Apple reminds iPhone 12 customers of all the ways they can buy devices


There are plenty of ways to buy a new iPhone or iPad, either online or in stores, including new Shopping Sessions.
There are plenty of ways to buy a new iPhone or iPad, including new Shopping Sessions.
Photo: Apple

Thanks to COVID-19, the idea of queuing up for an iPhone, huddling up with other people eager to get their hands on the latest Apple smartphone, seems like the stuff of another lifetime in 2020.

To ensure that as many people as possible can get the iPhone 12, 12 Pro or iPad Air 4 when they launch this week, Apple’s issued a press release Wednesday detailing the myriad ways would-be customers can give the company their hard-earned cash.

These include the options you’d expect: Via the Apple Online Store, direct from a carrier, using a trade-in for an old device, or through Apple’s “affordable financing options.”

Offering help picking out the product you want

But Apple’s also promoting special Shopping Sessions that will give you a one-to-one slot with an Apple specialist, who will make sure you get the device you want. This can be done either online or in physical Apple Stores. It’s also publicizing the curbside pickup option for Apple devices that let customers book their device online and then pick it up without having to mill around an Apple Store for too long.

“There’s never been a better time to get a new iPhone, and there’s never been a better destination than Apple Retail,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People, in a statement. “We’re offering new ways for our customers to get to know all of our products before they buy, so they can be sure to get the product that’s right for them. Whether our customers choose to connect with us in person, by phone, or online, our entire retail team is ready to deliver the world-class personalized service they’ve come to expect from Apple.”

For as long as I’ve been buying Apple devices, the company has been searching for ways to make the buying process simpler and more enjoyable. This year is as good a time as any (and probably better than most) to remind people of them.

Source: Apple