6 things the iPhone 6 needs to take it over the top



Though the iPhone 5s has been very successful, its minor updates from the iPhone 5 have left me wanting more. In fact, I’ve created quite the wish list for the next-generation iPhone.

We’ll know soon enough exactly what the next version of this revolutionary smartphone will look like: Apple recently confirmed a press event for September 9. In today’s video, I’ll show you my top six wishes for the iPhone 6 — and look at just how close some of these could be to coming true, according to all the latest leaks and rumors.

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  • engops

    Better battery life!

  • John

    ‘iPhone 5s desperately needs a makeover’,

    no it doesn’t, it’s designed beautifully already.

  • Michael Edwards

    Can the phone be used while its charging if its wireless?

    • Depends on what you mean, can you use it yes, but it needs to remain on the charging plate, same as if it was on a cable , it does not charge “through the air” like wireless internet it charges through inductive charging, using two coils placed in close proximity with the electricity generating an oscillating EMF in one coil, which then induces the electrons in the other coil to move, thereby generating power once again. which is basically the way any transformer works, but without the extra metal casings and alike that contribute to their efficiency. I have had success with a large otter box case on my Nokia 920 and the wireless charging working through that, much more than that, and other charges/receivers cannot deal with this space or attenuation

  • Mark Langston

    Let’s agree that playing music and/or videos from your phone at full-blast in a public setting is both ridiculous and rude. Let’s not exasperate that by making the speakers better. I’d much rather see Beats earbuds when I unbox.

    With the advent of Bluetooth LE, iBeacons and other forms of wireless communication I’d go as far as saying that NFC is becoming an unnecessary addition to any device.

    #3-Wireless Charging:
    Whether you’re plugging in a charger or plugging in the wireless pad that charges the phone you’re still plugging something into the wall.

    A better investment would be an extra dock that lives on your nightstand/desk/wherever. There’s also the cost of those wireless pads that you’d either carry with you or want in multiple locations in your home. A dock would be no different. So no, wireless charging wouldn’t really make or break the iPhone 6.

    I suppose the selfie crowd would like a better camera but I don’t think it qualifies as “taking it over the top” worthy.

    #5-Bigger Screen:
    I thought this was a “wish” list?! Wishes are for things you DON’T expect to come true, not something that’s been rumored for nearly a year and is all but certain to happen.

    #6-Design Change:
    If Apple is known for anything it’s their iconic designs. The design of the iPhone 5/5s is beautiful and timeless. I still awe at the lines, the sheen, the pure beauty of the product (I’m a proud case-less user). You don’t have to “wish” for a design change. Whatever Apple comes up with will be amazing, beautiful, unique and functional.

    Me, I only have one item on my list worthy of a singing blue genie’s magical abilities: a battery that lasts a full week. A battery that can withstand hours of Netflix binging, dozens of conference calls, a half-dozen HotSpot connections and several hours of Modern Combat 5: Blackout without needing a charge would be a dream come true.

    If Apple could grant me that one wish, I’d be a happy camper. Maybe you’re playing it safe but all the “wishes” you mentioned have either already been announced, have viable alternatives, isn’t necessary or nothing you have to worry about.

    • Chuck McGinley

      Wireless resonant magnetic charging where it does not require you to set the device on a pad is a killer feature though. Charge at a distance. The current inductive charging stinks. Tried the Duracell stuff.. Just junk.. But correct, not make or break. Also the cable and wireless should not be mutually exclusive for the obvious reasons you pointed out.

  • lucascott

    I can easily give at least one reason, if not more, for why nothing on that wish list is logical. Claims that NFC will improve HomeKit at a level that makes NFC required. don’t think so. Focusing on the MP of the camera as if that is THE spec that determines quality, try again. wireless charging cause you can’t find a cord. solution is to pick a spot to have that cord and leave it there so you don’t have to look. so on and so on.

    oh and WE. no. You don’t speak for the masses so get off that ego trip. You want to make a video about your wishlist, fine. But don’t try to start it off claiming that the world isn’t happy with the 5S simply cause you aren’t

  • Flush Camera that doesn’t protrude from the back

  • #1 – Speakers
    I agree with Mark on that one

    #2 – NFC
    I fully agree, I have some devices currently, including custom built ones (and yes I could rebuild them to BT, but that takes time and money) that use NFC off my other phones to activate the systems.

    #3 – Wireless Charging
    I again fully agree, I currently use Qi charging built in on my Android and Windows phones and love it, I have even custom built a couple of Qi charging “Universal” car mounts using the brilliant Nokia 900 series Qi Chargers and some RAM X-mounts, I throw the car in the charger when I get in the car and it charges, whats not to love about that. Same at home, I have a couple plugged in (on timers to save power) that I can throw my phones on when I get home, no worrying about a cable or anything else. There are also some spectacular Qi chargers coming out now, things such as the pond. and given time others. I also hope the iWatch (or whatever its called) uses Qi, its the perfect charging method for it.

    #4 – Cameras
    I only use this sparingly, most often to take photos of serial numbers and alike for work, as I use the DSLR, Point and Shoot, HD Video or GoPro for other things.

    #5 – Bigger Screen
    Whilst I like the IDEA of a bigger screen, I am not convinced and I want to hold both in my hands at the same time before deciding

    #6 – Design Change
    I have never particularly liked my iPhone 4’s design, I certainly hope it makes a change to a more iPad Air style as I love my iPad Air’s design