Apple Bans WWDC Blogging, But Will Offer Dozens of WWDC Videos


Like WWDC 2010, 2011, Apple will offer WWDC session videos
Like WWDC 2010, 2011, Apple will offer WWDC session videos

Tickets to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference sold out in less than two hours this morning. WWDC is a great event for any developer to attend. The media focus around WWDC, however, always centers on the keynote that kicks of the conference Monday morning – and with good reason. That’s the only public event at the show and also the least technical part of the conference.

The keynote is always more Apple announcement and preview than it is developer content. Apple uses it to announce and preview new technologies in the next iterations of OS X and iOS. The company has also used its WWDC keynote to launch new products (like the iPhone 4 in 2010).

New WWDC Ticket Rules Favor Independent Devs Over Large Companies


Apple has taken drastic measure to stop WWDC ticket touts this year. Has your order been cancelled?
Apple's new WWDC ticket policies encourage more independent developers to attend.

Tickets to Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) always sell out quickly once Apple announces the event – this year the conference sold out even faster than ever. In what was likely an effort to streamline ticket-purchasing and encourage more independent developers to attend, Apple modified the rules governing ticket purchases this year.

GateKeeper’s Technology Isn’t Really New… But Its Control Over Developers Is



Mountain Lion’s GateKeeper feature is designed to improve Mac security by harnessing the power of the Mac App Store and through a new developer program in which Apple will offer Developer IDs to members of its Mac Developer Program. Those IDs will let developers digitally sign their applications so that Mountain Lion Macs can verify an app’s authenticity and security before running it.

While this may seem like a new approach and an extension of the Mac App Store model, it’s actually based on technology that has been part of OS X since the release of Leopard.

Get Your Hands on Mac OS X Lion Now Without Being a Dev!


Mac OS X 10.7

Now that you’ve read all those stories of the nice new features packed into Mac OS X Lion, I’m sure you’re dying to get your hands on the Developer Preview and try them out for yourself. Luckily for those of you not signed up to the Mac Developer Program, there are already a few websites out there that are selling access to the beta release.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as just downloading and installing the software onto your Mac – your system first needs to be authorized to use developer releases. This means signing up to the service at $99 per year – which is pretty costly just to play around with Developer Previews.

That’s where LEi Mobile comes in: all they ask for is a donation of at least $10 and in return they’ll authorize your Mac through their developer account and enable you to download and install the Lion preview on your system. But be quick – they’re already selling like hot cakes and won’t be around for too long.

We’ll keep hunting for other sites offering this service and update this story as frequently as necessary. If you know of another site offering this service, let us know in the comments!

Please note that installing developer previews on your Mac is very risky, and not recommended on your main system. The previews are previews for a reason and lots can go wrong with these builds. Cult of Mac is in no way associated with any of the websites selling Lion access, and we accept no responsibility for any damage to your system or data.