Meet the guy who built an iPhone from scratch


Scotty Allen
Scotty Allen takes his viewers to Strange Parts for unvarnished stories about technology.
Photo: Scotty Allen

Millions have watched Scotty Allen build an iPhone from parts mined from the electronics markets of Shenzhen, China.

DIYers and hackers write Allen, eager to repeat his geeky feat. So do people from third-world countries looking for an affordable way to get their hands on a pricey device that imparts status.

Allen, 39, loves the wild enthusiasm his YouTube videos have sparked, but the scratch iPhone isn’t the point.

YouTubers gush about iPhone XR ahead of launch


iPhone XR
The iPhone XR is going to be a hit.
Photo: Apple

The first wave of iPhone XR reviews are in and based on the early impressions, Apple may have a big hit on its hands.

iPhone XR preorders open up at midnight tonight and Apple’s making a big push to get people to upgrade to its cheapest new handset. Instead of just going with traditional news outlets, Apple also gave early iPhone XR units to popular YouTubers, probably in an effort to reach a younger audience.

So far, everyone’s raving about the iPhone XR, even if it is lacking a few features.

Score a social media marketing certification for under 20 bucks [Deals]


Take a deep dive into social media marketing, earning certification that'll boost your resume and marketability.
Take a deep dive into social media marketing, earning certification that'll boost your resume and marketability.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Making money online means knowing how to leverage social media. Whether you’re trying to get an idea out, elevate a brand, or sell a product, social media marketing is essential. So this massively discounted social media certification course is a must-see.

Use Shortcuts to download YouTube Videos


download youtube videos
Shortcuts has no problem ripping and downloading YouTube videos.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Using Apple’s amazing new Shortcuts app, you can rip a video from YouTube, download it, and store it in a folder on your iPhone — all without using a computer.

Maybe you want to watch some clips on your commute without burning through your cellular data. Or perhaps you’re a language or music teacher, and you want to keep teaching materials offline instead of relying on your pupil’s Wi-Fi?

This shortcut can be triggered in Safari, and will save the YouTube video to your Camera Roll, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or other location of your choice. Let’s get started.

Apple goes big in whimsical new iPhone XS Max ad


iPhone XS Max
Go big with the iPhone XS Max.
Photo: Apple

Everything is big when you own an iPhone XS Max, based on the latest ad Apple put out today about its new phone.

The whimsical new ad called “Growth Spurt” imagines a world where anything viewed through the iPhone XS Max’s 6.5-inch display instantly becomes larger than life. Cats, golf balls, even babies aren’t safe from the iPhone XS Max’s amazing powers.

Brace yourself for the embiggening:

All the new iPhone XS, XR and XS Max features you need to know


Depth Control
Depth Control is dead-easy to use.
Photo: Apple

Just got a new iPhone XS but are confused about where to find all of its amazing new features?

Apple just put out a new video that gives an in-depth look at all the fun new stuff you can do with the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Depth Control, Dual SIM, Memojis and much more are all covered in the quick video. It should help you master your new device.

Watch and learn!

‘Better You’ Apple Watch Series 4 ad is here to motivate you


Get back in shape with Apple Watch.
Photo: Apple

Creating a better, more active version of yourself just got a whole lot easier today with the release of Apple Watch Series 4.

To celebrate its new wearable, Apple put out a fun 30-second ad on its Canadian YouTube channel. Titled “Better You,” the ad features a frumpy looking guy and alternative versions of himself utilizing the Apple Watch to get into better shape.

Get motivated by watching the ad: