Best gifts for Apple fans [Gift Guide 2018]


Apple gift guide 2018
Shopping for an Apple fan? Start here!
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Gift guide 2018 bugBuying for an Apple fan who already has the latest products and accessories doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a ton of great gifts out there, like beautiful books showcasing Apple design, cool cushions that carry familiar Apple logos and slogans, and more.

In this gift guide, we’ve hand-picked a bunch of awesome products that would make any Apple fan insanely happy this holiday season. They’re products we’ve used, reviewed, and would recommend ourselves — and there’s something to suit every budget.

Toasty touchscreen gloves let you swipe and scroll in the bitter cold [Review]


touchscreen gloves
Mujjo touchscreen gloves keep you warm and connected.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The last time I tried to use touchscreen gloves, I had made the decision to just never use my phone outdoors in the dead of winter. The damn things just weren’t warm.

I’m recalling this from my home in Minnesota, where this week’s lows are forecast to dip below zero for the first time this winter and I am wearing touchscreen gloves.

How to control the dark mode in iOS 12’s Books app


Books dark mode
Some books, with night-mode disabled.
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Apple’s iBooks app became the Books app in iOS 12, and got a whole lot better. From the library through to the built-in book store, it’s better in every way. It even has a dark mode, perfect for browsing and reading late at night.

But Books’ dark mode doesn’t work the way you might think. For instance, how in the dickens do you switch the dark mode on and off?

Try these powerful 2018 iPad Pro keyboard tricks


The iPad loves a nice bit of keyboard action.
The iPad loves a nice bit of keyboard action.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Did you know that the Smart Keyboard Folio you just bought for your new iPad Pro can do a lot more than just type letters and words into your apps? Just like the Mac, the iPad can use keyboard shortcuts to make life a lot easier. In fact, the iPad shares many keyboard shortcuts with the Mac, so once you’re through with this list, you should try out your favorites.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a Smart Keyboard. These shortcuts work with any connected keyboard, be it Smart, Bluetooth, or USB. In fact, most keyboards actually do more for the iPad than Apple’s own.

All the ways a 2018 iPad Pro is better than a MacBook [Review]


Is the 2018 iPad Pro or a MacBook a better option for you?
Is the 2018 iPad Pro or a MacBook a better option for you?
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

The dividing line between MacBook and iPad Pro gets narrower every year. The new iPad Pro models added a USB-C port, further reducing the differences. This is a good opportunity to consider which is the right choice for your next computer.

There’s a tremendous amount of overlap in what tablets and notebooks do. But each is better than the other at some things. For many people, a MacBook is still the best option. But for others, an iPad Pro is a better way to go. Read on for suggestions on how to decide.

All the ways the 2018 iPad Pro blows away its predecessors


Apple compared the size of last year's 12.9-inch iPad Pro to the new, smaller model.
During its October press event, Apple compared the size of last year's 12.9-inch iPad Pro to the new, more portable model.
Photo: Apple

Since the first iPad was unveiled back in 2010, each successive model has looked nearly that same as all its predecessors, with most changes coming from faster processors and more storage.

Not any more. The iPad Pro just revealed includes several dramatic improvements, any one of which would be a game changer.

Don’t miss our comprehensive comparison of this tablet with the 2017 version.

How to download and visualize your Apple Music listening habits


Apple Music Analyser
Analyze this.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You know how you can download a copy of all the data Apple holds on you? For many folks, this is an academic issue — it’s interesting to know about, but of little practical value. But a tool from developer Pat Murray lets you visualize your Apple Music listening habits, using a browser-based tool.

All you need is one small file from your Apple data dump — and Murray’s Apple Music Analyser.

6 ways to stream NBA games on Apple devices


Find out how to stream every NBA game on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Find out how to stream every NBA game on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Photo: tommy bebo/Unsplash CC

By Chris Brantner

With the NBA season’s arrival, it’s time to figure out how to watch your favorite teams. Whether you subscribe to cable or you’ve cut the cord, there are plenty of ways to watch pro basketball on your favorite Apple device.

You can opt to watch on Apple TV or you can choose a mobile device. Luckily, most cable apps and other streaming services work pretty much the same way. As long as you know the network the game is on and the time, it’s just a matter of pulling it up and rooting for your favorite team.

Forget Twitter, Fiery Feeds is the best way to read the news


Fiery Feeds adds Pinboard support, finally lets you ditch Instapaper.
Fiery Feeds looks great in black.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Fiery Feeds is an iOS news-reading app that lets you subscribe to any sites you like, and read all their new stories in one place. It’s way better than relying on Twitter for you news, because important stories never get lost in a sea of doggy GIFs. And the new v2.1 gets a visual overhaul, plus support for using Pinboard as a read-later service. I love it.

How to export GarageBand stems on iPad


It's super-easy to export GarageBand stems on iPad with AudioShare once you know the trick.
It's super-easy to export GarageBand stems once you know the trick.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you use Apple’s magnificent GarageBand for iOS, you will come up against one frustration over and over again — exporting stems. Or rather, not exporting stems. “Stems” is a cool music-producer term for the individual tracks in a song, and it is common practice to export them separately to either edit them in another app or send them to other people.

GarageBand on iOS doesn’t do this. It’s inexplicable. But there’s a fast and easy way to grab the stems right from your GarageBand project. You just need a copy of the magnificent AudioShare app, which costs just $3.99. Here’s how to export GarageBand stems.