Apple product shot parody makes beat-up gadgets look pretty


Apple product shot parody
A broken Apple Watch and scratched up iPod never looked better.
Photo: Elvin Hu

Apple taught Elvin Hu new languages.

Born in China, Hu refined his English by watching Apple keynote events. He also came to understand the visual language of Apple’s product photography.

The latter inspired Hu, a design student at The Cooper Union in New York City, to create a series of product shots showing broken and well-worn Apple gadgets in hands that share similar gouges and scratches.

Jony Ive puts his mark on stately Carnegie Library Apple store


Apple Carnegie Library
Old meets new in Apple Carnegie Library, which opens Saturday.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s newest store is more of a step back in time than the usual step into an all-glass box.

The tech giant proudly gave a sneak peek into its Washington D.C. outlet, a former Carnegie Library where Ive and Beaux-Arts styles blend for a refreshing feel to the Apple retail experience.

Of course, there’s a staircase.

Another Apple industrial designer is leaving the company


Airbnb logo 1
Miklu Silvanto, who joined Apple in October 2011, is leaving the company to join Airbnb.
Photo: Airbnb

Another Apple industrial designer is leaving Jony Ive’s iconic design team. Miklu Silvanto, who joined Apple in October 2011, is joining Airbnb’s new offshoot design studio Samara.

In his new role, Silvanto will help design future house prototypes. Samara has hired a number of experts in disciplines ranging from industrial design to roboticists and urban planners.

Bauhaus Apple logo looks like the Death Star


Bauhaus Apple logo
The Apple logo with a Bauhaus bite.
Illustration: Vladimir Nickolic

A company has to be nimble enough to change with the times. It can turnover leadership, recreate its work culture and overhaul its line of products. Just don’t mess with a brand’s logo.

But what if an icon like the Apple logo was reimagined with another iconic style?

Nizo blurs the lines between shooting and editing video


Nizo manages to mix power and ease of use. Take note, Apple.
Nizo manages to mix power and ease of use. Take note, Apple.
Photo: Nizo

Nizo is a new take on video apps. It manages to blend shooting and editing together, so you can edit your movies on the fly as you capture them.

The interface to do this is — like much good design — so clean and obvious that you wonder why it wasn’t done before. Let’s take a look.

Apple’s Certified Refurbished Online Store gets a design upgrade


Apple refurbished
A glimpse at Apple's refreshed online store.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted a new look for its Certified Refurbished Online Store, giving it bigger pictures and easier navigation options.

Previously, Apple’s Certified Refurbished was nothing special, potentially since Apple was hoping that you would skip over it and buy the new, full-priced items. Now it’s changed it mind — with a new design that places a bigger focus on this part of Apple’s retail business.