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Boost your financial acumen to manage your money (and make tax season a breeze)


These 4 discounted accounting bundles pay dividends.
Make the most of your financial future with these accounting and tax training bundles.
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Tax season can be stressful — especially if you feel like your financial situation is out of your control. Not knowing how much you’ll get from your tax return, or if you’ll get one at all, can make it hard to plan (and easy to make costly yet avoidable financial mistakes).

But knowledge is power, and Cult of Mac Deals hunted down some of the best tax and accounting training bundles around. With one (or more) of these four accounting and tax-prep packages, you’ll never again feel like your finances are a shock. And even better, with coupon code REFUND, you can get all four of these deals on sale.

Achieve total command of your business spending and revenue with this QuickBooks sale [Deals]


Score powerful tools for your small business to track bill status, record payments, and other accounting tasks, all in one app.
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Running a small business comes with tons of stress and complexity. So why spend more time and energy than you need to on bills, payments and other accounting headaches? With QuickBooks, you don’t have to.

Intuit Brings QuickBooks Online To The iPad


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Intuit has today released QuickBooks Online for the iPad, a free app that allows QuickBook subscribers to manage their customers, invoices, estimates, and expenses on the go. Intuit’s customers have been increasingly turning to mobile devices to manage their finances, so its new iPad app is sure to be a big hit.

Cleaning Up Your Messy iTunes Playlists Can Boost Your Brain Power [Interview]



You might have suspected that the right music – whether it’s thrash metal or Mozart – keeps you more focused or relaxed.

Now a trio of brain researchers have studied the effects of playlists on the brain, resulting in a nifty little book called  Your Playlist Can Change Your Life. In the book’s 200-or so pages, they explain how to use specific playlists to alleviate anxiety, promote concentration, get happy or move into a flow state thanks to Brain Music Treatment or BMT.

If you can’t make it to New York for BMT therapy, for $9.99, you can also download a Common BMT File. Created from more than 2,000 people’s brain waves with the help of evidence-based BMT tech, they say it acts as a kind of aural “first-aid” before you get your own playlists together.

Intrigued (my current nightstand read is Mark Changizi’s excellent Harnessed about music and the brain), I talked to author Dr. Galina Mindlin about what playlists have the most impact, cleaning up your music collection and her current heavy rotations.


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