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Enjoy matchmaking and free games with 5% off PlayStation Plus Essential


Grab three years of PlayStation Plus Essential for less than $170.
Grab three years of free games with PlayStation Plus Essential, on sale today.
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Finally got your hands on a PlayStation 5? On its own, the PS5 allows you to enjoy story-rich single-player games and load your favorite media. But if you want to unlock its full potential, you’ll need PlayStation Plus Essential.

This membership allows you to access multiplayer in paid titles and get free games every month. And right now is the perfect time to stock up — you can get three years of PlayStation Plus Essential on sale for $169.99.

PlayStation Now was on its way to iPhone before Sony changed its mind


PlayStation Now
Sony changed its mind.
Photo: Sony

PlayStation Now, the streaming service that gives players access to more than 500 PlayStation 3 and 4 games, was on its way to iPhone and iPad back in 2017, according to documents that have surfaced as part of the Epic vs. Apple trial.

Apple had inside knowledge of Sony’s plans back in 2017, before PlayStation Now made its official debut. But for reasons currently unknown, the Japanese company never followed through on support for mobile devices.

How to customize a game controller for iPhone or iPad


How to customize a game controller for iPhone or iPad
Reconfiguring the buttons on an PS4 or Xbox game controller connected to an iPad or iPhone is easy. Here’s how.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Serious gaming on your iPad or iPhone gets better with an external Xbox or PlayStation controller instead of a touchscreen. And Apple recently improved the experience even more by allowing you to reconfigure the buttons on your game controller.

Here’s how to customize what those all-important buttons do.

Apple TV app could soon be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles


Your PlayStation will be able to double up as an Apple TV+ viewer.
Photo: Sony

Since the days of the PlayStation 2’s in-built DVD player, for many people their games console has been the primary media hub for their TV. Despite this, Apple TV+ is not currently available on the top games platforms.

That may soon change, according to reports that claim that Apple is supposedly working with Microsoft and Sony to introduce its Apple TV app to Xbox and PlayStation.

PlayStation brings brand new Lemmings game to iOS


Lemmings on iPhone
Get it from the App Store today.
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The lovable Lemmings are back and better than ever. Help them navigate there way through challenging environments in a brand new game, exclusively for mobile, from Sony PlayStation.

With more levels than every previous Lemmings game combined (literally thousands!), carefully perfected touch controls, and plenty of variety throughout, it’s a must-have for mobile gamers.

The best Cyber Monday deals of 2017


Cyber Monday 2017
Grab a bargain today!
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The holiday season is finally upon us and you know what that means? Killer deals on all the tech gadgets you’ve been lusting after all year.

Cyber Monday deals for 2017 are already setting the internet into a tizzy of anticipation with big discounts on 4K TVs, smart speakers, drones, iPads, smartphones and much more. Cult of Mac will be rounding up the best deals right here so you can spend less time Cyber Monday shopping and get on with life.

Here are the best deals worth checking out: