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Enable Flash For Specific Websites With Safari [OS X Tips]


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Ugh, Flash content, right? It slows everything down, and buries content within inaccessible Flash movies, and forces you to install and keep updating the plugin, even if you don’t need it.

Honestly, I hope Flash goes the way of the dodo, and HTML5 takes over. If I had my druthers, I’d disable Flash on my Mac

Until then, however, there are some sites where you actually need to enable Flash to see the content. So, instead of completely dumping Flash in a fit of pique, you can enable it in Safari only for specific sites.

Get More Tools For Adobe Photoshop With The Ultimate Photoshop Layers Bundle [Deals]


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There’s a lot of power under the hood in Photoshop. One of the keys to that power is layers – and it’s important to use them in order to get even more out of Photoshop. With layers you work on top of (or on) copies of that photo, and – ultimately – have more control in terms of blending, opacity, and masking.

The bottom line is that layers are a tremendous asset. And Cult of Mac Deals is offering you a ton of Photoshop layers for just $20 with The Ultimate Photoshop Layers Bundle.

1Password Safari Extension Updated… With Animations!



If you’re not using 1Password on your Mac and iOS devices, you might as well just package up your bank and credit-card details, your passwords, your passport and your ID, and mail the parcel off to Russia or China, clearly marked “FAO: Identity Thieves. ”

If you are using 1Password, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Safari extension just got a great update. Sure, it brings lot of improvements under the hood, but what we’re interested is the new animated form filling.

Use Quick Look Plugins To View Markdown And Other Files, Right In The Finder



Do you use Markdown to write for the web, or for publishing? And does it drive you crazy that every time you search through the Finder for your documents, you have to open them up in a text editor just to see which one is which?

Sure, you could use meaningful file names to identify them, but who has time for that? What you need is QLMarkdown, a neat Quick Look plugin for the Mac.

Bark Puts Growl Into Notification Center


Bark for Growl.



Bark is a great way to pipe your Growl notifications into Mountain Lion’s Notification Center – at least until Growl offers official support. There are other ways to make Growl-capable apps work with the native Mountain Lion notifications, but Bark has a few unique tricks which make it better – and maybe easier – to use.