Incipio’s plant-based iPhone cases are ready for your composting pile


Incipio's Organicore cases decompose within 6 months.
Photo: Incipio

CES 2020 It’s finally possible to protect your iPhone from drops without adding extra plastic to our overflowing landfills.

Incipio, one of the largest smartphone case makers on the planet, is backing the plant-based plastics with its slim new iPhone 11 cases made out of Organicore, a 100% compostable material that can decompose in a compost pile in just six months.

Wait time for AirPods Pro stretches into February


Demand could far exceed supply for AirPods this holidays
Apple still can’t keep up with heavy demand for AirPods Pro.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The holiday shopping season is behind us, but demand for AirPods Pro still exceeds supply. Orders placed on won‘t ship before early February.

But those who live in a large metropolitan area have an option that could get them Apple’s new in-ear headphones much sooner.

Apple reportedly adding another supplier for its ultra-popular AirPods Pro


Apple reportedly adding another supplier for its ultra-popular AirPods Pro
Apple is doing its darndest to keep up with demand.
Photo: Apple

Apple is seemingly having a supplier shakeup to kickstart the 2020s — with Cupertino shifting production for some of its biggest products to other manufacturers. Including adding another supplier for its ultra-popular AirPods Pro.

According to longtime Apple analyst Ming-Chi, Apple will be making changes to the suppliers of the AirPods Pro, the S-series chips for the next-gen Apple Watch, the iPod touch and the non-cellular iPad.

7-year-old kid accidentally eats his holiday gift AirPod


7-year-old accidentally eats his holiday AirPods
This is the not the recommended place to store your AirPods.
Screenshot: Local21News

One of the first things I heard when Apple first showed off its AirPods was “wow, those are going to be easy to lose.” If you’ve got a kid in the house, however, you might also want to consider how swallowable they are.

That’s a lesson learned by a parent in DeKalb County, Georgia over the holidays. They had a scary incident in which an AirPods Christmas gift was swallowed by their 7-year-old son. Fortunately, he’s okay.

New Apple devices for the holidays? Get the best price for your old ones


iPhone 7 red
Cult of Mac pays real cash for your old Apple devices.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you were lucky enough to get new Apple devices for the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do with your old ones. They’re likely still worth a pretty penny, and Cult of Mac can help you get the best price.

We’ll buy back any old iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. We’ll even take your dirty old AirPods — and broken devices in need of repair. What’s more, we typically pay more than other trade-in services.

Cult of Mac pays real cash and we won’t leave you waiting weeks for your money. Get a quote today to find out how much your old Apple devices are really worth.

AirPods could be a $15 billion business in 2020


Apple reportedly adding another supplier for its ultra-popular AirPods Pro
AirPods have been an enormous hit for Apple.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone might still be Apple’s biggest product by a wide margin, but the AirPods have a good claim to being Cupertino’s MVP of the year.

Accord to Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, Apple sold $6 billion worth of AirPods in 2019. And it could sell more than double that number in 2020.

AirSnap Pro adds colorful protection to AirPods Pro


AirSnap Pro for AirPods Pro
AirSnap Pro brings a more organic look to AirPods Pro.
Photo: Twelve South

Apple’s charging case for AirPods Pro is fine if you like shiny white plastic, but Twelve South today launched AirSnap Pro with a very different look. This leather case wraps around Apple’s new hearables, both protecting them and adding more color options.

With AirPods Pro sold out, resellers seek huge markups


AirPods Pro on eBay come at a premium.
Anyone who must have a pair of AirPods Pro next week should be ready to pay extra for them.
Screenshot: eBay/Cult of Mac

Virtually every retailer already sold out of Apple’s new AirPods Pro, and resellers are offering these popular earbuds at hefty premiums.

Unfortunately, paying a big markup is probably the only way to get this accessory before Christmas or Hanukkah.

IDC: Apple’s wearables business will explode through 2023


Apple’s wearables business will explode through 2023
Wearables are a gold-rated business for Apple.
Photo: Caviar

The “earwear” product category, made up of devices like the AirPods, is set to explode in the next few years. According to a new report by the International Data Corporation, the market for hearables will increase from 139.4 million units this year to 273.7 million in 2023.

The firm doesn’t break down projected sales by brand. However, with Apple’s market-leading status thanks to AirPods, it’s likely that Cupertino will do exceptionally well.