How to play Apple Music on your Amazon Echo


Amazon Alexa
The Echo finally plays nice with Apple Music.
Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s Alexa speakers can finally connect to your Apple Music account.

Support for Apple Music on the Amazon Echo was rolled out to owners today, giving iPhone and iPad owners the option to pump out their favorite jams without signing up for an Apple Music competitor.

Getting the new Apple Music integration up and running is ridiculously easy, but we’ll walk you through the entire process.

Microsoft and Amazon have both overtaken Apple in market cap


Apple is now behind where it was at the start of the year.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has done a whole lot in 2018 but, from a stock price perspective, none of it matters. That’s because Apple’s declining stock price means that the company has now officially lost money this year.

AAPL finished 2017 at $169.23. At time of writing, it is trading at $164.48. Overall, it’s now down around 1 percent year-on-year. In the process, it’s fallen behind some major rivals.

Google and Amazon plan to copy AirPods in 2019


AirPods rule the roost now, but serious competition is coming.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has a real winner in AirPods. But the company’s slow pace of updating them is reportedly giving competitors a chance to catch up.

A respected analyst says Google and Amazon will have their own versions out next year.

Amazon gets green light to sell more Apple products


iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
You'll be able to scoop an iPhone from Amazon real soon.
Photo: Apple

Amazon shoppers are about to see a whole lot more Apple products on the retailer’s online storefront.

Apple and Amazon have reportedly inked a deal that allows Amazon to sell Apple’s newest iPhones and other products. The deal gives Apple a huge new sales channel but there’s one product Amazon doesn’t want to sell for Apple.

Apple joins opposition to Trump transgender policy


Trump wants transgenders to be redefined out of existence.
Photo: Bloomberg

Some of the biggest company’s in the country have come out in open opposition to transgender policy changes proposed by US president Donald Trump.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are among 50 companies that signed a letter condemning Trump’s alleged plans to limit the definition of gender to birth anatomy. The companies — representing over $2.4 trillion in annual revenue — say that what harms transgender people harms their companies.

Super Micro will investigate its hardware after spy chip allegations


computer chip
Super Micro is accused of manufacturing hardware containing Chinese spy chips.
Photo: JÉSHOOTS/Pexels

Super Micro Computer, the manufacturer of technology accused by Bloomberg of containing Chinese spy chips, has said that it will carry out a review of its own hardware.

This isn’t any kind of admission on its part, however. In a letter to customers, the firm noted how, “Despite the lack of any proof that a malicious hardware chip exists, we are undertaking a complicated and time-consuming review to further address the article.”

Facebook wants to add a camera to your TV


Facebook Portal
The Portal is Facebook’s first video calling product.
Photo: Facebook

Facebook is allegedly planning to take on Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV with a new set top box of its own.

The social network just debuted its new Portal smart speaker earlier this month and according to a new report its smart TV box could pack some similarly creepy features.

Why Apple’s plan to give away original TV shows is crazy like a fox


Will Apple's weird plan to give away its TV shows make Netflix nervous?
Will Apple's weird plan to give away its TV shows make Netflix nervous?
Photo: Siniz Kim/Unsplash CC

After spending upward of $1 billion creating original TV shows, Apple apparently plans to give them away for free. That would certainly be a bold move as Apple muscles into original video production, but it might be the craziest idea ever.

Here are three reasons why it’s a smart strategy — and three more why it could backfire.

Senators want answers about alleged China spy chips


This isn't actually Apple's data center, but it's close.
Recent report claimed that Apple's data center had been infiltrated by spy chips.
Photo: Pexels

It’s not yet clear how much veracity there is to the recent Bloomberg report claiming that companies, including Apple and Amazon, were sold data servers compromised by Chinese spies. However, a bipartisan pair of U.S. senators want answers from the manufacturer in question.

In a letter addressed to motherboard supplier Supermicro, senators Marco Rubio and Richard Blumenthal request the answers to eight queries. Here’s what they want to know:

Facebook wants to put a camera in your living room


Facebook Portal
Portal is Facebook's answer to the Echo Show.
Photo: Facebook

Do you trust Facebook to put a camera and microphone in your living room? If not, you’ll want to avoid Portal, its new smart displays focused on video chat.

Portal and Portal Plus make it easy to keep in touch with friends and family when you can’t see them face-to-face in real life. They can also play music, stream video, and do anything Amazon Alexa can do.