Use this quick tweak to fix the iPhone XS’ flat photos


Punchy pomegranate, no auto-enhance required.
Punchy pomegranate, no auto-enhance required.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iPhone XS’ camera is amazing, but put an unedited shot next to an unedited photo from the older iPhone X, or one of Google’s Pixel phones, and it looks a little flat. To “fix” this, you can tap the auto-enhancing Magic Wand tool on the edit screen, but this takes things too far in the opposite direction, making faces as orange as Florida bodybuilders.

I actually prefer the less-gaudy images from the XS, but sometimes they need a little extra pop. And the good news is, you don’t have to spend lots of time editing. There’s one slider built into the Photos app that will fix things up right away.

What you need to know about Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s new head of retail


Deirdre O’Brien, a 30-year Apple veteran, will lead Apple’s Retail and People teams.
30-year Apple veteran Deirdre O’Brien will handle the company's retail push.
Photo: Apple

Apple tapped Deirdre O’Brien to be its new retail boss today in light of the news that Angela Ahrendts plans to leave the company.

While O’Brien may not be a household name to most Apple fans, she’s been with the company for more than three decades. From the days of Steve Jobs saving Apple from bankruptcy to watching Tim Cook leading the company to a first-ever $1 trillion valuation, O’Brien has seen huge changes during her tenure with the iPhone-maker. Now she’s set to be one of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley.

Here are six things you didn’t know about the new Apple retail boss.

How to place and receive phone calls on iPad


Remember these?
Remember these?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Ever looked at your iPad and thought, “I’d love to hold that huge thing up to my ear and make a phone call. I’d look to-ta-lee badass. Now, where’s my cellphone holster?”? Bonus points if you had this thought while looking at a huge 13-inch iPad Pro.

Of course, it might actually be handy to make calls on your iPad, especially as you probably would use AirPods or EarPods to do so. Your iPhone may be charging, or in another room, or maybe you’re there with a number ready to call on your Mac or iPad. Now, the iPad still can’t use its cellular connection to send or receive SMS messages, or make phone calls, but if you have an iPhone nearby you can use it as a bridge to do both. Bonus: This even works with the Wi-Fi-only iPad.

Mac Evo concept imagines small, liquid-cooled Apple desktop


The Mac Evo would fit between the Mac mini and Mac Pro in Apple’s lineup.
The Mac Evo would fit between the Mac mini and Mac Pro in size, capabilities, and assumably price.
Photo: Pierre Cerveau

A new concept called the Mac Evo seeks to bring faster performance through liquid cooling. The computer would be just three times the size of Mac mini but offer greater speed by lowering the temperature of the processor.

The Intel chips Apple uses in its OS X computers often have to be throttled down to keep them from overheating. Liquid cooling is one solution.

Tim Cook takes aim at the ‘shadow economy’ of data brokers


privacy policy
Apple has been a big advocate of user privacy.
Screenshot: Apple

Tim Cook has called for “comprehensive federal privacy legislation” in the U.S. that would fight the “shadow economy” of data brokers. Cook’s comments were made in an op-ed for Time Magazine, published today.

This is just the latest example of Cook calling out companies which make their money trading in user data, often gathered without the full understanding of users of a particular service.

What to expect from Apple in 2019


Any USB-C hub will work with your iPad Pro, but they all have really short cables.
This year’s iOS 13 could bring dramatic benefits to the iPad Pro in multitasking and USB-C support.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Expect 2019 to be a big year for Apple’s iPad tablets. And for professional-grade Macs, too. The next 12 months won’t be as significant for the iPhone and Apple Watch lines, though there will certainly be some improvements.

Services and software are as important to Apple as hardware, so expect the long-awaited video service to arrive, and we predict a resurgence in augmented reality games too.

Read on for all our predictions for the most important changes in the Apple ecosystem this year. 

Five iPad Pro myths, debunked


IPad Pro one week review
The new iPad Pro is Apple’s best ever portable computer.
Photo: Andrea Nepori

I love the new iPad Pro, but if you’re planning on buying one, you may be misinformed. There’s a lot of nonsense about Apple’s best portable computer ever all over the internet, and today we’ll set some of it straight. Here are five iPad Pro myths that just aren’t true.

The best iOS games of 2018 [Year in Review]


Year in Review Best iOS Games 2018
Every mobile gamer needs to play these titles.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac Year in Review 2018The iPhone and iPad have become insanely powerful devices, with new A-series chips delivering even faster performance every year. That means mobile gaming keeps getting better and better, and 2018 had more than its fair share of groundbreaking releases.

Here’s our roundup of the best games from the past year, which features smash hits like Fortnite, as well as some lesser-known titles that every mobile gamer has to try.

These handsome leather iPhone cases replace your wallet [Review]


Any of these Dodocases can hold your iPhone and your credit cards, driver license, etc.
Any of these Dodocases can hold your iPhone and your credit cards, driver license, etc.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay and electronic IDs are removing the need for a wallet, but why wait? Try a Dodocase that holds your phone as well as your drivers license, credit cards, etc.

We went hands on with three of this company’s leather iPhone wallet cases so we can report how they stand up to real-world use.

Top Apple analyst predicts shrinking iPhone sales in 2019


iPhone XR test
Apple's stock price decline could continue well into 2019.
Photo: Apple

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the more reliable Apple watchers out there. And he doesn’t have good news for the company.

In his latest note to clients, Kuo slashes his estimate on the number of iPhones Apple is likely to sell in the coming months. Compared to the 50 million iPhones Apple sold in Q1 2018, Kuo thinks the company will sell just 38 to 42 million units.