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How iPad is revolutionizing music production


Make iPad music
Who needs a Mac?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You know how the iPad is a consumption device, like a kind of digital baby spoon? And that Apple’s tablet computer can’t be used for “real work”? Well, Grammy award-winning music producer Henny Tha Bizness disagrees. He uses the iPad exclusively to make music. He also thinks that in a decade, if you haven’t switched to iPad for music production, you’ll be left behind.

In this great video from YouTube video maestro Jonathan Morrison, Henny talks about how he uses the new 2018 iPad Pro to create his music. As a bonus, he asks a producer who hates mixing on a computer to try his iPad, with predictable results.

How to send audio from one iOS app to another with Audiobus


Audiobus mixer on a piano
Audiobus is like a set of virtual patch cables for musical apps.
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If you want to make music on iPhone or iPad, you can choose from an embarrassment of fantastic iOS apps. You’ll also find plenty of music effects and recording apps on the platform.

The problem is using two types of apps together, because iOS isn’t nearly as flexible as macOS when it comes to digging into the system. But with a $10 app called Audiobus 3, you can route audio between apps. That means you can send music from, say, a drum machine to an audio recorder, or from your guitar to a sampler.

Further, you can route audio from many apps at a time, letting you create as complex or simple a setup as you like. If you think of Audiobus as a set of virtual patch cables for your iPhone or iPad, you’re on the right track.

Groovebox turns your iPhone into a toe-tapping music machine


You won’t be able to stop grooving.
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If you’re looking for a way to lose a few hours later today, you could do a lot worse than Groovebox, a free music-making app for iPhone and iPad. It’s simple enough to start making music as soon as you launch it, but offers enough depth (and enough in-app purchases) to keep you going for quite a while.