Apple shows Google how to do Street View with style


Head to head
Apple's new Look Around feature will launch with iOS 13.
Photo: Reüel van der Steege

Apple’s a few years behind Google with its Street View-style feature called Look Around, announced at WWDC 2019. It may have been worth waiting for, however — at least, based on a new side-by-side comparison.

Assembled by Reüel van der Steege, the demo showcases the impressively smooth Look Around, next to Google’s jerkier alternative. Both parts of the side-by-side demo depict the same road in Hawaii.

Everything Apple showed off at WWDC 2019 in under 8 minutes [Video]


Exploding neon robot head with Apple OSes flying out
Every major OS from Apple is getting updated this year!
Graphic: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

WWDC Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote introduced tons of new features and changes coming this fall. From a new tvOS design and Apple Watch faces to Dark Mode on iOS and a reimagined iPad home screen, there’s so much to keep track of.

If you missed the keynote, or just want the highlights, have no fear. We wrapped up all the headlining features of the epic 2 hour, 20-minute presentation into less than 8 minutes.

Apple’s new iPod touch is the fastest yet — and all too familiar


The new iPod touch looks just like the old one.
Photo: Apple

Apple just surprised us with a new iPod touch that promises to be its fastest yet.

Powered by a speedy A10 Fusion processor, it’s built for gaming and immersive augmented reality experiences on the go. It’s also affordable, with prices starting at just $199.

The only problem is it looks just like the old iPod touch.

2019 iPhones already popping up in regulatory filings


Just in case you worried that Apple wasn't going to release any more iPhones!
Photo: Apple

One way to get an idea of what Apple devices are on the way is to check the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulatory database. The database just got a new update — confirming a number of new 2019 iPhones.

11 new models have shown up, described as “Apple smartphones.” While it’s absolutely no surprise that new iPhones are on the way, this year’s update is slightly earlier than normal. Apple devices typically turn up in this database a couple of months before launch. Although don’t get too excited about a summer iPhone release!

5 reasons Apple should dump Intel processors [Opinion]


Intel processors have overstayed their welcome in Macs of all types, but especially MacBooks.
Intel processors have overstayed their welcome in Macs of all types, but especially MacBooks.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

It’s past time Macs stopped depending on Intel processors. There’s new evidence to show they’ve outlived their usefulness. A switch to Apple-designed chips will make macOS devices better for a variety of reasons, including increased speed and battery life.

Tenacious repair tech combats misinformation in Apple support forum


Jessa Jones says the Apple Support Communities forum gives users erroneous information on recovering lost data.
Jessa Jones says the Apple Support Communities forum gives users erroneous information on recovering lost data.
Photo courtesy of Jessa Jones

When Jessa Jones’ twin daughters flushed her iPhone down the toilet, it set in motion an unlikely series of events that led to a feud with Apple.

First, she blew up her toilet to retrieve her phone. Then she taught herself how to fix iPhones. Ultimately, she ended up in a simmering battle in Cupertino’s official support forums.

iOS 13 details leak in juicy new report


Logitech Slim Folio Pro review
iOS 13 will be huge for iPad users.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iOS 13 will bring big improvements and a whole bunch of new features to iPhone and iPad users this fall.

Many of the changes have been spilled in a new report that cites people familiar with the update. You can look forward to a real dark mode, better multitasking, a font manager, and more.

How Apple is like the army [Cook book outtakes]


Army badges and logos
Apple is a functional organization, like the army.
Photo: Mike McDonald, royalty-free image

Tim Cook book outtakes This post was going to be part of my new book, Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level, but was cut for length or continuity. Over the next week or so, we will be publishing several more sections that were cut, focusing mostly on geeky details of Apple’s manufacturing operations.

Apple is a functional organization. It’s not organized along business lines, split into divisions like the iPhone division, the Mac division and the Apple TV division, the way, say a company like Ford has the Lincoln division for its luxury cars, a trucks division, a parts division and so on.

Instead, Apple is organized around functions: design, hardware, software, internet services. In this way, Apple operates like the biggest functional organization on the planet: the military.