Apple employees voice frustration with work culture under Tim Cook


Tim Cook
Not everyone is happy at Apple under CEO Tim Cook.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Maybe it was the standing desks. Apple employees are voicing growing discontent for the workplace under boss Tim Cook, according to employee surveys ranking the top 100 CEOs.

Cook’s spot on Glassdoor’s annual list was 96, down from 53 a year ago in what was the biggest fall for a tech CEO on the list.

Want World Cup results? Just ask Siri


Siri stands ready to answer your World Cup questions.
Photo: Apple

Qualcomm feud could cost Apple billions


Qualcomm patents
Apple doesn't want to pay twice for Qualcomm chips.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

A complicated, multibillion-dollar intellectual property battle between Apple and chipmaker Qualcomm will soon move through courts and hearing rooms across the globe.

More than 50 lawsuits have been filed in six countries, however, the outcome from upcoming hearings in the U.S. China and Germany could prod the feuding tech companies to negotiate a settlement, according to a Bloomberg report.

Instagram wants to battle Apple and Netflix with original content


Cult of Mac Instagram profile
Instagram could soon offer original shows of its own.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

After beating out every other photo-sharing platform and stealing Snapchat’s lunch money, Instagram is jumping into video.

A new report claims the service is adding support for uploading videos up to an hour in length. It is also in talks with content creators and publishers about the possibility of delivering original long-form videos that could compete with shows from the likes of Apple and Netflix.

Triple-lens iPhone could dominate AR


triple-lens iPhone
Imaging the iPhone with three lenses.
Photo: iDrop News/Martin Hajek

Rumors of Apple introducing a triple-lens iPhone in 2019 is picking up steam after an analyst told investors the three lenses were a likely push to make the iPhone the top augment reality device.

Jialin Lu, a Deutsche Securities analyst, is among the latest in a number of tech observers who believe Apple is planning a three-lens rear camera set-up, though some speculate the third lens may be added to expand the reach of the handset’s zoom function.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Our wish list for iOS 12, Memorial Day Sale in Watch Store, and more!


In this week's Cult of Mac Magazine: WWDC is right around the corner, which means we’re about to get our very first look at Apple’s next major update to iOS.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: We’re expecting big things from iOS 12, including a whole host of improvements that will make our devices more stable, and plenty of welcome bug fixes. Apple will surely surprise us with some nice new features, too at WWDC 2018.

Here’s our lengthy wish list for this update, which includes a Home screen overhaul, a more powerful FaceTime, better multitasking, and more!

You’ll find that story and more in this issue. Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with three days of great savings on Apple Watch bands and accessories in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store. Get your free subscription to Cult of Mac Magazine from iTunes. Or read on for this week’s top stories.

Eccentric CEO bashes Apple to shill smartphones


Luo Yonghao
Smartisan CEO Luo Yonghao has a lot to say about Apple.
Photo: Handout/The South China Morning Post

Entrepreneur Luo Yonghao has a smartphone company in China that is losing money and has yet to capture even 1 percent of the market share.

So the CEO of Smartisan is making a lot of noise — including firing potshots at Apple — to raise his brand’s profile.

Siri ‘leaks’ about HomePod and voice change are old news [Correction]


Siri voice
With the right question, Siri has loose lips.
Photo: iPad screen capture

Correction: This post has been updated to indicate that the Siri “leaks” making headlines this week appear to be leftovers from WWDC 2017. The somewhat cryptic Siri responses, which caused some confusion, appear to have been removed by the Siri team.

When asked about Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Siri very sweetly dishes two interesting bits of news. Apple’s voice assistant will get a new voice, and she will lend it to a new HomePod.