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Google Maps improves iOS navigation and adds Apple Watch support


Google Maps improves navigation for iOS and adds features for Apple Watch.
Google Maps improves navigation for iOS and adds features for Apple Watch.
Photo: Google

Google is making improvements to its Google Maps for iOS app, including new features and updates intended to make navigation easier on both iPhone and Apple Watch.

Changes to the Google Maps for iOS app include a more-detailed navigation map that shows enhanced building outlines as well as streetlights and stop signs. It’s designed to help users traveling in unfamiliar locations.

How to blur out your home in Apple Maps and Google Maps


How to hide your home in Apple Maps and Google Maps
All you have to do is ask.
Photo: Redd/Unsplash/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook’s plush home in Palo Alto, California, has been blurred out inside Apple Maps and Google Maps — likely because of an alleged stalking incident. If you enter his address, you’ll see nothing but a gigantic, pixelated wall.

But this kind of digital scrubbing isn’t reserved for top CEOs and celebrities. In fact, anyone can quite easily get their own home hidden from online maps. All you need to do is ask Apple and Google to conceal the locations. We’ll show you how.

Apple Maps erects gigantic digital wall to hide Tim Cook’s house


Tim Cook's house in Apple Maps
Cook's Palo Alto home is hidden from virtual visitors.
Image: Apple Maps

Apple fans who take a virtual stroll through Palo Alto inside Apple Maps and Google Maps no longer get to see Tim Cook’s house. The modern, four-bedroom condo has had a giant digital wall erected right in front of it.

We spotted the change after Apple received temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker, who claimed to be Cook’s wife, threatened the Apple boss and was caught trespassing on his property.

Google Maps finds its way to Apple Watch


Google Maps on an Apple Watch
Google Maps fans can now get turn-by-turn directions on their Apple Watch.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Google

A version of Google Maps for the Apple Watch starts rolling on Monday. The goal of this app is to allow users to navigate by car, bike, public transit or on foot, without having to look at an iPhone.

Also, Google Maps for Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard got some convenient new features today.

Google Maps spotlights nearby delivery and take-out restaurants


Google Maps adds Takeout and Delivery buttons
Tap on the Delivery or Takeout buttons in Google Maps to see open eateries that are closeby.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

A pair of easy-to-see buttons have been added at the top of the Google Maps iPhone and Android apps to help users find restaurants in their area that offer takeout and delivery service. These point people toward nearby eateries still offering service during the coronavirus crisis.

Shortcutify integrates Spotify, Google Maps, Todoist and more into Shortcuts


Control your smart lighting, your music, and more with Shortcutify.
Control your smart lighting, your music, and more with Shortcutify.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Shortcutify is a free iOS app that lets you use web-based services in your Shortcuts. For instance, it can connect with Spotify, Todoist, AirTable and more, and provides an easy bridge between these services’ complicated APIs and the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

If you use any of the supported services, you’re going to totally love Shortcutify. If not? More app integrations are planned for the future.

Apple debuts redesigned Maps with major U.S. improvements


It offers more detail and Apple's answer to Street View.
Photo: Apple

Apple today rolled out its major Maps redesign to all users in the United States. It packs big improvements, including better road and pedestrian data, more precise addresses, and more detailed land coverage. It also offers Look Around, Apple’s answer to Google Maps’ Street View, in select locations.

Google Maps for iOS finally gets Incognito Mode


Google Maps Feb 18 update
Google Maps is finally starting to care more about privacy.
Photo: Google

Google added new privacy protection features to the iOS version of Google Maps today, including Incognito Mode. The new feature, which has been available on Google Maps for Android for a while, makes it so that your searches and other navigation data isn’t saved to your Google Account.

Here’s how to toggle it on and off: