Redesigned webpage makes finding your dream job at Apple easier


Job website 2
New webpage reveals why working for Apple is so great.
Photo: Apple

Shortly after launching its refreshed Privacy webpage, Apple has also updated its Jobs website, hopefully making it easier to find your dream employment role with the company.

In addition to the redesigned page, Apple has also created videos highlighting some of the jobs that it offers. These follow employees like Divya, an engineer on the Apple Watch team, who leads some of the work involving the device’s optical sensors.

If you can make a good coffee, you could have a job at Apple


Apple is looking for a new barista. Could it be you?
Photo: Mark/Flickr CC

Always dreamed of working for Apple, but lacking the necessary electrical engineering qualification or MBA to get a look in? Don’t worry: there’s a new job you can apply for to get your foot in the door.

Apple is currently searching for a Barista at its Visitor Center in the Bay Area, for a role that will fit anyone looking for a “unique role blending culinary arts with exceptional service.”

Apple has created more than 2 million jobs in U.S.


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Apple's new minisite emphasizes its role in job creation.
Photo: Apple

Apple may be the world’s most valuable tech company, but it’s also a major contribution to the U.S. jobs market. And it wants you to know about it!

In a newly-launched website, Apple shares some details about the “two million … and counting” jobs in the United States that it has created across the country.

“The numbers tell the story,” it notes. Here are just a few of them: