Celebrate the Wonder Woman movie with new DC Legends content


DC Legends_June Update 1
DC's RPG battler just got a bunch of movie-themed content.
Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Wonder Woman is the DC Extended Universe’s best-received movie so far by a long shot, and to celebrate, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has added a bunch of new Wonder Woman-themed content to its DC Legends game for iOS.

An update worthy of Zeus’ daughter, for sure!

Supergirl is latest rare super heroine to snag TV series


Melissa Benoist takes on the disttaff side of Superman. Photo: Variety
Melissa Benoist takes on the disttaff side of Superman. Photo: Variety

CBS just landed Supergirl, the network’s first series pick up for the upcoming season.

This is, of course, rather historic, since the last decent female-led superhero show was 1975’s Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter. It’s even got a chance of being pretty good, as it’s coming from the same creators of successful DC properties The Flash and Arrow, both over on the CW Network.

The less said the better about Electro Woman and Dyna Girl or the more modern yet still awful Birds of Prey.

Load up your iPad with 2014’s best comics


Coming off a brilliant Gail Simone run, Batgirl has a new writing team, a new costume, and a whole new sensibility. Her exploits are still superhero-centric, fighting off bad guys (and gals) across a variety of settings. What's new here is Barbara Gordon's life as a college student in current times. She's navigating social reality, dealing with dating apps and other bits of current technology that puts the action clearly in today's world. Babs Gordon is a young woman living in our world with the typical issues that plague all young women in our society. And then the whole crime-fighting thing. It's a fun read, and worth your comic dollars.
Photo: DC Comics
Batgirl is a hero for the Instagram age. Photo: DC Comics

From perfect superhero books to quirky indie hits, the comics scene circa 2014 is about as varied as it’s ever been.

If you’re looking for some four-color reading recommendations over the holidays, look no further than Cult of Mac’s list showcasing the year’s finest comics. Whether it’s DC’s best-ever take on Batgirl, or Bryan Lee O’Malley’s eagerly awaited follow-up to the superb Scott Pilgrim series, there truly is something for everybody.

At last, Wonder Woman lassos another female writer


David Finch draws, Meredith Finch writes the new Wonder Woman this November. Photo: David Finch/Twitter
David Finch draws, Meredith Finch writes the new Wonder Woman this November. Photo: David Finch

For a comic book character that’s been around since 1941, it’s surprising how few women (five) have written DC Comic’s biggest female protagonist. The character is as least as popular and visible as DC’s other superstars, Batman and Superman, but it’s not until recently that we’ve seen her potentially coming to the big screen, while the other two have dominated DC’s movie output in recent years.

It’s exciting, then, to hear that the comic book itself is getting some new creative energy: Meredith and David Finch, a husband and wife writer/illustrator. While David has some serious comic book cred, from Ultimate X-Men (with Brian Michael Bendis) and Batman: The Dark Knight, Meredith Finch has some chops as well, as seen in her short stories for Zenescope Entertainment. This will be her first lead comic writing gig.

Meredith reminds us that having a female writer for one of the most iconic female superheroes is important. “It makes sense if you’re going to try to attract that female market that you appeal to them on every level,” she told USA Today, “– your writing demographic reflects the demographic of your readership.”