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How to arrange your iPad’s window in Catalina’s Sidecar


Yes, that's Logic Pro X 'running' on an iPad.
Yes, that's Logic Pro X "running" on an iPad in Sidecar.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Sidecar, which lets you use an iPad as an external display for your Mac, is an unexpectedly amazing new feature in macOS Catalina. You just move any window to the iPad, and there it is. You can either mouse over to that window with the Mac, just like using any other external display, or you can pick up an Apple Pencil, and use it in the Mac app, directly from the iPad’s screen. And, like any regular external display, you can choose where the iPad’s screen exists.

Today we’re going to see how to move the iPad’s screen from left to right in the Sidecar setup.

Apple had the hottest third quarter in a sizzling wearables market


Apple's size of the wearables market keeps growing.
Photo: Elago

Apple continues to expand its dominance of a wearable device market that only gets hotter with each quarter.

Thanks to a price reduction on the Apple Watch Series 3 and the launch of AirPods Pro, Apple snagged 35% of the market share in the third quarter, a year-over-year growth increase of more than 195%.

Swiss company gives Apple TV remote a more traditional overhaul


Swiss company gives Apple TV remote a more traditional overhaul
Apple TV remote is going back to the future.
Photo: Salt

Throughout its history, Apple has tried to walk the line between futuristic, beautiful products and things that, in Steve Jobs’ words, just work. In the case of the bundled remote with Apple TV, you can argue that it’s failed.

The remote is minimalist to the point of being difficult to use — and one Swiss TV and internet provider has apparently taken note. While it provides Apple TVs to its customers, it does so with its own traditional remote.

European MPs want Apple Maps correction over Crimea controversy


European MPs want Apple Maps correction over Crimea controversy
Apple has said it will look into the situation.
Photo: Andrew Butko/Wikimedia CC

A dozen members of the European Parliament have sent letters to Apple. They are demanding that it correct information Crimea, the Russian annexed peninsula. When viewed inside Russia, both Apple Maps and Apple Weather present Crimea as belonging to Russia.

Russian lawmakers made the initial request to Apple. But it seems that a whole lot of people are not happy about it.


Bank accused of writing fake App Store reviews for official app
Bó is an app launched by RBS bank NatWest.
Photo: NatWest Holdings Ltd.

It’s Green Monday: Score a second laptop monitor, VPN protection and more [Deals]


Green Monday Sale
This Green Monday, save on VPN protection, extra screens for your laptop, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you thought the holiday deals had passed, think again. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Green Monday, and here that means another opportunity to score great deals on gear and gadgets. Pick up an extra screen for your laptop, five language courses, noise-canceling earbuds and lifelong VPN protection.

The Morning Show continues to shine with Golden Globe nominations


The Morning Show is off to a terrific start.
Photo: Apple

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association today revealed that Apple original The Morning Show has been nominated for multiple Golden Globes, including best television drama series.

The news comes hours after the Critics’ Choice Awards nominated Billy Crudup, who plays Cory Ellison in The Morning Show, as the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Alleged Apple Car spy also may have possessed secret missile file


Alleged Apple Car spy may have also had stolen secret missile file
Discovery turns this from an industrial espionage case into a potential national security one.
Photo: Tyler Nienhouse/Flickr CC

The ex-Apple Car engineer charged with stealing confidential files from Cupertino apparently had something else of interest to U.S. prosecutors: a classified file from the Patriot missile program.

This turns what was previously a corporate espionage case into a potential national security one. Jizhong Chen was arrested by the FBI in January. At the time, he supposedly was trying to flee to China with details of Apple’s super-secret self-driving car project.