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Before-and-after pics: Guess which one has the steno machine [Setups]


Note the stenography machine in the foreground of this
Note the stenography machine in the foreground of this "after" photo.
Photo: yyzgal@Reddit

In the before-and-after pics of Reddit user yyzgal’s dual-monitor/MacBook Pro setup, guess which one has the stenography machine? Trick question. They both have it.

And it’s what most Redditors admiring the new-and-improved setup wanted to talk about in the comments section of yyzgal’s setup post. Well, that and the Sonnet eGPU Breakaway Puck hidden behind the laptop in the setup’s “after” photo (above).

Macs run iPad apps. It’s time for iPads to run Mac apps.


iPad should run Mac apps, like Xcode.
Xcode is just one of the Mac applications that should be available for iPad now that it has an M1 processor.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The Apple M1 processor in the 2021 iPad Pro could make it the most productive tablet ever. But only if Apple takes the logical next step and lets iPads run Mac apps.

M1-powered Macs can run iPadOS applications. The reverse should be true.

Under-display Face ID could eliminate iPhone’s notch in 2023


Face ID
Ready for the next iteration of Face ID?
Photo: Apple

Apple will debut an under-display Face ID setup to debut in 2023, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims in a Wednesday report to clients, seen by Cult of Mac.

Kuo doesn’t elaborate on the feature but, provided he’s accurate, this could potentially mean the end of the “notch” which has been a part of the iPhone design dating back to 2017’s iPhone X.

AirFly Pro is a little dongle that makes AirPods even more magical


Twelve South AirFly Pro with AirPods Pro
Every AirPods owner needs an AirFly Pro.
Photo: Twelve South

AirPods might be one of the best accessories Apple has ever made. But there’s a quick and easy way to make them even better: Pair yours with the AirFly Pro from Twelve South.

This second-generation dongle lets you connect your AirPods or AirPods Pro to almost anything. It has better battery life than its predecessor, and supports two pairs of headphones simultaneously.

You can order yours today.

Easily find COVID-19 vaccine locations with Apple Maps


Apple Maps now shows COVID-19 vaccine locations.
A quick search in Apple Maps displays nearby COVID-19 vaccine sites on a map.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

An update to Apple Maps adds COVID-19 vaccination locations. Users can find nearby businesses and organizations providing the life-saving injections from the Search bar in Apple Maps by selecting COVID-19 Vaccines in the Find Nearby menu.