Google will take on Apple Pay with Android Pay

Google Wallet is sticking around. Photo: Google

Google Wallet is sticking around. Photo: Google

Google’s ready to take on Apple Pay with a new mobile payments platform called Android Pay. It will work over NFC, and it will come with an API that will allow third-party developers to integrate the service into their own Android apps.

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New Apple Watch spread targets Chinese fashionistas


Apple needs its watch to be big in China. Photo: EastTouch

Ahead of Apple’s March 9 event, the Apple Watch has popped up in another non-tech magazine, boasting some fashion shots of it being worn by a male model. The magazine is East Touch, a Hong Kong-based Cantonese magazine aimed at (predominantly female) readers between the ages of 20-30, and covering mainly celebrity, fashion and entertainment news stories.

This is just the latest fashion publication to feature a look at the Apple Watch, following shortly after the devices was profiled with a multipage spread in the March issue of Vogue.

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NASA salutes Nimoy for taking us boldly where no one had gone before

Astronaut Terry Virts tweeted from the International Space Station this special salute to the late Leonard Nimoy. Photo: Terry Virts/Twitter

Astronaut Terry Virts tweeted from the International Space Station this special salute to the late Leonard Nimoy. Photo: Terry Virts/Twitter

Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of unflappable calm and logic during dangerous space travels on TV and in movies inspired those whose stage is actual space.

NASA is mourning the loss of Nimoy as if Mr. Spock was one of their own. Since news of Nimoy’s passing Friday, astronauts have tweeted, uploaded a YouTube video tribute and issued statements, thanking the iconic Star Trek actor for the courage to “boldly go” into professions involving space exploration.

One of the more touching tributes came from astronaut Terry Virts, who tweeted a photo of his hand in Spock’s iconic “Live Long and Prosper” gesture at a window in the International Space Station looking over Earth.

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Lust List: Killer gear for iPhone lovers, bike riders and ax wielders

This is how much Cupertino relies on Apple

Apple may as well run Cupertino. Photo: Benjamin Feenstra

Apple may as well run Cupertino. Photo: Benjamin Feenstra

A previously quiet town in California, today Cupertino is synonymous with Apple in the same way that Redmond is with Microsoft, Compton is with rapper and Beats founder Dr. Dre, and Gotham City is associated with Batman.

A fascinating new article for the Columbus Dispatch reveals the double-edged sword of being a town so closely tied in with the rise-and-fall fortunes of a single company. While it’s certainly great when times are good, it also means that a major stumble could have major repercussions for the 58,000-person city Steve Jobs grew up in and called home.

With the long-awaited “spaceship” Apple Campus 2 set for completion in 2016, Cupertino’s reliance on Apple is only going to increase over the coming years. And one thing’s for sure: the once sleepy city needs Apple a whole lot more than Apple needs it!

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Qualcomm’s answer to Touch ID scans your fingerprint through metal

Sense ID uses ultrasonic waves to map your fingerprint. Photo: Qualcomm

Sense ID uses ultrasonic waves to map your fingerprint. Photo: Qualcomm

Apple’s Touch ID sensor has been the best and most reliable fingerprint scanner since it made its debut in the iPhone 5s, but competing products announced at Mobile World Congress this week could give the Cupertino company some concern.

Not only has Samsung made huge improvements to its own fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but Qualcomm has delivered an even more impressive alternative called Sense ID that works through aluminum, stainless steel, and more.

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Indian smartphone maker is serious about banning iPhone brand name

The iPhone: coming soon to a business near you. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Could Apple have to change the iPhone’s name in one of its potentially biggest upcoming markets? Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

After China, India is the next big frontier for Apple: with a massive 1.2 billion citizens, and an impressively growing smartphone market that is far from saturated.

So far Apple has had great success in the country, as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have sold roughly twice the volume of previous generation iPhones, and Apple has even proved willing to take a short-term hit on the earnings front to get more iPhones into people’s hands in the long run.

But one company isn’t happy about the iPhone’s success in India — and it’s doubling its efforts to get Apple barred from using the popular smartphone name in the country altogether.

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Apple officially wants to be recognized as a car maker

Drive your car? There's an app for that. Photo: Cult of Mac/USPTO

Anyone else excited about the Apple Car? Apple’s lawyers certainly are. Photo: Cult of Mac/USPTO

Whether Apple is actually building a car, or it’s just a controlled leak to show that the company has more planned after the Apple Watch, isn’t known yet. What is sure, though, is that Apple is now legally covered if it wants to slap its name and logo onto an automobile.

Using its regular law firm Baker & McKenzie in Zurich, Apple recently expanded its corporate description to not just include the current array of watches, smartphones, tablets and computers, but vehicles, too. And Apple’s lawyers aren’t taking any chances, either. Apple aircraft, anyone?

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Apple’s ‘Shot with iPhone’ ad campaign crowdsources spectacular photos

shot with iphone 1

Photo: Apple

Apple’s new ad campaign might be its best yet, especially if you’re one of the iPhone owners that’s about to have your photo on a billboard.

Simply called “Shot on iPhone,” it’s hard to call Apple’s campaign an ad at all — at least in the traditional sense. Apple crowdsourced photos shot with the iPhone by normal people around the world, and the result is a testament to just how incredible iPhone photography has become.

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Apple Watch will have ‘Power Reserve’ mode for saving battery life

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch in stainless steel. Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch will have a special battery-saving feature that will essentially turn it into a basic timepiece.

The previously unreleased detail about the smartwatch’s functionality showed up Sunday in a New York Times story that digs into Apple’s development of the long-awaited wearable.

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