million.