Window cleaners look like tiny ants in latest Apple Park flyover


Apple Park
"What is this, a campus for ants?!"
Photo: Matthew Roberts/Maverick Imagery

Just in time for WWDC, drone videographers Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts have uploaded new drone flyover videos of Apple Park.

The videos show that landscaping is continuing on the spectacular site and more people than ever are working there. Most astonishing of all is a glimpse of the 24-hour window cleaning crew, reminding us of just how massive Apple’s shiny new headquarters actually is. Check out the videos below.

Apple Park campus expands in new flyover footage


Apple Park flyover
The campus Apple deserves.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

Another month, another Apple Park flyover, revealing just just how far Apple’s impressive campus has come along since construction began.

As the October drone video shows, the HQ is now virtually complete, with much of the remaining work being finishing touches for the landscaping. Trees are being moved in, paths are being put into place, a basketball and tennis court is also in progress, while the visitor’s center is now finished. Check out the video below.

Apple Park campus is almost crossing the finish line


Apple Park drone
Apple Park as it appears today.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

A new August drone flyover video of Apple’s spectacular Apple Park campus shows a headquarters on the verge of completion.

The video, by drone photographer Matthew Roberts, depicts both the circular Apple Park main building and its central garden as virtually complete — with most of the construction vehicles now gone. There are also looks at the Steve Jobs Jobs Theater, visitor’s center, and more.

Check it out below.

Drone flyover video shows Apple Park is all work, little play


Latest drone flyover video showcases Apple Park in all its glory.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

Apple Park is really coming together, and a new drone flyover video by Matthew Roberts shows it.

The video showcases not just the circular “spaceship” HQ, but also the visitor’s center, Steve Jobs Theater, landscaping, and more. It’s impressive stuff, and definitely worth checking it out. Watch the video below.

Drone flyover video shows Apple Park nearing the finish line


Apple hQ
Apple Park doesn't quite look like this yet, but it's getting there.
Photo: Apple

It’s almost the start of a new month, so that can only mean one thing: the latest Apple Park drone flyover video.

As with the latest flyover videos of the site, this video shows that construction work on buildings is almost complete, with only minor touches still to be done. However, the most significant work is on landscaping the massive site — which is likely to extend through the rest of 2017.

Check out the video below.

Flyover reveals Apple Park is still dirty ahead of April opening


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 15.57.10
Apple Park's name pays tribute to the legendary Xerox PARC.
Photo: Matthew Roberts/YouTube

A new Apple Park drone video shows just how close Apple’s spaceship office complex is to completion.

Installation of hundreds of solar panels on the roof of Apple Park’s cavernous garage is now done, while those being positioned on the main building’s roof are almost finished as well. With the bulk of the work on buildings like the Steve Jobs Theater now complete, workers are now moving on to landscaping elements, like planting the trees that will decorate the massive HQ.

Check out the spectacular new Apple Park flyover video below.

Drone flyover video reveals latest state of Apple’s new spaceship campus


How the new campus will eventually look.
Photo: Apple

A new drone video provides the latest glimpse at how Apple’s futuristic “spaceship” campus is coming together, three years after the company broke ground on the impressive HQ.

Rather than just showing us the massive Apple campus as it looks today, YouTuber Matthew Roberts gives us a “year-end” montage, showing progress made since the middle of the year.