Spotify snaps up AI startup Podz which helps listeners find the perfect podcast


Podz launched its "Audio Newsfeed" on iOS in February.
Photo: Podz

As part of the podcasting arms race between tech giant, Spotify has acquired Podz, an AI podcast discovery service for an undisclosed amount of money. Podz generates (or generated) short audio clips that populated a Instagram Stories-style timeline users could flip through to find podcasts they were likely to enjoy listening to.

Apple claps back against Spotify, Tinder and Tile in antitrust letter


Spotify is adding 2x as many monthly subscribers as Apple Music
Spotify is one of the companies that has taken issue with the App Store.
Photo: Spotify

In a letter to the judiciary subcommittee investigating antitrust complaints against Apple, the company takes aim at companies like Spotify, Tinder and Tile.

All three companies previously criticized Apple’s dominance of the App Store. But Cupertino says they are simply airing “grievances related to business disputes” rather than making legitimate arguments about competition-related issues.

Apple Music Hi-Fi may be on the way


Apple Music Hi-Fi will have to take on Spotify HiFi.
Apple Music Hi-Fi is only a rumor. But there’s at least one good reason to think it’s true.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple Music Hi-Fi, a version of the streaming music service offering higher-quality audio, could debut “in the coming weeks,” according to an unconfirmed report.

What the new streaming rate will be is unclear. But it will have to take an on improved version of archrival streaming service Spotify.

Use this $20 Spotify music converter to save all your favorite songs


Spotify Music Converter for Mac lets you download songs so you can take them anywhere.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether you’re working out or focusing on work, music can be a helpful tool to keep you motivated and productive. While Spotify Premium allows you to download music for playback later (helpful when you’re flying or traveling), you’re still limited to downloads on a maximum of five devices. And if you’re only using the free version of Spotify, you can’t download songs at all — making your subscription pretty ineffective if you’re hiking or out somewhere remote without service.

Spotify could take on Apple’s premium podcast service … with a twist


Spotify is adding 2x as many monthly subscribers as Apple Music
Spotify reportedly won't take a cut of creators' subscription revenue.
Photo: Spotify

Earlier this week, Apple opened up its Podcasts service to subscriptions, calling it a “global marketplace for listeners to discover premium subscriptions offered by their favorite creators.” Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify is set to jump in with a rival premium podcast feature.

However, unlike Apple, Spotify supposedly won’t take a cut of podcasters’ subscription revenues.

Apple’s losing the battle over podcasts. Here’s how it could emerge victorious.


Apple Podcasts could get a premium tier.
Can Apple turn its Podcasts franchise around?
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Is Apple finally getting serious about podcasting? With a premium podcast service reportedly in the works, and several exclusive shows already online, it looks like Apple might be ready to defend its turf when it comes to the increasingly popular medium.

It’s about time. The company that was so strongly identified with podcasts from the start is rapidly losing its dominance as competitors come on strong. Here’s how Apple could regain its podcasting edge.

Apple Music pays musicians far more per stream than Spotify


Apple Music pays musicians far more to stream each song than Spotify does
Apple Music is more fair to musicians than Spotify is.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s music service pays musicians double what archrival Spotify does to stream each song to subscribers.

This amount doesn’t directly affect users of either service, but it might make some people consider using the service that sends artists more money.

Hacked iPod Classic streams Spotify like a champ


Spotify iPod Classic 1
This iPod Classic isn't so classic any more.
Photo: Guy Dupont

A YouTuber hacked a 17-year-old iPod Classic to let it stream Spotify tracks, successfully bringing a relic from the MP3 days into the modern era.

To be clear, this isn’t just a software hack. Guy Dupont pretty much gutted the vintage Apple music player. He added components like a Raspberry Pi Zero W board, a new LCD color display, a haptic motor, and a 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery.