Amazon Instant Pickup offers essential items in 2 minutes or less


Amazon Instant Pickup
Instant Pickup offers "need-it-now" items in record time.
Photo: Amazon

Amazon is making last-minute shopping even more convenient with its new Instant Pickup service.

Available for free for Prime and Prime Student subscribers, the service lets you order “need-it-now” items that are available to collect in two minutes or less, including food, cold drinks, and of course, Amazon gadgets like Echo and Fire TV.

Should Apple abandon original video? [Friday Night Fight]


Will Carpool Karaoke: The Series be Apple's first hit?
Will Carpool Karaoke: The Series be Apple's first hit?
Photo: Apple

This coming Tuesday Apple is set to debut its newest original TV show Carpool Karaoke: The Series, but with Planet of the Apps being such a dud, some of us at Cult of Mac are questioning whether Apple has anything to gain by making mediocre TV shows.

During Apple’s Q3 earnings call this week, Tim Cook said Apple will continue to explore original content for Apple Music. Can Apple actually make great TV shows, or is it losing focus on what’s more important?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we discuss Apple’s media ambitions:

Apple promises it won’t store or sell your HomePod data


Phil Schiller gives the world a sneak peek at the HomePod during WWDC 2017.
Apple will continue to protect your privacy with HomePod.
Photo: Apple

Apple has confirmed that it won’t store or sell any data collected by its HomePod smart speaker.

HomePod won’t send anything to Apple’s servers until a user activates it with the “Hey Siri” command. Apple encrypts any information received after that point. The data gets encrypted and sent using an anonymous ID.

Amazon’s ‘Anytime’ app may muscle in on messaging


Amazon plans to launch a 'me too' mobile massaging app, apparently.
Photo: AFTV News

Amazon is reportedly launching its own messaging app to rival Apple’s Messages, among others.

Called “Anytime,” the service will reportedly boast voice and video calls, and possible photo-sharing, with the obligatory filters for photos and video with “special effects and masks.” More interestingly, it will also focus on group activities, such as playing games, listening to music, and — here’s the big one — ordering food.