Spotify’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ feature is the virtual vacay everyone deserves


Harry Styles on the beach, anyone?
Photo: Spotify

Missing out on a proper vacation this summer? Aren’t we all! While Spotify can’t change that, it has introduced a really fun new feature that promises you the virtual vacation you deserve. For about three minutes or so, at least.

Called “Wish You Were Here,” the feature lets users pick from a handful of summer songs and have them play in the background of a vacay audioscape.

Want to hear Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” as it would sound on the beach? Fancy The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” around a campfire? Spotify has you covered!


The Epic Games office in Berlin.— Fortnite App Store
Epic Games has sued Apple for allegedly monopolizing iOS app distribution.
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Spotify hits 138 million paying subscribers


Spotify iPhone
Spotify continues to go from strength to strength.
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Spotify’s Q2 earnings showed largely positive growth, although the streaming music giant suffered a 21% decline in ad revenue and a 48% rise in operating costs due to deals like its $100 million licensing deal for The Joe Rogan Experience.

Total monthly active users on the platform grew to 299 million, while paid subscribers increased to 138 million. Apple Music, which does not operate a free listening tier (outside of Beats 1 radio), last reported 60 million paid subscribers in June 2019 when it had passed 60 million.


Apple exec Phil Schiller calls the App Store a good deal for devs. That's just one of the reasons Apple deserves a fair commission for powering the App Store.
Apple exec Phil Schiller calls the App Store a good deal for devs. That's just one of the reasons Apple deserves a fair commission for powering the App Store.
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Connect all your streaming audio content between platforms [Deals]


Easily transfer unlimited music playlists from one streaming platform to another: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer and more.
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In the internet age, we get our music from all kinds of places. A song might be on YouTube but not on Spotify, or maybe you can’t remember whether you bought it on Apple Music or Tidal.

Luckily, there’s a way to cut through the digital musical chaos. This app connects all your streaming services, so you can get the music you want anywhere, any time.

Spotify had massive 130 million paid subscribers at the end of Q1


Spotify app now playing screen
Spotify still has a commanding lead in the streaming music wars.
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Spotify has 163 million free, ad-supported users, and an impressive 130 million paid subscribers, the streaming music giant announced Wednesday in its financial earnings for Q1 2020. These premium subscribers are up 6 million from the end of the previous quarter, and 30 million year-on-year.

While Apple hasn’t released updated Apple Music subscriber figures for a while now, it last announced 60 million paying customers last summer. Although Apple Music has reportedly experienced a nice bump while people are stuck home during lockdown, that suggests that Spotify is still enjoying a comfortable lead in the streaming war.

Spotify Kids launches in the U.S. and Canada


Spotify Kids
New kid-friendly app is perfect for children stuck at home right now.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify Kids, a standalone app focused on kid-friendly musical content, made its debut in the U.S., Canada, and France on Tuesday.

The app, which requires a $14.99 per month Premium Family Plan to use, highlights curated material aimed at kids of various ages. It won’t include any inappropriate lyrics, features no ads, and offers age-suitable content ranging from audiobooks to lullabies and nurseries rhymes.