Spotify skips Siri with new voice command feature


Spotify may soon feature voice command .
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Music service Spotify has added a voice search feature to its iOS app that allows users to find song tracks, albums, and playlists.

The new test feature takes Siri out of the equation. With Apple trying to grow its music streaming service, it never allowed Spotify to integrate with Siri, including with Apple’s first smart speaker, HomePod.

Apple Music hits 38 million subscribers


Apple Music
There are now nearly 40 million paid Apple Music subscribers.
Photo: Apple

Almost 40 million people now pay to listen to Apple Music. That’s not bad for a service that was met with skepticism when it debuted back in 2015.

Apple Music still faces strong competition from Spotify and Google Play Music, but it’s growing strongly. And all those people putting down $9.99 a month adds significantly to Apple revenue as streaming services have become the top way to listen to music.

Rihanna is first female artist to hit 2 billion streams on Apple Music


The biggest artist under Apple Music's umbrella. Ella, ella. 'Eh 'eh?
Photo: Apple

Rihanna is the first female artist to surpass 2 billion streams on Apple Music, according to a tweet sent out by Cupertino.

It’s not clear whether the quick stat refers to just Rihanna’s solo songs or includes other artists’ tracks on which she appeared. However, it’s a big achievement — and proof positive of just how big Apple Music is getting.

How to control any app or website with your Mac’s media keys


Take back control of your Mac's media keys with BeardedSpice.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Did you ever hit your macBook’s play/pause key to pause that YouTube video, only to have iTunes launch instead, and start playing that embarrassing tune from your last home workout session? Then you may be interested in a way to have your media keys control the site or app you want to control, instead of the app that Apple decides it will control. Luckily, there’s an app for that, called BeardedSpice.

Spotify is finally going public


The Spotify IPO is finally here.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Music’s biggest competition is about to get an influx of Wall Street cash.

Spotify finally filed documents for an initial public offering, after rumors of going public had been floating around for years. According to reports, the company could be worth as much as much as $23 billion, but it’s still not profitable.

Spotify could be working on its own HomePod rival


hey siri homepod
Spotify wants to move into the hardware space.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Spotify may be getting ready to create its own hardware to rival Apple’s HomePod, new job listings suggest.

One ad on Spotify’s recruitment website for “Operations Manager – Hardware Product” claims that, “Spotify is on [its] way creating [its] first physical products and set-up an operational organisation for manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing.” Could a smart speaker be on the way?

Apple Music could overtake Spotify this summer


Apple Music is growing quickly in the U.S.
Photo: Apple

Apple Music is on track to overtake Spotify as the biggest music streaming service in the United States. Apple’s service has been growing twice as fast, according to industry sources. If it maintains its current pace it will topple Spotify this summer.

Spotify’s new app is a Pandora copycat


Spotify Stations
Stations are coming to Spotify.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify is testing a new tool to up the competition with Apple Music by stealing a key feature from one of the oldest companies in the streaming game: Pandora.

Stations, a new stand-alone app from Spotify, launched on the Google Play Store in Australia this week allowing users to listen to curated stations without any type of manual controls.