How a photog captured Steve Jobs’ piercing glare


Albert Watson's photo of Steve Jobs, right, is similar to a portrait of Jobs in his younger years.
Albert Watson's photo of Steve Jobs, right, is similar to a portrait of Jobs in his younger years.
Photo: Simon & Schuster

Put the late Steve Jobs in your mind and chances are the iconic photograph made by Scottish photographer Albert Watson comes to mind. It’s a daring glare into the lens, a hand on the chin creating a kind of pedestal for a brain that helped to usher in the age of personal computing.

Today is the sixth anniversary of Jobs passing from cancer and Watson’s story about the day in 2006 Jobs sat in front of his lens should bring a chuckle to those who still miss him or knew his mercurial nature firsthand.

Best iPhone 8 battery cases and backup batteries


battery cases

Even the giant plus-sized iPhones run out of juice eventually, and that goes for the new iPhone 8 as much as any iPhone before it. You could carry a charger with you and spend the day hunting for available wall-sockets, but these days that’s as lame as using dodgy free Wi-Fi instead of reliable and fast LTE. Instead, you should take some backup power with you. There are two options: battery cases, great for really heavy phone users who always run out of power before lunch, and a spare battery with a USB cable that can charge your iPhone, or any device, but stays in the bottom of your bag until it’s needed.

Let’s take a look at the options. There’s also one very cool surprise feature in one of our picks that “wireless” charging fans are going to love.

Best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases so far


Which iPhone case have you picked?
Photo: Mujjo

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may cost as much as the top-end iPhone X, but that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t want to protect your new iPhone.

You’ll find a range of cases on the market. Ultra-thin “skins” will to protect your iPhone 8 from scratches without changing its appearance much. Heavy-duty armor will save it from concrete smashes. And wallet-style cases let get organized. Here are our top picks for the iPhone 8/8 Plus cases you need to know about.

Safari 11 privacy feature gets advertisers fuming


specify settings on a per-site basis
Enable settings on a per-site basis.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple is out to “sabotage the economic model of the internet” as it protects users from shady tracking while browsing the internet, according to several organizations representing digital advertisers.

Six different digital ad and marketing trade associations recently signed and sent an open letter to Apple opposing a pending Safari update aimed at protecting how your browsing data is used.

Speck rolls out ‘toughest ever’ cases for new iPhones


iPhone cases
Speck offers a range of colors, textures and patterns on its cases for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.
Photo: Speck

Pricey iPhones need good protective cases and Speck has introduced a line of cases for the newest iPhones the company says is its toughest ever.

The Presidio ULTRA cases for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the thousand dollar iPhone X, features four layers of protection Speck says passed a drop test from a height of 15 feet.

This ‘revolutionary’ iPhone case only costs a buck


$1 case
Moment founder Marc Barros at the big reveal.
Photo: Moment/YouTube

Apple rolled out three new iPhones Tuesday that will excite mobile photographers. One day later, smartphone lens maker Moment debuted three new products that “take everything amazing about your new camera phone and make it worse.”

Poking fun at iPhone prices and the hyped spectacle of Apple product launches, Moment released a “live event” to introduce the “world’s first” $1 case, $2 waterproof case and $3 wireless charging case. Moment kept its price point in single digits because of a ground-breaking material used to create the cases – cheap cardboard that comes in one color, dirt brown.

iPhone X gets rave reviews in first hands-on look


hands on iPhone X
Out with the old, in with the new?
Photo: The Verge

The tech journalists lucky enough to get invited to Apple’s iPhone event Tuesday seemed to purr when given the chance to put the iPhone X in their hands.

Some quibbled over the $999 price tag, but most came away impressed with their first hands-on experience with Apple’s new flagship device.

iPhone cameras just got a whole lot smarter


iPhone camera
Sure you can take pictures with it. But the iPhone X shows the future of the camera will have little to do with the photographic image.
Photo: Apple

Hard to believe that a smartphone camera born from two tiny megapixels and a fixed-focus lens10 years ago now includes 3D facial recognition, augmented reality and a studio lighting emulator.

The camera system on the 2017 iPhones features more than incremental improvements for making pictures and recording video. In fact, the new camera hardware transcends photography and plays a deeper role in personal communication, entertainment, and data security.

How iPhone X celebrates the iPhone’s 10th anniversary


10th anniversary iPhone wallpapers
Then and now -- the original iPhone wallpaper, and the new version for the iPhone X.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The iPhone X comes 10 years after the original iPhone. Even the name itself could be a not-so-subtle homage to this: Apple used X, the Roman numeral for 10, for years to name the Mac’s OS X operating system. But there is another 10th anniversary reference in the new iPhone X: It comes with an updated version of the original iPhone’s iconic wallpaper.