M1 MacBook Air and iPad Air help make a music studio [Setups]


Warning, jazz joke ahead:
Warning, jazz joke ahead: "Remember to always practice safe Sax," quipped a Redditor.
Photo: madeitinthewild@Reddit.com

Redditor madeitinthewild makes beautiful music up in Canada. Or he makes music, anyway. Jazz music. You can tell by the assortment of saxophones next to his M1 MacBook Air- and iPad Air 4-based mini music studio. That, and he said so.

“Remember to always practice safe Sax,” came the obligatory jazz-joke comment.

“No way I live on the edge,” replied madeitinthewild, kinda true to his Reddit handle.

Save $80 off latest iPad Air on Prime Day


iPad Air 4 comes in a range of colors.
Pick up the iPad Air 4 at $80 below its regular price. But don’t wait — this deal won‘t last long.
Screenshot: Apple

If you hoped Amazon’s annual Prime Day would bring a bargain on the 2020 iPad Air, you’re in luck. The online giant dropped the price of this 10.9-inch tablet by 13%.

The iPad Air 4 borrows so many features from the iPad Pro series that it’s all the tablet lots of people need.

Brydge’s latest keyboard case for iPad Air and iPad Pro includes multi-touch trackpad


The Brydge Air Max+ can be preordered now. Shipping starts in June.
The Brydge Air Max+ is both an iPad Air/Pro case and a clip-on keyboard and trackpad.

The new Brydge Air Max+ wraps the iPad Air 4 or 11-inch iPad Pro in a protective case, and adds a removable keyboard and trackpad.

It’s a larger version of a keyboard case Brydge recently introduced for the basic iPad. And there’s a similar model for the largest iPad Pro.

Hey, Apple … don’t be evil! [Cult of Mac Magazine 372]


Why Apple needs a
This is how Apple could avoid Google's fate.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

As Apple faces increasing scrutiny from governments around the world, the company should take a lesson from Google. We think Apple really needs to implement its own “don’t be evil” policy — and stick with it.

Also, with the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro arriving this week alongside iPad Air 4 it’s time to take a look at reviewers’ first impressions. (It’s also a good time to revisit best practices for setting up and optimizing a new iPhone).

Read it all — along with reviews of new Apple TV+ movies On the Rocks and Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You — in this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine.

Download it now to read on your iOS device.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPad Air 4 arrive in stores today


iPhone 12 packaging
Packaging up Apple's new devices for eager customers.
Photo: Apple

It’s a big day for Apple fans as the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro with 5G have gone on sale, alongside the iPad Air 4 — marking a trio of devices with the new, breakthrough A14 chip.

As preorders arrive and Apple Stores open with the new handsets and tablet, Apple shared some images of satisfied customers, along with fulfillment workers gearing up to dispatch the new iPhones and iPads to stores.

Apple reminds iPhone 12 customers of all the ways they can buy devices


There are plenty of ways to buy a new iPhone or iPad, either online or in stores, including new Shopping Sessions.
There are plenty of ways to buy a new iPhone or iPad, including new Shopping Sessions.
Photo: Apple

Thanks to COVID-19, the idea of queuing up for an iPhone, huddling up with other people eager to get their hands on the latest Apple smartphone, seems like the stuff of another lifetime in 2020.

To ensure that as many people as possible can get the iPhone 12, 12 Pro or iPad Air 4 when they launch this week, Apple’s issued a press release Wednesday detailing the myriad ways would-be customers can give the company their hard-earned cash.

iPad Air 4 is now available for preorder, shipping October 23


iPad Air 4
Gets your starting October 23.
Photo: Apple

As rumored, Apple’s iPad Air 4 is now available for preorder on the Apple Online Store. The fourth-gen iPad Air was shown off by Apple at last month’s “Time Flies” event, but Apple declined to announce a preorder date — beyond simply “October.”

Because both the iPad Air 4 and new iPhone 12 handsets feature Apple’s A14 chip, Apple reportedly wanted to hold back the iPad Air 4 until the first iPhone 12 handsets were available to preorder.

Best Buy’s Canadian website suggests iPad Air 4 goes on sale October 23


iPad Air 4 Touch ID Sensor
Apple previously said the tablets would be available sometime in October.
Photo: Apple

Beyond saying it would be available in October, Apple didn’t announce a precise launch date for the iPad Air 4 when it showed it off at last month’s “Time Flies” event.

Eagle-eyed Apple watchers may have uncovered the official release date, with Best Buy’s Canadian website listing October 23 as the date it will go on sale. While that’s not conclusive on its own, it coincides with a previous date suggested by Apple tipster Jon Prosser.