Why Windows 9 could give OS X Yosemite a run for its money



For decades Mac and the PC have been at each other’s throats, competing for that No. 1 spot in the computing world. Vitriolic ad campaigns and entire product launches aimed at decimating Windows or OS X have firmly established a war that somehow hasn’t ended even in the post-PC era.

With Apple’s release of OS X Yosemite sitting just around the corner, the time for Microsoft to answer with Windows 9 is nearly here. In today’s video, we go into everything we know about OS X Yosemite and what we think we know about Windows 9 so far. We break down all the new features, design elements and more to help you start forming your opinion about which OS is best.

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  • Windlasher

    I’ll switch when they make it free.

    • Joe

      You mean like Windows 8.1?

      • Andrew

        Windows 8.1 is only free if you have Windows 8 already.

      • Joe

        Same was with Mavericks, you had to have OS X 10.6 at least to get the free upgrade. I see no difference.

      • What are you saying? OS X comes bundled with every Mac. When are you not getting OS X for free?

      • Piotr Synowiec

        It wasn’t free when you did upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion.
        Only Mavericks was free.

      • Joe

        Re-read nice and slow.

      • Joel Cornett

        and 10.6 was on like 90% of systems already, since Mavericks was 10.9, and most people had bought their mac with it 10.6 or higher. So the need to buy 10.6 first affected what, 9 people?

      • Joe

        Give me actual percentages with sources, not made up ones.

      • Windlasher

        I’m on windows 7 therefore upgrading to 8.1 is NOT free.

      • radtech132

        I would use a different kind of word other than “upgrade”. I…..personally would say something along the lines as “Shoot myself..grade”

      • GR

        You mean every single release of Mac OS forever, 10.9, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2…. will always be free and not so much with windows 8.1 to windows 9?

      • Windlasher

        I mean right now, the OS X is free. That may change. I don’t know because I’m not apple. If windows 8 or 9 was free I would upgrade to it. I tend to build my own Windows PCs so I don’t get Windows for free. If they make windows 9 free, Ill upgrade. Until then, windows 7 serves my purpose. I bought a new macbook last year. It came with an OS and the upgrade have been free as will the next one. I like that.

      • Tg337

        M$ can’t make windows free. Windows is their main product. Who says 8.1 was free is a moron anyway since 8.1 is just a service pack, but they don’t like calling it that anymore. Apple is giving their iLife and iWork suites for free with new macs or iPads which is awesome. I’d love to see M$ giving Office for free with every new Windows 8 PC.

      • Joe

        Will always be free and not so much with … Windows 9
        Are you a psychic or something?

      • GR

        Apple already said it will be free from now on and Windows can not afford to make Windows 9 free. It’s their main business. Unless they only charge fees to corporations running Windows on their computer that support them enough that they are able to give Windows free to consumers but I don’t think that will be the case.

      • Joe

        Okay touché but again, you can assume but not state it as so. Microsoft delivered a FREE upgrade already.

        Windows is not Microsoft’s money source only.

      • Hank S

        If you view it as upgrades, it’s not really “giving Windows free to consumers”, but it would still be tricky for Microsoft since they don’t make money on the hardware like Apple.

        Another difference could be that Apple might SAVE money by not having to support and maintain older versions of OSX for consumers, while Microsoft’s business users don’t like “bleeding edge” software thus forcing Microsoft to maintain older versions of Windows.

        I don’t know, just a couple of theories of mine.

  • Andrew

    I would never switch to Windows, to be honest. It’s ugly and useless to me.

    • Windlasher

      I meant switch my PC. I have both. I would never give up my macs.

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    I’ll stick with OS X. By the time Windows 9 actually gets a major bug fix, it’ll be more like 2016. They never release an OS that doesn’t have tons of bugs, so if they release Windows 9 in 2015, the major bug fix update will be another year afterward by the time it’s useful. But by then, Apple will be releasing OS X 10.11, which is another major release upgrade from Yosemite. I think the Xbox tile look is dumb, so bye bye Windows.

    • TeeJay1100

      I really like OSX but Apple implementing so much of the look/feel of iOS is a turn off. OSX will blend iOS products and the Mac together, but I don’t carry an iOS device so that part does me no good.

