Spotify had massive 130 million paid subscribers at the end of Q1


Spotify app now playing screen
Spotify still has a commanding lead in the streaming music wars.
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Spotify has 163 million free, ad-supported users, and an impressive 130 million paid subscribers, the streaming music giant announced Wednesday in its financial earnings for Q1 2020. These premium subscribers are up 6 million from the end of the previous quarter, and 30 million year-on-year.

While Apple hasn’t released updated Apple Music subscriber figures for a while now, it last announced 60 million paying customers last summer. Although Apple Music has reportedly experienced a nice bump while people are stuck home during lockdown, that suggests that Spotify is still enjoying a comfortable lead in the streaming war.

Spotify Kids launches in the U.S. and Canada


Spotify Kids
New kid-friendly app is perfect for children stuck at home right now.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify Kids, a standalone app focused on kid-friendly musical content, made its debut in the U.S., Canada, and France on Tuesday.

The app, which requires a $14.99 per month Premium Family Plan to use, highlights curated material aimed at kids of various ages. It won’t include any inappropriate lyrics, features no ads, and offers age-suitable content ranging from audiobooks to lullabies and nurseries rhymes.

Apple, Spotify and other streaming companies accused of price-fixing ‘conspiracy’


Music licensing company takes aim at Apple Music for illegal streaming
PRM thinks music streaming companies are playing dirty.
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A music licensing company accuses Apple, Spotify, Google, SoundCloud, and other streaming services of entering into a price-fixing “conspiracy” to keep streaming music prices at anticompetitive levels.

Pro Music Rights (PMR) filed the complaint Monday with the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut. PMR previously filed a lawsuit against Apple in December for allegedly streaming copyrighted music without the necessary permissions.

Spotify updates Home screen with faster access to favorites


Spotify is making big changes.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify is making it a lot faster to find your favorite music or new things to listen to with a big update for its iOS app today.

The music streaming service revealed it overhauled the Home screen on its iPhone and iPad app, packing it with more content you love and better discovery and recommendation features that change throughout the day.

Apple’s shares just rose by more than market cap of Nike and Spotify combined


Apple stock is up a few percentage points just doesn't have the same ring to it.
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It’s easy to forget just what a crazily big and successful company Apple actually is. Even a slight dip or swell in the company’s share price equates to tens of billions of dollars in real terms.

Case in point: As AAPL recovered slightly from the battering of coronavirus over the past two trading days, its market cap increased by $180 billion. As Above Avalon analyst Neil Cybart helpfully points out, that’s the equivalent of the entirety of Netflix. Or Nike and Spotify put together.

Shortcutify integrates Spotify, Google Maps, Todoist and more into Shortcuts


Control your smart lighting, your music, and more with Shortcutify.
Control your smart lighting, your music, and more with Shortcutify.
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Shortcutify is a free iOS app that lets you use web-based services in your Shortcuts. For instance, it can connect with Spotify, Todoist, AirTable and more, and provides an easy bridge between these services’ complicated APIs and the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

If you use any of the supported services, you’re going to totally love Shortcutify. If not? More app integrations are planned for the future.

Spotify wants labels to pay for playlist promos


Spotify Premium update October 2018
Labels might start shelling out big bucks for more visibility on Spotify.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify is reportedly making a big push to get record labels to pay to promote artists’ music in its service as a new way to generate revenue.

Despite having nearly double the number of paid subscribers as Apple Music, Spotify still isn’t a profitable company and is looking to the music industry to help it create new revenue streams. Although the talks are still ongoing, you could soon see sponsored songs in your playlists and other areas of the app.