Apple Music pays musicians far more per stream than Spotify


Apple Music pays musicians far more to stream each song than Spotify does
Apple Music is more fair to musicians than Spotify is.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s music service pays musicians double what archrival Spotify does to stream each song to subscribers.

This amount doesn’t directly affect users of either service, but it might make some people consider using the service that sends artists more money.

Hacked iPod Classic streams Spotify like a champ


Spotify iPod Classic 1
This iPod Classic isn't so classic any more.
Photo: Guy Dupont

A YouTuber hacked a 17-year-old iPod Classic to let it stream Spotify tracks, successfully bringing a relic from the MP3 days into the modern era.

To be clear, this isn’t just a software hack. Guy Dupont pretty much gutted the vintage Apple music player. He added components like a Raspberry Pi Zero W board, a new LCD color display, a haptic motor, and a 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery.

Spotify gets an iOS 14 widget that lets you access recent listens


Spotify makes it easier to access your music and podcasts.
Photo: Spotify

If Spotify remains your main streaming music listening platform, there’s some good news: the streaming giant has finally released an iOS 14 widget that lets you quickly access recently played artists, podcasts, and albums in a single tap.

There are both small and medium-sized versions of the widget. The smaller of these shows your most recently listened to item. Meanwhile, the medium-sized widget offers a more luxurious, five most recent items array.

Spotify now lets you search by lyrics just like Apple Music does


Spotify is adding 2x as many monthly subscribers as Apple Music
There's a new way to search on Spotify.
Photo: Spotify

On Monday, Spotify announced a new feature that lets iOS and Android users hunt for songs by searching for lyrics. This ability has long been built into Apple Music’s feature set. However, now it is available for those using the leading streaming music service by subscribers.

Using the new search by lyrics feature couldn’t be any easier. In the regular search box on the Spotify app, just type the lyric you’re looking for and the song(s) it comes from should pop up in the search results.

Spotify’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ feature is the virtual vacay everyone deserves


Harry Styles on the beach, anyone?
Photo: Spotify

Missing out on a proper vacation this summer? Aren’t we all! While Spotify can’t change that, it has introduced a really fun new feature that promises you the virtual vacation you deserve. For about three minutes or so, at least.

Called “Wish You Were Here,” the feature lets users pick from a handful of summer songs and have them play in the background of a vacay audioscape.

Want to hear Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” as it would sound on the beach? Fancy The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” around a campfire? Spotify has you covered!