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Smart gadget keeps your devices from charging themselves to death


Chargie sits between your iPhone and its charger to protect its battery's lifespan.
Chargie sits between your iPhone and its charger to protect the lifespan of its battery.
Photo: Chargie

This post is brought to you by Chargie.

We know, you hate it when you wake up in the morning and your phone is warm from last night’s charging session (especially in the summer). We also hate it when you miss calls or flights when your phone dies because the battery doesn’t hold up like it used to.

You can easily put an end to this mess with Chargie, brought to you by a guy who one autumn afternoon said, “That’s it!” after almost missing his flight home because of a dying phone battery. Ovidiu Sandru’s device now has over 25,000 customers worldwide and has been protecting phone batteries since May 2019.

Tenorshare 4DDiG: How to recover lost data from a T2-equipped Mac


Tenorshare 4DDiG helps you recover lost data from a T2 Mac.
Tenorshare 4DDiG helps you recover lost data from a T2 Mac.
Photo: Tenorshare

This post is brought to you by Tenorshare.

With the launch of Apple’s T2 Security Chip in 2018, the custom silicon has increased the overall security of Macs. But as good and efficient as a T2-secured Mac is, it isn’t immune to data loss.

If you accidentally delete files, suffer a malware attack or botch formatting your hard drive, you can lose data on a Mac with a T2 Security Chip. Sometimes even a system crash can mangle your files.

But all is not lost. Below we’ll show you how to recover data and get your lost files back safely.

Lessons we can learn from World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft imparts many powerful lessons, if you're wise enough to listen.
World of Warcraft imparts many powerful lessons, if you're wise enough to listen.
Photo: Adobe Stock

This post on World of Warcraft is brought to you by MmoGah.

Since its debut nearly two decades ago, World of Warcraft has claimed its place at the top of the gaming industry. This massively multiplayer online roleplaying game is probably the most successful video game ever created.

More than 100 million World of Warcraft accounts have been created since the game’s inception in 2004. Additionally, the game has grossed more than $9 billion, making it the highest-earning video game of all time. While its subscription numbers have fallen over the years, WoW offers plenty of lessons for developers and gamers.

One of the main reasons World of Warcraft remained popular all this time is because it equips players with skills and lessons that they can apply in real life. And it’s not only players who can learn from this game. Game developers, especially up-and-coming ones, can pick up a few notes on how to improve their creative output.

Let’s start with what game devs can learn from World of Warcraft.

Mom will get a real charge out of these high-end Mother’s Day gifts


Wherever your mom's favorite adventures take her, Bluetti can make sure she never runs out of juice.
Wherever your mom's favorite adventures take her, Bluetti can make sure she never runs out of juice.
Photo: Bluetti

This post on excellent Mother’s Day gifts is brought to you by Bluetti.

A mother gives everything at home and in the office as she endeavors to secure her family’s future. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, flowers are fine and chocolates are never a bad choice. But if you want something a bit more special to show your love and appreciation, then you’re in luck. Bluetti rounded up some Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make her smile from ear to ear.

Apple isn’t the only company that thrived during the pandemic


Aria Benefits team
Robin Bailey (on the left) and his team at Aria Benefits.
Photo: Aria Benefits

Daylite case study During the pandemic, Aria Benefits not only held its own, but business growth more than doubled to almost 20% during the last year. An important ingredient was a customer relationship management and productivity app called Daylite.

“We used to think high single-digit growth was great,” said founder Robin Bailey. “But the pandemic challenged us to doing business differently and Daylite’s been a key part of that.

“Any small business that runs on Macs and other Apple devices should take a good look at Daylite.”

Easy way to screen mirror iPhone or Android device to computer


If you want to see your smartphone screen on something bigger, MirrorTo is an easy option.
If you want to see your smartphone screen on something bigger, MirrorTo is an easy option.
Photo: iMyFone

This post on phone screen mirroring is brought to you by iMyFone.

