Amazon’s next big thing could be a TiVo knockoff


Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon wants Fire TV to be embedded in more TVs.
Photo: Amazon

The biggest name in online retail is aiming its sights on putting TiVo out of business next.

Amazon is reportedly developing a new set top box that will allow users to record live TV, providing a way to side-step cable providers when it comes to watching content on-demand.

Amazon’s Prime Now app lets Whole Foods shoppers get curbside pickup


Whole Foods
It's easier than ever to eat healthy.
Photo: Whole Foods

As if Amazon customers needed yet more to make their Prime subscription worth it, select Prime users can now take advantage of a new curbside grocery pickup feature at their local Whole Foods.

The feature allows users of the Prime Now app to shop online for fresh produce and then, on orders over $35, elect to pick up the packed groceries in store. They can do this within one hour of placing their order — or, for a charge of just $4.99, within 30 minutes.

Investors think Amazon will beat Apple to $1 trillion valuation


Amazon Prime Day 2017
Recent poll underlines how people are viewing the race to $1 trillion.
Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC

Competition is heating up between Amazon and Apple, regarding which will pass the trillion dollar valuation mark first. But despite Apple still being ahead to the tune of approximately $949 billion to Amazon’s $888 billion, investors seem to believe that Jeff Bezos’ retail giant will be the one to set the record.

According to a recent survey at the 8th Annual Delivering Alpha Conference in New York, CNBC asked 100 investors which company they thought would set this record first. Amazingly, a whole 70 percent said that Amazon is likely to pip Apple to the post.

Amazon’s iPhone app uses computer vision to identify and replace screws and other parts


Amazon's new Part Finder feature for iPhone uses computer vision to identify and buy hundreds of different types of fasteners.
Amazon's new Part Finder feature for iPhone uses computer vision to identify and buy hundreds of different types of fasteners.
Photo: Sheila Sund via Flickr

Until recently, if you needed to replace a screw, nut or bolt, you’d take a trip to the hardware store. With Amazon’s latest update to its iPhone app, there’s no need.

Part Finder is a new feature of Amazon’s camera search that can identify hundreds of types of screws, nuts, bolts, washers and other fasteners. Once ID’d, they can be bought straight from the app.

You won’t believe how many e-commerce login attempts are made by hackers


We bet you'll change your Amazon password after reading this article.
Photo: Mike Seyfang/Flickr CC

Go to your Amazon, Zappos, etc. account now and change the password to something stronger. That’s the takeaway from a cyber security firm’s report that says a whopping 91 percent of all attempts to log into e-commerce websites are from hackers.

Attempts by hackers to log into the sites of airlines, banks, and hotels also account for about half of their traffic.

Amazon is closing in on Apple to hit $1 trillion valuation


Apple's position as first $1 trillion valuation is no longer guaranteed.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

As the first company in history to pass the $700, $800, and $900 billion marks, Apple has long looked set to become the world’s first ever $1 trillion company. But Amazon is rapidly closing in on it.

This week, Amazon’s stock market value reached $900 billion for the first time. That puts it within spitting distance of the Cupertino tech giant’s current $935 billion. In 2018, Apple’s shares have risen 12 percent, while Amazon’s have shot up dramatically to the tune of 57 percent.

Crazy GIF shows how iPhone X may pave the way for Apple Glasses


smart glasses
Will smart glasses replace iPhone as our main communication device?
Photo: uMake

The iPhone X’s ugly notch could pave the way for Apple to dominate the smart glasses market.

Augmented reality glasses are poised to become the hottest tech gadget of the next decade and Apple’s already laying the foundation with the iPhone X. It may not seem like the two will be directly related, but this clever concept shows how the key lays in the TrueDepth camera hidden in the notch.

Check it out:

Amazon slashes a whopping $100 off Echo Show for Prime Day


Amazon Echo Show
This is the best deal yet on Echo Show.
Photo: Amazon

Echo Show is Amazon’s finest Alexa device. It not only answers your queries, plays your music, and controls your smart devices like every other Echo speaker, but it also has a 7-inch touchscreen and built-in camera that let you do so much more.

It’s usually priced at $229, but from now through Prime Day on July 16, Amazon has slashed a whopping $100 off its price tag.