Time tracking is made painless and easy with Timing 2 app [Review]


Timing 2 time tracking Mac app
Timing 2 makes time tracking on your Mac easy, not a chore.
Photo: Screenshot: Timing / Daniel Alm

I recently switched back to freelancing full-time, and whilst I am lucky enough to have clients who don’t ask for precise hourly breakdowns, I have always been intrigued to know how much time I was spending on work tasks, especially those tasks that I didn’t directly bill for.

Many time trackers rely on you explicitly setting the task you are tracking and remembering to switch to another task when it’s time to track that. This is easy to forget, and for someone like me who switches tasks frequently, it’s hard to always know when one task finishes and another begins.

Timing 2 takes a different perspective. Instead of tracking by task, it tracks by application usage and uses a set of rules to assign activities in those applications to certain projects and tasks. The premise is that after a learning process, you can leave the application running behind the scenes and it’ll track everything for you automatically. You only need audit the results.

Whole Foods acquisition gives Amazon almost as many stores as Apple


Whole Foods will soon become an Amazon subsidiary.
Whole Foods will soon become an Amazon subsidiary.
Photo: Whole Foods

Amazon is coughing up a whopping $13.7 billion in cash to acquire Whole Foods Market.

The two companies will merge but Whole Foods stores will continue to operate independently, with co-founder John Mackey retaining his role as CEO. The move instantly gives Amazon almost as many stores as Apple.

Hardware, software and surprises: Key takeaways from Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote


Tim Cook WWDC 2017
Tim Cook uncorked a load of surprises during the WWDC 2017 keynote.
Photo: Apple

If you felt worried about Apple’s supposed lack of innovation, today’s action-packed WWDC keynote should have allayed your fears. Apple execs sprinted through a 2.5-hour technology showcase filled with hardware updates, serious software upgrades and even a whole new product category.

The whirlwind presentation showed the end result of a busy company with almost unimaginable assets. Far more than a sleepy kickoff to an annual developers confab, today’s stunning presentation showed the magical output of an innovation machine firing on all cylinders.

Anyone who pegged Tim Cook as asleep at the wheel better think again. Here are the key takeaways from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 keynote.

BYOA! Build your own apps with this killer App Builder Bundle [Deals]


CoM - The 2017 iOS 10 Complete App Builder Bundle
Get in on the app building game with this comprehensive set of lessons.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Any time is a good time to sharpen your skills for creating apps. The market for mobile and desktop applications is as hot as ever, and any extra skill in developing for iOS will make your work that much more marketable. With more than 250 hours of lesson content, this bundle of nine comprehensive courses can offer a jumpstart to anyone looking to get involved in app development, or sharpen the skills of even seasoned coders. And right now, you can get the 2017 iOS 10 Complete App Builder Bundle for just $59.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

5 affordable accessories that complement your red iPhone


iPhone 7
Refresh your red iPhone with these awesome products.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Interest in the (PRODUCT)Red iPhone has died down since its release back in March, and the novelty has likely worn off already for those of you who picked one up. Now it’s time to make it interesting again!

We’ve put together a list of five brilliant red products, all under $30, to compliment the red iPhone and reinvigorate your love for its unique color. Check out the video along with details for all the accessories we’ve featured below.

Catch our WWDC hardware expectations, this week on The CultCast


Tim cook
The WWDC keynote is right around the corner!
Photo: Forbes

This week on The CultCast: It’s official — the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote takes place June 5. Don’t miss our WWDC 2017 hardware expectations! Plus: Apple quietly acquires one of the world’s best sleep-tracking technologies; why Amazon’s Prime Video app may finally be coming to your Apple TV; our first impressions of the Amazon Echo Show, and the features we hope Apple steals from it; and stick around for a very weird, very tribal “What We’re Into,” the segment where we reveal all the non-tech stuff we’re currently digging.

Our thanks to Casper, maker of the internet’s favorite mattress, for supporting this episode. Learn why Casper is tops and save $50 off your order at casper.com/cultcast.

Juuk’s aircraft-grade aluminum Apple Watch band is ready for takeoff [Watch Store]


Juuk Ligero aluminum Apple Watch band
The Ligero is built from robust 6061 series aluminum — the same aluminum used in the aircraft, automotive, boating and diving industries.
Photo courtesy Juuk Design

When Eugene Ho first saw the Apple Watch, it made him think of a jukebox. If the watch piece is the player then the wristband is like a song that can be changed according to taste and mood.

Ho is building a band brand, Juuk Design, that acknowledges the watch wearer who likes to change bands on a whim. The latest Apple Watch band from Juuk is the Ligero — an aircraft-grade aluminum link band designed in eight vibrant finishes that will complement the aluminum Apple Watch model in both Series 1 and 2.

The entire colorful Ligero collection is now available in our Watch Store. Enter the code Juuk2017! at checkout for a 10 percent discount.

Strapple’s mock-croc Apple Watch band gives you a taste of the exotic [Review]


Strapple Crocodilus Apple Watch strap

Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Lust List: Crocodilus Apple Watch band by Strapple

This crocodile Apple Watch strap is a total crock. But in a good way! Made of Italian calfskin leather but stamped to look like crocodile skin, this beefy Apple Watch band looks exotic but costs a fraction of what a real reptile hide would set you back.

Burkley’s leather Apple Watch bands give more bang for your buck [Watch Store]


Originally designed as a replacement strap for Apple Watch, Burkley's padded bands come in Antique Coffee, Antique Camel, Burnished Tan and Rolex Black.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Genuine Padded Leather Band by Burkley ticks all the right boxes as a standalone leather strap for Apple Watch at a price tag often far lower than its competitors in the leather manufacturing sphere.

Originally designed as a replacement for Apple’s classic buckle strap, the Burkley band is one of Cult of Mac Watch Store’s best-selling Apple Watch accessories for both quality and value. Here’s why:

Wrap your wrist in Italian leather with Meridio for Apple Watch [Watch Store]


Meridio Old Brown
The Old Brown Leather Watch Band by Meridio is very modern and refined, and suede-like to the touch.
Photo: Courtesy of Meridio

For the ultimate in refined, high-quality leather accessories, look to Italy’s centuries-old leather-making tradition. Now Apple Watch lovers can wear a little bit of this fine leather on their wrists in the form of Italian company Meridio’s Old Brown Leather Band for Apple Watch.