Spotify tests new 'Plus' plan that costs just $0.99 a month

Spotify tests new ‘Plus’ plan that costs just $0.99 a month


Spotify tests new Plus plan
Plus keeps ads, but gives you more control.
Images: Spotify

Spotify has begun testing a new subscription tier that’s priced at just $0.99 a month. “Spotify Plus” is an ad-supported plan that imposes fewer playback limitations, giving you more control over what you listen to.

A Spotify Premium subscription is currently priced at $9.99 a month, in line with other plans from the likes of Apple Music and Tidal. If you don’t want to pay that, you can enjoy Spotify with ads and listening limitations.

With Spotify Plus, there’s a middle ground. You’ll still hear the occasional advertisement in between tracks, but you get more control over which tracks you actually listen to.

Spotify Plus gives you more control for just $0.99

Spotify Plus lets you pick which songs you want to play and removes the cap on skipping. So, if you’re listening to a playlist or chart roundup, there’s no need to endure songs you don’t like while you wait for others to roll around.

In comparison, Spotify’s free plan lets you listen to tracks from just 15 pre-selected playlists, and you can skip only six times every hour. If you want to listen to something else, you’re forced to do so on shuffle.

Spotify Plus seems like a decent deal for music fans on a budget, then. But the new subscription tier is just a pilot for now, and Spotify told The Verge that there’s no guarantee it will ever be available to all.

Where is HiFi Premium?

Spotify is also working on another new subscription option called HiFi Premium, which will give listeners access to lossless, high-definition audio tracks — much like those now available inside Apple Music and Tidal.

HiFi Premium was officially confirmed back in February during Spotify’s Steam On event, but the company did not confirm a price or release date at the time. We’re still yet to hear when the plan will go live.