It’s a common question: “How do I screen mirror my phone to Mac or Windows wirelessly?”

Apple’s proprietary AirPlay technology works well for streaming from iPhone to certain devices, including some Macs, Apple TV boxes and smart TVs. But what if you don’t have the proper hardware? You’re not out of luck. Here’s one of the best tools to get the task done quickly and easily — and you can try it for free.

This entrepreneur saw 75% pandemic year growth with help from Daylite


Medina Law Group
Victor Medina and his team at Medina Law Group switched to the Apple ecosystem in 2006 and have been using Mac-focused CRM Daylite ever since.
Photo: Medina Law Group

Daylite case study In the midst of a global pandemic that challenged the wits of many entrepreneurs, Victor Medina celebrated revenue growth of 75% in 2021.

Medina is a Pennington, New Jersey-based lawyer specializing in estate planning who is a certified elder law attorney and financial planner, and a registered investment adviser who leads two thriving firms in those areas, as well as a national technology conference. The managing partner of Medina Law Group, president of Palante Wealth Advisors and founder of the MacTrack Legal technology conference says his approach to growth has always been to master the art of business.

Michigan entrepreneur uses Daylite CRM to power family business


Real Estate team Ed Martin
Team Ed Martin has served the real estate needs of generations of families for over 30 years.
Photo: Team Ed Martin

Daylite case study As a third-generation entrepreneur and mom to three kids, Michigan Realtor Breanne Martin Gaudard instinctively knows that to thrive, businesses have to be able to scale. With the experience she gained from watching her mother do the bookkeeping, she took on technology management priorities that include Daylite, an Apple-focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that promises it can power teams to “handle more clients, close more deals and execute more projects than ever before.”

Prior to using the Daylite CRM, Martin family businesses mostly ran off of paper file folders, a Rolodex contact-card system, and another CRM called Realty Juggler that wasn’t Mac compatible and didn’t fit with how the team actually worked together using email as primary communication.

How a Washington lawyer helps vets with Mac-based Daylite CRM


Lawyer Michael Eisenberg
Washington DC Lawyer Michael D.J. Eisenberg uses the Daylite CRM to track complex cases.
Photo: Michael D.J. Eisenberg

Daylite case studyMichael D.J. Eisenberg is a Washington, D.C., lawyer who frequently deals with the dreaded federal bureaucracy, which has never been quick or easy to deal with.

Sometimes cases can take a decade or more, and he wouldn’t be able to manage it without the help of Daylite, a comprehensive, Mac-based customer relationship management app.

“Specifically, because it’s a Mac-native program, it integrates incredibly well with Apple Mail,” said Eisenberg. “The Daylite Mail Assistant is fantastic. I don’t have to be worried about having access to my email as long as I have access to my Daylite database whether it’s on my iPhone, iPad, iMac or the MacBook Pro I use when I travel. I can very easily look up a case history or see what Tasks I have in relation to it as well as all past communications.”

How a Portland Realtor crushes it with the Mac-based Daylite CRM app


Realtor Sean Z Becker in his office
Portland Realtor Sean Z Becker uses the Daylite CRM app to turbocharge his business.
Photo: Sean Z Becker Real Estate

Daylite case studyAs urbanites across the U.S. relocate to smaller cities seeking more housing space, lower taxes and more accessible amenities, the City of Portland, population 650,000, beckons as an arts and foodie (and amazing craft beer) paradise nestled an hour east of the Pacific Ocean and an hour west of the Cascade mountain range.

Since 2004, Sean Becker and his three-person team have been selling homes in Portland. Sean Z Becker Real Estate specialized in condos and new developments at first, but the team soon broadened out to single family dwellings. These days the homes are often sold to incoming newcomers from Seattle, San Francisco and New York who can still find a nice detached house for USD$700,000 or $800,000 – a third or less of what they would pay in what have become less affordable US mega-cities.