macOS Big Sur’s Digital Color Meter icon is a little off and it’s driving people crazy


Digital Color Meter Big Sur 1
Spot anything weird about that pipette?
Photo: Roel Van Gils/Apple

When it comes to design, Apple’s not a lazy company. Cupertino sweats the small details, which — like that anecdote about Van Halen’s “no brown M&Ms” concert rider — shows it sweats the big details, too.

That’s why Apple fans seem so surprised to see that the icon for macOS Big Sur’s Digital Color Meter has something, well, just a little off about it. Can you see what’s wrong?

Apple’s exclusive WWDC jackets feature an awesome emoji pattern


WWDC 2020 jacket design is covered with emojis. From a distance, it looks like a plaid pattern.
From a distance it looks like a plaid pattern.
Photo: Brayden Gogis

WWDC 2020 The exclusive WWDC 2020 jackets that Apple sent to winners of its Swift Student Challenge feature a nifty plaid pattern made of emojis.

Brayden Gogis, a 16-year-old game developer who lives in Indianapolis, is one of 350 winners in this year’s youth coding competition. He described the experience of unwrapping his Apple prize package — and gave us a closer look at the unique emoji pattern.

Grab this refurb Mac Pro for just … $43,000


President Trump will tour Apple's Mac Pro factory in Texas this week
Prep your credit card for maximum impact.
Photo: Apple

Hey, big spender. Act fast and you can snag a refurbished 28-core Mac Pro — for just $43,859.

It’s totally tricked out, so it’s the most expensive Mac Pro currently in Apple’s refurb store. Grab your credit card, and it can be sitting on your desk by Wednesday!

2021 iPad Pro will have 5G, A14X processor and mini-LED display, leakers claim


2018 iPad Pro
The next iPad Pro could be a big update for Apple!
Photo: Apple

Apple’s next iPad Pro could be one of the most exciting iPad refreshes in ages — with 5G cellular, an A14X processor and a mini-LED display, according to increasingly reliable Apple tipsters L0vetodream and @choco-bit. (Yes, despite the odd Twitter handles, both have impressive reputations when it comes to sharing details of next-gen Apple products.)

Hide UI is sneaky spyware law enforcement can use to steal iPhone passcodes


iPhone passcode limit can be bypassed with a keyboard
Spyware could help law enforcement figure out passcodes.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Grayshift, a company which creates iPhone-cracking tech for use by law enforcement, has reportedly developed software that can be used to break into suspects’ iPhones.

Described in a recent article by NBC News, the Hide UI spyware works not by cracking the code needed to unlock an iPhone, but rather logging it when the user accesses their device. Here’s how it works.

Shaken, but a little stirred: Designer revamps G4 tower into McMartini cocktail cabinet


A total show piece: The Power Mac G4 cocktail cabinet known as the McMartini.
A G4 tower show piece.
Photo: James Burde

When a Mac runs its course, most of us would sell it, dump it, or bury it in the attic. Not James Burde.

As a designer and architect at Teiki Design Studio in Vermont east of Burlington, Burde spent his spare time transforming an old Power Mac G4 tower into a cocktail cabinet, aptly named the McMartini.

“It was a flash of inspiration,” Burde told Cult of Mac. “I wanted it to be a gift for my brother and hand it over to him and he’s been using it now.”

RavPower’s massive power bank pushes the limit with AC outlet [Review]


RAVPower RP-PB055 AC Power Bank review
It’s a bit bulky, but the RAVPower RP-PB055 can recharge an iPhone 11 more than 5 times.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Power banks designed for phones don’t do much for laptops and tablets. But the RavPower RP-PB055 AC Power Bank packs a whopping 30,000mAh, and more than doubles a MacBook’s time between recharges. Even better, it includes a standard wall socket so it can run DVD players, lamps, fans … whatever you need.

I tested it not only with Apple products but with other electronics, too. Read on to see how this uber-size power bank held up.