Return of Touch ID is the most-anticipated feature for iPhone 13


Touch ID might be back in the iPhone 13
People sure like their fingerprint sensing.
Concept image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple customers are seemingly always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to new products. That may not be quite true for the iPhone 13, though.

According to a survey by, the feature most Apple customers look forward to is actually the return of Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor Apple has been phasing out in favor of Face ID.

Steve Jobs once called Facebook ‘Fecebooks’


Steve Jobs once called Facebook ‘Fecebooks’
Typo? Or cutting insult? Apple’s former CEO once used the term “Fecebooks.”
Photo: Cult of Mac

Disagreements between Apple and Facebook have made headlines recently, but bad blood between the two companies dates back decades. In 2011, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs even called the social-networking service “Fecebooks.”


App Tracking Transparency will be part of iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5. It’s already showing up in betas.
Developers get to say when the feature goes live. But there's a catch.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini now comes in purple


purple iphone 12
The iPhone 12 and 12 mini now come in purple.
Photo: Apple

In a surprise move, Apple just introduced a brand-new color for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini — purple.

The new color spiced up Apple’s “Spring Loaded” special event Tuesday. It’s an unusual move for Apple, which rarely introduces new colors or finishes mid-cycle.

Earth Day Apple Pay promotion donates funds to conservation charity


Apple Pay
Apple has long celebrated Earth Day.
Photo: Apple

Earth Day takes place on April 22 and, as it has for years, Apple has its own tie-in promotions ready to help publicize the annual event dedicated to environmental protection.

From today through Earth Day, Apple will donate $1 to Conservation International — up to a maximum of $1 million — for every Apple Pay transaction via Apple’s website, the Apple Store app, or in physical Apple Stores.

Should you use both a MacBook and an iPad? Well, duh. [Setups]


Do you really need both a MacBook and an iPad? Of course you do. Don't ask silly questions.
Do you really need both a MacBook and an iPad? Of course you do. Don't ask silly questions.
Photo: BasicAppleGuy@Reddit

The setup showcased in a recent Reddit post consists of just a MacBook Air, an iPad, an iPhone and some peripherals and accessories, but it brings up a puzzling conundrum: Should you use both a MacBook and an iPad, even though their functionality overlaps to a great extent?

According to most of the comments, the answer is yes — even if it makes you feel like a sucker.

Apple Arcade adds 21 classic games and App Store greats


Apple Arcade just added
The total number of games in Apple Arcade passed 180 on Friday.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s subscription gaming service grew significantly Friday. Apple Arcade added 30 titles and two new categories: Timeless Classics and App Store Greats. This adds favorites like Monument Valley and Fruit Ninja Classic. And there are now versions of Suduku, chess and other perennial favorites.

“Today we’re launching our biggest expansion since the service debuted, now offering more than 180 great games that include new Arcade Originals, Timeless Classics, and App Store Greats,” said Matt Fischer, Apple’s vice president of the App Store.

Intriguing iPhone SE Plus concept might actually happen


Don’t miss the iPhone SE Plus concept video too.
The iPhone SE Plus is allegedly coming later this year, and it might look like this.
Screenshot: The Hacker 34

An iPhone SE Plus with an edge-to-edge screen and Touch ID in the power button is supposedly coming in the second half of 2021. A concept designer transformed the leaked specs into a beautiful video exploring features of the proposed iOS handset. Watch it now.

Check out Apple’s sleek MagSafe power bank that might never launch


An Apple MagSafe power bank render from ‘Front Page Tech’
The Apple MagSafe power bank might look something like this. If it ever gets launched.
Screenshot: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech

Two different leakers claim to give the world very early looks at Apple’s MagSafe power bank for on-the-go charging. This will allegedly attach to an iPhone with magnets so it can wireless juice up the handset.

But there are questions whether Apple can fix problems with development and actually release the product.