  • Matt

    Mac.Mac.Mac, and Mac. I only use Windows at work, because I have to. Maybe one day Android will get in this market but until then, Mac.

  • aardman

    No it won’t.

  • William D

    Let’s be honest – nobody reading and commenting on here is going to switch because of a new start menu in Windows..

  • Behinder

    Windows 9??? Rly????

  • Matthew Arnold Stern

    The question isn’t whether Windows 9 will cause Mac users to switch to Windows. The big question is whether existing Windows users will upgrade to Windows 9. We still use Windows 7 at work since Windows 8 is frustrating to use. If Windows 9 restores the familiar interface and adds useful new functionality, existing Windows 7 users will upgrade. If Windows 9 is buggy and still difficult to use, well, remember how many people held on to Windows XP until Microsoft stopped supporting it.

  • XQR

    Normally I like Cult of Mac short videos, but this one is the most useless video ever. No offense, but no real information has been provided…

  • Calin

    Yosemite already sounds better than Windows 9. Until Windows 9 gets released, Apple will release the next iteration of OS X, that will most likely be another big step forward.

  • l3it3r

    I work on Microsoft products for a living, and they’re insanely buggy, full of security holes, and unreliable. (plus that ‘windows 8’ touch screen interface is horrid) I will be sticking with my Macs for the foreseeable future.

  • yobrett

    It seems kind of pointless to post something like this a site called Cult of Mac and then pose your question. Would you really expect to see anything less than overwhelming support for OS X???

    That being said…I myself am a PC user (except for that brief period of experimentation in college), but have not yep upgraded to Windows 8 as I don’t think its full potential can be fully realized without a touch screen.

    I have many, many iOS devices and would love to be able to take advantage of all of the cool new iOS/Mac cross platform features of Yosemite. Not to mention, the display on the new retina MacBook Pro’s looks absolutely gorgeous. However, it is difficult for me to justify spending substantially more on a comparably spec’d MacBook than I would for a windows 8-based laptop. (Please let’s not start a whole quality argument as both Apple and Windows-based products have their fair share of issues).

    I’m sure I will get flamed for expressing this unpopular opinion, but I’m not trying to start a flame war and I’m not bashing Mac, You asked for opinions and I’m just saying that cost-wise, Windows is a better fit for me and my budget.

  • elder Signin

    I am confused.!!!!! If Windows 9 is an upgrade —- back to windows 7. Why would I leave windows 7 ????? I guess if you bought a new computer and got Windows 8 with it and you hate windows 8, then you could upgrade back to windows 7, er, 9.

    Microsoft is getting really flacky here. And if Windows 9 is coming only a year after windows 8, are we really getting anything extra???
    PC at work, Mac everywhere else. Cause I have to support the computer on the road and at home. LOL

  • db

    i am = 7 at work, 10-6-8 and linux (mint) at home. i think that’ll do me until i die. if 9 works ok and has all the useless eye-candy of yosemite sam, then some windows users may stick with windows.

  • GR

    Will never give up macs

  • imajoebob

    It’s nice to see Microsoft reaching out into the Mac community, now paying Apple reviewers to spread a newer, friendlier version of FUD.

  • Emmanuel Henri

    Hum…no! Simply…no! We’ve heard this one a million times over the past 10 years….windows will never be better than Mac Osx! period!

  • Wishful thinking, almost too cute. Windows is stalled. OS 9 was stalled. OS 9 core was old and rotten, they needed something rock solid to build on top and they got UNIX. Unless Windows switches entirely to a UNIX core, I don’t see improvement coming.

  • Kenton

    Unless Microsoft completely changes their ethos, the chances of me ever preferring a Windows environment over OSX for my workflow is extremely unlikely. Since Windows is designed to work on any machine, it will always have more stability and security issues compared to OSX. Because of this, OSX will always be the better OS for me, especially considering Windows 9 seems to still be sporting the Metro interface, which, as a graphic designer myself, makes me want to vomit.

  • 12Danny123

    To be honest, I think Windows 9 with Intel Broadwell could change the tablet and PC market, you got Windows tablets thinner than the iPad Air, provide good battery life, yet it runs a full version of Windows, it pretty defeats the purpose of having a Tablet and a laptop, while we apple users would say that Windows tablets doesn’t have any apps, that’s what the push for Metro apps for the Windows 9 desktop is for, more use for metro apps on desktops leads more tablets, while increases WP and Windows RT apps as well via Universal apps even more apps for Xbox One. but that’s my opinion.

