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Best List: This clever car cam from Owl keeps an eye on your wheels [Review]


Owl car cam
The Owl car cam is a combo dashcam and interior security camera.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

I live in San Francisco where car crime in epidemic. Last year there were just under 30,000 reported break-ins — that’s about 85 a day! My car in particular seems to be a magnet for car thieves; it’s been broken into five times in the last couple of years, costing me thousands of dollars in repairs.

So I jumped at the chance to review the new Owl car cam, a combination dashboard cam and interior security device from one of the product design leads of the iPod and iPhone. The Owl combines two HD cameras — one pointing out, the other inwards — with bump-sensing accelerometers and an always-on LTE cellphone connection that sends alerts and live video to my iPhone.

It’s been great. Setup was the easiest of any gadget in recent memory and the video is surprisingly fantastic. Best of all, no one has broken in to steal it — yet!

Former iPod product lead builds an awesome dash cam


Owl Car Cam
Owl is an extra eye behind the wheel.
Photo: Owl

Get an extra eye on the road with the awesome Owl Car Cam. Founded by Andy Hodge, a former iPod product leader, this dash camera was designed to give you home-grade security behind the wheel. It’s packed with stellar features you won’t find elsewhere.