AirPower to arrive in September after design problems are solved


The wait for AirPower could soon be over.
Photo: Apple

Apple will finally deliver its AirPower charger in September after solving “a series of technical hurdles,” according to a new report.

Overheating is one problem company engineers have had to contend with. Another is AirPower’s complex circuitry, which is necessary to allow compatible devices to be placed anywhere on the mat for charging.

How to clean your gross, waxy AirPods


Cleaning your AirPods is easy, and you probably have the tools to do it already.
Cleaning your AirPods is easy, and you probably have the tools to do it already.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The other day on the metro, I pulled out my AirPods and dropped one on the floor. It bounced over dried and dirty beer stains, and who knows what other filth and bacteria traipsed in on a million passengers’ shoes (and the odd hippie’s bare feet). I gave up on listening to anything on the trip home, and slipped the rescued AirPod back into its case.

Today we’re going to see how to clean AirPods (or any other earbuds). It’s not only hippie toe jam that we have to worry about, either. Because we’re always pushing these things deep into moist holes in our heads, they crust up with earwax and whatever bacteria we have living in our earholes. Happily, cleaning and disinfecting AirPods is not only easy. It’s just about as satisfying as digging a deep-seated booger out of your nose, or picking an almost-healed scab.

How to use iOS 12’s Live Listen feature with AirPods


Bluetooth in iOS 11
AirPods plus iOS 12 equals Live Listen.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Back in 1979, the original Sony Walkman had an odd feature. If you pressed an orange button on the end, a built-in mic would connect to the user’s headphones, letting them hear what was going on in the outside world. This may be the first case of technology being used to mitigate the bad manners surrounding personal audio.

Now, in iOS 12, this type of feature is back — and way more useful than it was in music’s greatest-ever decade. Live Listen is a new iOS 12 feature that pipes live audio from the iPhone’s mic directly to your AirPods. Why? Well, it’s an accessibility feature, but it can be used for much more.

Your AirPods just got way more useful with Live Listen


AirPods can help you hear in a crowd thanks to Live Listen, coming in iOS 12.
Photo: Ste Smith/ Cult of Mac

WWDC 2018 bug Cult of MacYou’re in a noisy bar or restaurant and can’t hear the person across the table from you. Good news: With a feature added in iOS 12, you can use your AirPods and iPhone as a low-cost hearing aid.

This feature is called Live Listen, and it’s been available for certain hearing aids for some time. But soon, anyone with a pair of Apple’s wireless headphones will be able to use it.

This alligator skin iPhone X will destroy your bank account


Hadoro iPhone
3D carbon fiber, aligator skin and gold were used in Hadoro's iPhones.
Photo: Hadoro

The French luxury designer brand Hadoro has just taken the crown for the most expensive iPhone X ever created.

We’ve seen gold iPhones that pay tribute to Putin and Harry and Meghan. We’ve even seen an iPhone X with solar panels in the back. All of those were ridiculously expensive. But none of them compare to Hadoro’s lineup of 20 custom designed iPhones that cost between $5200 – $10,399.

Take a look at the two most expensive models:

Sell us your used Apple accessories: Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and AirPods


Sell your Apple accessories to us! The Cult of Mac buyback program will buy your used Apple Pencil, AirPods and Smart Keyboard.
Sell your Apple accessories to us!
Photos: Apple, Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Cult of Mac buyback program just got bigger and better than ever: Now we pay cash for your used Apple accessories, including Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and AirPods.

Although we are huge fans of all three of these accessories, we won’t judge you if you decide to unload them. And we promise to make it as easy as possible if you’ve decided it’s time to sell used Apple accessories.

Brainwavz B200 earbuds sound, and feel, better than AirPods [Review]


The Brainwavz Audio B200 earbuds are some of the best around, even with a few compromises.
Some of the best earbuds around, even with a few compromises.
Photo: Brainwavz Audio

Looking for a new set of earbuds for the summer? Brainwavz Audio’s B200 earbuds deliver high-fidelity audio with impressive clarity and detail. Plus, their over-the-ear design won’t frustrate you by falling out.

Yes, picking these earbuds over AirPods means making a couple of big compromises. But after a few weeks of testing, these audiophile-grade earbuds won me over with their superior sound.

PodPocket is the rare AirPods accessory you’ll actually love [Review]


PodPockets review: A great AirPods accessory.
PodPockets review: A great AirPods accessory.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

The AirPods case is a tiny miracle that looks like a dental floss container. Maybe you like that white plastic design, but to me it looks a little clinical. Not to mention the fact that when my wife inevitably gets a pair of AirPods, we’re going to be constantly confused about which little white charging case is hers and which is mine.

Who needs the bickering? For just under $20, you can wrap your lily-white case in a colorful silicone shell called a PodPocket that will eliminate all confusion in multi-AirPods abodes. That’s exactly what PodPockets do, but that’s not all they do. They also help keep your AirPods safe and sound.