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Google Maps for iOS finally gets Incognito Mode


Google Maps Feb 18 update
Google Maps is finally starting to care more about privacy.
Photo: Google

Google added new privacy protection features to the iOS version of Google Maps today, including Incognito Mode. The new feature, which has been available on Google Maps for Android for a while, makes it so that your searches and other navigation data isn’t saved to your Google Account.

Here’s how to toggle it on and off:

Turning on Incognito Mode takes just a few taps.
Photo: Google

To turn on Incognito Mode, tap on your Google account profile picture in the upper right-hand corner. The Incognito Mode option is in the middle of the account management pop-up. Once Incognito Mode is active you’re account picture will change to the incognito icon.

Enabling Incognito Mode means you don’t get personalized recommendations for restaurants and other places which isn’t much of a loss anyway.

Google also added a new option to bulk delete locations in the timeline tool. You can find and delete multiple places from your timeline or delete all of them at once. Unfortunately, the feature is only on Google Maps for Android.