Forget Twitter, Fiery Feeds is the best way to read the news


Fiery Feeds adds Pinboard support, finally lets you ditch Instapaper.
Fiery Feeds looks great in black.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Fiery Feeds is an iOS news-reading app that lets you subscribe to any sites you like, and read all their new stories in one place. It’s way better than relying on Twitter for you news, because important stories never get lost in a sea of doggy GIFs. And the new v2.1 gets a visual overhaul, plus support for using Pinboard as a read-later service. I love it.

How to export GarageBand stems on iPad


It's super-easy to export GarageBand stems on iPad with AudioShare once you know the trick.
It's super-easy to export GarageBand stems once you know the trick.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you use Apple’s magnificent GarageBand for iOS, you will come up against one frustration over and over again — exporting stems. Or rather, not exporting stems. “Stems” is a cool music-producer term for the individual tracks in a song, and it is common practice to export them separately to either edit them in another app or send them to other people.

GarageBand on iOS doesn’t do this. It’s inexplicable. But there’s a fast and easy way to grab the stems right from your GarageBand project. You just need a copy of the magnificent AudioShare app, which costs just $3.99. Here’s how to export GarageBand stems.

Apple Watch Series 4 deserves a serious leather strap


Strapa makes gorgeous leather Apple Watch Series 4 straps that combine craftsmanship with high-quality materials.
Photo: Strapa

If you’ve just dropped some serious coin on the beautiful, new Apple Watch Series 4, no ordinary band will seem to do. Consider Strapa — the Netherland’s-based company — that makes some of the best-made, gorgeous leather bands we’ve seen. Trust us, you’ll love these bands.

Cult of Mac Watch Store customers are likely aware of Strapa (fka Strapple) for its inclusion in our online shop. Our very own Lewis Wallace reviewed the brand’s Crocodilus band earlier this year, and I took the Primus for a spin in August. These straps are really well-made and luxurious — the perfect compliment to your Series 4. See our gallery below. 

How to let Dashlane and 1Password autofill passwords in iOS 12


Dashlane password manager vs web browser: Don't rely on your web browser to keep track of your passwords.
Now you can replace the iCloud Keychain with the app of your choice.
Photo: FirmBee/Pixabay CC

One fantastic new feature of iOS 12 is that password manager apps can integrate into the built-in password autofill. You know how when you tap a password field in Safari, and it offers to fill the password in from your iCloud Keychain? It’s pretty handy right?

Now it can also serve up passwords form third-party apps like Dashlane and 1Password. And that’s not all.

How Apple Watch apps’ death spiral nearly killed my iPhone app


Developing watch apps ain't easy
Developing watch apps ain't easy
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Two years ago, my partner and I launched an Apple Watch app to complement our iPhone fitness app. Little did we know that our embrace of Apple’s smartwatch would threaten the very existence of the gym app we’d been developing since 2012.

Each year since we launched Reps & Sets, we updated it to keep up-to-speed with all the cool new features Apple rolled out at its Worldwide Developers Conference. That all changed last year, though. That’s when we discovered that, by adding support for Apple Watch, we had inadvertently taken a poison pill that could effectively kill our iPhone app.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With a few key changes, Apple could turns things around and reinvigorate the Apple Watch app ecosystem.

Brydge keyboard seeks to turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook [Review]


Brydge 12.9 is almost a touchscreen MacBook
The Brydge 12.9 Series II does a better job of transforming an iPad Pro into a keyboard than any rival add-in keyboard.
Photo: Brydge

The whole purpose of clip-on iPad keyboards is to make this tablet function like a laptop. The Brydge series takes that idea and runs with it: it does everything possible to make the iPad into MacBook.

This company — also called Brydge — just released an improved version of its eponymous keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Don’t miss our hands-on review. 

Moodo lets you control the way your home smells from your iPhone


Want to make your home smell nice? There's an app for that.
Photo: Moodo

Entrepreneurs are tripping over themselves to make “smart” versions of every product we already own. As such, it was only going to be so long before someone made a smart scent dispenser. That product is called Moodo. It’s a smart home fragrance box that lets you control how your home smells from your iPhone. Or your smart speaker.

But does it smell like a winner, or is this one gadget we’re turning our nose up at?

Today in Apple history: Unique Apple-1 computer sells for big money


Steve Wozniak shows off a
Steve Wozniak shows off a "Celebration" model Apple-1, the rarest version of Apple's rarest computer.
Photo: Charitybuzz

August 25: Today in Apple history: Rare Celebration Apple-1 computer sells for big money August 25, 2016: An ultra-rare Apple-1 computer raises $815,000 in a charity auction, one of the highest prices ever paid for one of the machines. Bidding actually reaches $1.2 million in the auction’s final minutes. However, that bid gets pulled seconds before a winner is announced.

The reason for the super-high price? This “Celebration” Apple-1 boasts a feature that did not appear on any production models of the computer.

Learn a new language on your commute with the uTalk app [Deals]


Score lessons in 6 languages on any mobile device, for 92 percent less than the usual cost.
Score lessons in 6 languages on any mobile device, for 92 percent less than the usual cost.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As the world shrinks, the reasons for learning a new language are growing. But the time and consistency for language study can be elusive. So this deal on portable, flexible, lifelong language lessons is a must-see for any aspiring polyglot.

Save your reading list for later with Pocket [50 Essential iOS Apps #49]


Pocket app article view
Pocket makes it easy to catch up on the articles in your reading list on your own schedule.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: PocketStaying informed and up-to-date with the latest news is tough. Scrolling through Twitter or browsing the web can often lead to news stories that you want to read, but can’t be bothered to read RIGHT NOW. With Pocket, you can save those stories for later and catch up on the stories you want to read on your schedule.