CarKey feature buried in iOS beta might let iPhones replace car keys


A Tesla Watch app concept.
A concept design for an Apple Watch app designed to communicate with a Tesla.
Photo: Eleks Labs

Apple reportedly added code to iPhone and Apple Watch to let these devices function as car keys, giving users one less thing to constantly carry around.

The company began work on such a feature years ago, and supposedly how has finally reached the point where it’s building the feature into iOS and watchOS.

Get all the default Mac wallpapers, in gorgeous Retina 5K


Mac wallpaper on iPad
Isn't it beautiful?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The best ever Mac default desktop background (aka Mac wallpaper) was the blue Aqua picture that came with OS X 10.4 Tiger. It’s classy, restful and classic without feeling dated. It has enough depth to make it interesting, but is simple enough not to distract. Other Aqua-themed Mac OS X wallpapers followed, but that one remains the best. And if you want it, you can download it in beautiful 5K resolution.

But that’s not all. Over at 512 Pixels, you can download every default macOS wallpaper ever, also in 5K.

How to preview installed fonts on your iPad


More terrifying than a blank Pages document.
More terrifying than a blank Pages document.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

iOS 13 and iPadOS added official support for adding fonts to your iPhone and iPad. You’ve been able to do it for a while, using third-party apps that hack their way around the problem using software configuration profiles to install typefaces on your system.

And you can still use those. In fact, you may have to, as we’ll see in a moment. But now you can also install fonts from the App Store, as well as previewing them in a new built-in panel. Let’s take a look.

How to use Low Data Mode on iPhone and iPad


Low Data Mode
A lazy metaphor for data.
Photo: Tobias Fischer on Unsplash

You surely know about the iPhone’s Low Power Mode already, but did you know there’s also a Low Data Mode? Just like the battery-saving setting, Low Data Mode cuts back on data usage, only connecting to the internet for essential data or when you explicitly request a connection. In practice, your active usage won’t be affected much. It’s all the background stuff that gets cut off.

Here’s how to set up Low Data Mode on your iPhone or iPad.

Watch Apple TV on LG’s new 8K, 88-inch television. That will be $30,000


LG's 88-inch 8K, OLED smart tv
Picture this, your Apple TV+ shows in 8K on an 88-inch OLED smart TV from LG.
Photo: LG Electronics

CES 2020LG Electronics used the CES 2020 stage this morning to flaunt a 2020 lineup of more than a dozen new televisions with 4K and 8K displays along with a new Apple TV app.

Imagine watching your Apple TV+ shows on an 88-inch 8K OLED smart TV that is just a penny shy of $30,000.

AT&T 5G network expands to NYC and five other cities


5G is finally on the way.
Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr

The race to build the nation’s best 5G network ahead of the 5G iPhone’s launch is heating up with AT&T expanding its 5G low-band service to six new cities, including NYC.

AT&T now boasts 19 cities with some 5G coverage. Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Detroit and Baltimore are the four other cities added recently.

This is what it’s like to unbox the world’s most expensive iPhone


This is what it's like to unbox the world's most expensive iPhone
And you thought dropping a regular iPhone 11 Pro was worrying.
Photo: Marques Brownlee

“Have you ever wanted to flex so hard that it doesn’t even make financial sense any more?

That’s how YouTuber MKBHD, a.k.a Marques Brownlee, introduces his hands-on look at Caviar’s Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to use the world’s most expensive iPhone, check out his video. (Note: It includes one heck of an unboxing.)

How to set up your new Apple Watch the right way


Apple Watch setup
Check out the new Series 5 Apple Watch.
Photo: Apple

New Apple Watch? Congratulations! Whether you got the Series 5 with its always-on screen, or snagged a bargain with the still-useful Series 3, you might be wondering how to get it set up. After all, the Watch is unlike any other Apple device, both in its dependence on your iPhone, and in the way it works.

The good thing is, Apple has made it really, really easy to get things up and running. Let’s take a look.

How to unlock your Mac with Apple Watch


Apple Watch Unlock in action.
Apple Watch Unlock in action.
Photo: Apple

Maybe my favorite Continuity feature is Apple Watch Unlock for the Mac. Once you set it up, you’ll never need to enter your password to unlock your Mac ever again — not until you restart it, anyway. It’s one of the best examples of Apple’s It Just Works™ philosophy, and it will change the way you use your Mac.