    Judging the fact that Apple doesn’t want to cannibalise the iPad or MacBook business could be there mistake in the future, also the fact that OEMs are now moving to a hybrid device model of computering. It could lead to a Windows 95 type of event, where Apple got NEARLY bankrupted from.

  • Neo van Goth

    That’s no question: Of course I’ll stick to OS X. It’s a Unix with all the power of the console and POSIX software, while Windows is just… Windows.

  • macjundi

    Mac OS X no question about it…. I only use windows to look outside… :)

  • Anyone looking forward to Windows 9 is a moron. Why is it that so many Windows users put up with the abuse from Microsoft? It seems like every other version of Windows is total crap, and then Microsoft promises to release something better. Why not avoid the abuse, and switch to Mac now? Apple’s not perfect, but at least their OS isn’t crap, and we can see that Apple actually cares about the user experience whereas Microsoft is concentrating on giving us a good enough experience.

  • Tg337

    This video is retarded. Windows 7 users won’t even switch to win 8 or 9 and you’re wondering about mac users? Lol

  • Windows is crap, plain and simple. Always has been, always will be. I won’t even use it at work anymore; I refuse. It’s Mac or get another employee. If Google would bring Android to the desktop, they could kill Windows completely… and not a moment too soon!

  • Shane McKnight

    I used to be all Windows growing up. Hated Macs and iPhones and thought they were stupid and just trendy. I tried a Mac and thought it was just too confusing. After I got used to it, though, I realized how much simpler and more reliable they are. I went to Android phones before iPhone, so I know how those feel too. Long story short, I don’t have problems anymore since switching to Apple products and won’t be switching back. I don’t have any reason to install windows on my Mac either, so Windows 9 is out of the question.

  • Vitalii

    even if Windows is free I am not going to switch!!!

  • Kilonzo

    OS X has always and always will be the better OS. It’s more stable, secure and better looking than Windows. However, Windows will always do better worldwide despite of the tons of bugs and issues it has. Windows is easier to use, has more variety of software and games, more compatible with devices and more variety of hardware. You can get it on an HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Razor, AlienWare machine and so much more. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or not. People will always get Windows. And that’s why Windows 9 will do better than Yosemite

  • worldsapart_jga

    No thanks MS, after all the years your force-fed the computing world with XP, Vista and Win7…. I will never switch back. I don’t trust you anymore.

  • Stephen Bradley

    Honestly I stopped listening when he said there was enough information about both OSes to make a decision. Yosemite is an actual piece of fully functioning software. I use it every day in a production environment.

    Win 9, or whatever it will be called – doesn’t even have a name yet. There’s been no public betas or even hard “for-sure announcements” of features or release date.

    I’m not arguing that it might be awesome. But there’s no way to compare a real product that will be shipping In a couple of weeks to one that hasn’t even been formally announced yet.

    When Win 9 does come out, it won’t be competing with Yosemite. It will be competing with whatever Apple releases that year. Or maybe it will be competing with Yosemite, which will be a year or more old by then. But that’s not really competition, is it?

    • 12Danny123

      It’ll be competing with OS X and IOS, but in 2 in 1 level hardware

      • Stephen Bradley

        Sure, but it won’t be Yosemite. It will be OS X 10.11, whatever that ends up being called.

        My issue isn’t that Windows can’t compete. It clearly can, it’s still the #1 desktop OS in the world by a ridiculous margin. It’s that dude and his crappy video, wherein he states that it is possible to make a decision about what OS you want to use, based solely of the rumor and conjecture of what Win 9 MIGHT do and how it compares to what OS X 10.10 DOES do.

        It was a pointless video.
        I was just mad that I watched it :)

  • DifficultToCure

    Many years ago, so the story goes, Bill Gates instructed his people to “make Windows more like Mac OS”. And that’s what they’ve been doing (as well as telling us how good it’s going to be in the next release).So by the time Windows 9 is stable (service pack 1 or 2), Mac OS 10.10 will be with us. Or maybe OS XI.