This steel mesh Apple Watch band shines like a prism [Watch Store]


Brand-new is the Stainless Steel Mesh Band in Iridescent. Choose from an additional four finishes.
Photo: Courtesy of Casetify

Stainless steel meticulously weaves its way through the Mesh Band for Apple Watch — Casetify’s answer to the significantly more expensive Milanese Loop by Apple. Casetify’s version is just as stylish and functional as the behemoth brand’s band, and now comes in two brand-new finishes: Iridescent and Gold (that matches the Series 3).

The Stainless Steel Mesh Bands are for both men and women. Check out the latest colors in our Watch Store, and read on to learn more.

15 Apple Watch-inspired gifts for Mom [Mother’s Day Gift Guide]


The editors of Cult of Mac Watch Store have rounded up a beautiful collection of Apple Watch bands, chargers and stands specifically picked for Mom in our Mother's Day Gift Guide.  
Photo: Bezels & Bytes

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13 — mark that down and prepare to pay homage to the woman who gave you life. How about a little something for her Apple Watch?

Cult of Mac has rounded up a beautiful collection of Apple Watch bands, chargers and stands specifically picked for Mom in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

If you mother is a nerd, a Luddite, a traveler or style maven, we’ve got you covered. There’s a unique gift for every Apple Watch-loving momma out there, and we can vet for the quality and popularity of these bands and stands. Check out Cult of Mac Watch Store’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

This baby monitor recognizes faces and sees in the dark [Deals]


Invidyo Baby Monitor
Protect what's most precious to you with the world's smartest video monitor
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Baby monitors serve an important purpose. All parents need time to make dinner, do chores, work, and other things that you can’t do from beside the crib. Baby monitors used to be glorified, chew-proof walkie talkies, but technology has taken them a long way.

The best wireless chargers for your iPhone 8 and X


Wireless chargers
Wireless chargers are easy to use and look stylish in any room.
Photo: Mophie

Owners of late-model iPhones — iPhone 8 and iPhone X —can go ahead and stash that old lightning cord in a desk drawer and start charging their phone more easily with a wireless charger. Instead of sticking a wire into your phone and attaching it to a power adapter, you just place the phone on a small charger pad — or on a stand-up charging pad — and you’re good to go.

Clever case makes carrying Apple Watch and its essentials easy [Watch Store]


twelve south
Gather all your Apple Watch stuff with this clever case from Twelve South.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Traveling with Apple Watch is a fairly simple affair: strap on your watch and go.

Traveling with all the extra accessories, however, is a serious pain in the butt. There’s that 6-foot charging cable, for one, which always manages to get tangled up in my bag. Add extra Apple Watch bands and a wall plug, and you’ve got some serious carry, and we haven’t even mentioned dealing with the watch when you aren’t wearing it.

Twelve South has an answer to this conundrum, and it’s called TimePorter. Now available for purchase from our Watch Store.

Stylish, portable Pod Pro keeps Apple Watch ready to go [Watch Store]


The Pod Pro charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously. Nomad Rugged Strap with Black hardware shown above.
Photo: Nomad

Charging the Apple Watch while traveling can be a little tricky. Generally, I lug along a super-long charging cable and a wall plug to get the job done when on holiday.

Nomad — makers of great Apple Watch straps and accessories — offers a stylish and super-portable charging solution called the Pod Pro. The Pod Pro wraps that lengthy charging cable neatly inside a stylish, round enclosure that also holds a massive 6000 mAh of power — enough to keep Apple Watch juiced up all weekend long.

Read on to learn more about this amazing, portable charging puck, and check out the Pod Pro in our Watch Store!

Looks like multi-room AirPlay just got further away


HomePod speaker
Multi-room audio won't be coming anytime soon.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

One of the best features for Apple’s new HomePod appears to be facing some big delays.

AirPlay 2.0 promises to give HomePod users the ability to stream the same song to different devices in different rooms from a single iPhone. But with the release of iOS 11.3 beta 3 this morning, Apple has decided to pull the feature from testing.